1. Legitimately, what other option do y’all have in mind? Muller, possibly, but in case the big red panic button needs to be pressed, we have Max for Wednesday. If we win, he’d still be in line to start game 1 of the NLDS.

  2. Inexplicably, Tom Osborne as a special assistant to the AD and Bill Callahan as OL coach.

  3. Smiling at the Zane Smith stamp signature. His son-in-law works with my dad, and through some antique store purchases, we have a program and baseball card signed by him next to the likes of Tommy LaSorda and Ozzie Smith.

  4. I know base rounds are mostly for collections but you’d think with 5 cards they could’ve made one at least kinda interesting

  5. With Finest being juiced, this should be the best Heyward card we’ve seen in a long time.

  6. Cardinals are welcomed in my household. Dad grew up in Memphis, so along with being halfway between Atlanta and St. Louis, the Cardinals had the Redbirds in Memphis since ‘98. We try to go to one game a year when the Cardinals are in town, and I actually worked with some friends with connections to sit in the Truist Club for the series finale this year.

  7. I’ll promise to tour you around all of Fayette County in exchange for a case of LaBatt Blue Light (Go Bills!)

  8. Look y’all, if you get past the fact it’s not country, it’s pop with a accent (I accepted that with “I Hate Alabama”), the song doesn’t suck. Am I biased because I’m a Metro Atlanta Vol dating a UGA fan from Columbus? (who I’ve convinced to wear orange this year) Probably, but I still think it’s alright. The mention of the Dobbnail Boot is classic, as yes, I do bring that up every chance I get.

  9. You know, I never got onto the idea of naming your children after athletes, not only due to the volatility of their performance but also what may happen in their post playing careers, especially for former Bills players, and I think the naming of a child should be a team effort between both parents and involving a lot of thought and effort…

  10. Yeah this is a common thing among Braves fans. After having Chipper his whole career, people think every good player is going to be a Braves lifer. If Freddie Freeman isn't a career Brave, then I don't get my hopes up that any of them will be.

  11. Like someone below said, home is important. Freddie was from California. Chipper was from Florida, Austin Riley is from Mississippi, and Michael Harris II went to high school in Stockbridge, GA, just a shot down I-75. Even Matt Olson after the trade jumped on an extension because of his roots. Braves fandom is one of the deepest for this generation and their footprint spreads from Louisiana to Virginia.

  12. If it starts next year it covers 2 years of FA, seems like a good deal for both sides for a guy with 70 games under his belt

  13. And he’s only 21, he’ll still be able to hit FA at 29, but I think he’s a Braves lifer.

  14. Fullfast and Furious, July 2021. I only know this because I just listened to it, I’m working backwards from when I started listening, and I skipped the Fast and Furious one until now because I’ve never seen the movies.

  15. It’s fun to go for games that aren’t nationally televised for me in ATL (I’m going to make it to Whitehall, the Bills Backer Bar, one Sunday this year). There’s other menu items besides wings that are decent, good taps, and when I’m driving, I prefer Pepsi, so I’m cool with it. Honestly, I’ll probably go to one opening weekend since the Bills have the Thursday game and my girlfriend has a wedding shower that afternoon of the 11th.

  16. It’s back! Well, kind of. “On Patrol Live” airs on Reelz on Friday and Saturday nights at 9:00 PM. It’s Dan Abrams and Sean “Sticks” Larkin, sans Tom Morris Jr., but it’s the same exact format.

  17. Drop your Venmo in my DM’s. You had all the reasons to not do these this month and you still came through. Let me throw some money to help you with the move, my man!

  18. I was wondering! I rocked the Dale the last two months and loved it. Glad you are prioritizing your mentals first.

  19. Browsing the subreddit to ask a question for an upcoming trip and see this gem. As a kid, I actually rode from Atlanta to Chattanooga for a vacation, and I remember vividly the Lookouts doing a rosin bag giveaway at the game we went to. Fun times!

  20. Great, now Brian Jordan won’t shut up about “I woulda won had the weatha allowed it”.

  21. Everyone bitching about Joc’s slump, do y’all remember the production from our OF’s previous stops at the deadline last year? Soler was under .200, Rosario was on the IL, Duvall had the RBI’s with pop, but no average, and Pederson was so-so in Chicago. We aren’t landing someone on a heater. We have the coaching to fix deficiencies with talented players.

  22. Imagine being on fire at the plate and now you can’t play until Thursday because you wanted to “exercise your freedoms”: Just dumb.

  23. You really gotta get political like that? That's his choice, it's not dumb, it's an experimental shot, I haven't got it either and never will. If you felt obligated to get it that's on you but let's quit chastising those who have chosen to not take it...

  24. Not dumb that he chose not to, that’s his choice for a reason, but as a professional athlete in the middle of an MVP-caliber season, it’s dumb to make yourself unavailable for a stretch of games that may decide your season (if they lose the division or the WC by games they lose in Canada) while you have 4 HR’s in 3 games.

  25. Right? They shifted in the 9th that led to the DP. At that point, you’re down 14-5 with a position player, let the man get his cycle.

  26. I was explicitly told it wouldn’t work on Mac. That’s why I’m using a windows. I’ll looking into booting the mobile app.

  27. Oh, it doesn’t work on Mac. You have to install Boot Camp (Apple’s workaround) and run Windows separately from normal Mac capabilities. Have to “boot” into a Windows setting using an ISO file, hence the Boot Camp name. It’s not worth the hassle just to score. Even with the AOL screeching sound, it’s probably still more efficient.

  28. Grinding my butt off in MLB: The Show Diamond Dynasty to get his best card as we speak

  29. You left out the GA native that is Kyle Farmer and more importantly his granny. Farmer's granny is just amazing.

  30. Absolutely! I had a fun time going down the Farmer rabbit hole last year at the Reds/Braves series I attended.

  31. Saw this today on baseball, looking forward to being more active this year!

  32. how many contenders are going to be open to trading for a DH though

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