1. My guess is they'll groom Conan to replace Howard Stern after his contract is up in 2025 (Howard has stated he has no intention of renewing beyond that year).

  2. Would Conan want to do a daily 3 hour radio show though?

  3. Sounds like you donated something to Goodwill, albeit unwittingly.

  4. There is no such thing as the "voice remote plus." Did you mean the Voice Remote Pro?

  5. No problem. I did some more digging, and it looks like the Roku 3 only had two model numbers — the ones mentioned above — so I think it's safe to say if you bought the Voice Remote Pro, you'll be able to use it with your Roku 3.

  6. I’m just waiting for all the Turner content to be integrated into HBOmax. Let me stream TNT sports!

  7. I honestly can’t remember if it was 1080, got the thing 8 years ago and it finally burned out. And it’s just the resolution, I think it’s stretched in a way that’s making the quality drop. I’ll have to toy with it since I’ve only used it for at best a few hours last night

  8. There were more smaller-size TVs and computer monitors available with 1080p screens a decade ago than there are now, so it would make sense that your older monitor was capable of outputting a 1080p screen but your newer one might not.

  9. FYI: You don't have to pay YouTube TV for the Law & Crime channel. It's

  10. Your post was removed because it was similar to one that was already posted (or because it was of low quality).

  11. Thanks for the replies. Which level of the app only streaming did you go for?

  12. There's a few different plans that offer streaming radio access:

  13. It started as a cable channel in 2012. With cable on the decline, makes sense they'd pivot to streaming.

  14. It’s subsidized by those providers. They don’t want to share it, and especially not with YTTV.

  15. There's no evidence that increasing the minimum wage is inflationary. The inflation we are having is due to the continuing global supply chain issues: China shutdowns hurting production, Russian oil embargo, Ukraine can't export wheat, container ships still backed up on west coast ports, automakers can't get chips, trucker shortage.... the whole world economy is out of whack. A $15.50 min wage is a drop in the bucket.

  16. Neutral News is supposed to present arguments from both angles, in that 3 minute video it spent almost all of the time presenting the views from the payers and not the payees

  17. The story was about how small businesses are expected to handle the minimum wage increase. The station spoke with small business owners about the problem. They're under no obligation to do anything more than exactly what they did.

  18. Your post was removed because it was similar to one that was already posted (or because it was of low quality).

  19. I'm confused — how does this prove SiriusXM intends to remove the channels?

  20. Clinton did? I thought it was Al Gore. Early childhood memory.

  21. Yep in 1995 Clinton came to the Champion Oaks neighborhood in Roseville .Linda Creek floods fairly often but that year was crazy after it rained for something like 12 days straight. I could see the top of his head from 2 blocks down the street when he spoke to the neighborhood.

  22. This station peaked my interest with it's song of the day. Today's weird random clips of people talking and the one station announcement that said "we're listing to you" is just the frosting on the cake. I look forward to what's tomorrow.

  23. Frosting on the cake? Maybe they'll play a Cake marathon. They are from Sacramento, after all.

  24. Stapels tends to keep these in stock. Digital cameras, some external hard drives and standalone GPS units use these — and businesses still use those, so Staples tends to keep them on hand.

  25. They probably won't. They're not running commercials, and "meme radio" is probably really hard to advertise against.

  26. Well I'm hoping they start their "scheduled operations" next week 😄

  27. Dead air with the occasional voice as of midnight.

  28. There's plenty of spots along the American River in Auburn.

  29. Today they’re playing “cinco de mayo” by War on loop lol

  30. Probably because it was already mentioned twice in this post (including by me in the edit to the OP)

  31. If its another Banda R & B station I will quit FM radio in sacramento.

  32. Given their "stunting," I'm guessing they'll either launch another alternative radio station or revive the classic hits format to compete with K-HITS. I actually preferred the old "Classic 93.1 FM" to K-HITS because their playlist seemed to include more than classic rock, so hopefully they'll bring that back.

  33. I found out a while ago that you can take an underground tour of “Old” Old Sacramento.

  34. They’d stop bleeding customers if they’d fix their TERRIBLE pricing. $15/mo is absurd for what they offer.

  35. They charge $22 a month for All Access (plus the royalty fee). I wish they'd go back to $12.95 a month. That was definitely doable.

  36. Their satellite delivered linear product is mostly dead. No different than Dish/DirecTV. Live sports and simulcasting talk/news will keep them in business.

  37. I'm not sure I agree that it's mostly dead. The satellite product isn't just radio — it's datacasting, too, and it's popular with pilots and boaters/sailors who use those specific services.

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