The Houston Astros are the 2022 World Series Champions

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  1. One of my baristas is super talented on chalkboards!

  2. Has happened to me twice. Use a butter knife to gently pry in the inside of basket. Work your way around and twist knife as you go.

  3. I just preheat with the hot water spout no problem.

  4. Dude if we give up the lead here that man better go into hiding lol

  5. My wife isn’t going to like seeing the charge to the account “just to listen to the Astros” lol

  6. Thought audio stream was free. Could be wrong though.

  7. If you want 12 months to pay it off with no interest and 3% cash back. 🤔

  8. Yes. I always mix up the 2. 12 for MacBooks, 24 for iPhones.

  9. Then 6 for AirPods and other fun stuffs.

  10. Lol my fiancée is more interested in the “super cute wallpaper”. She wanted me to ask if you could share the file

  11. Sure! I took this photo of a Black-Crested Titmouse in Garner State Park, Texas!

  12. Much appreciated! Very cool photos, gotta check out that park soon- I live in the HTX area.

  13. apollo is the shittiest reddit app stop allowing his app promo campaigns

  14. Bronze lock here. Silver card.

  15. Take it a step further. Make it flash a ring around the cutout for notifications. Then, make that customizable.

  16. I don’t believe they did exactly what I was hoping for with the notifications, unfortunately. I meant with AOD and a flash ring around it. But I suppose close enough. It still looks great.

  17. I have 2 tickets and a parking pass for this that I won’t be able to make. Selling all for $80 if anybody wants them, just want somebody else to be able to go!

  18. Prob people with trigger words “Encode Plus” notifications enabled to try and snag a lock.

  19. Mine arrived today at lowes for pickup. I even somehow got it for $232 when msrp is $299

  20. Send me the receipt so maybe HD will price match? 🤪

  21. Haha I did read someone price matched on here with Home Depot but based off the lowes website still having it listed for $232. I can post my receipt a little later when I have time to remove all my personal information

  22. Pretty humorous they eject him then make him make the change lol

  23. Have an Eagle One 2 group at work. One year old, nothing but problems so far.

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