1. Do you want it to actually work? You need to be able to vent the hot air from it outside your case so no you can't mount it in the top of that case.

  2. Plus there aren't any screw ports to mount it to. Looking at the case it doesn't seem fit for the radiator unless the face has 3 fan capabilities but than the question is how the cooling pad can attach to the CPU...

  3. Maybe if they gutted all the cages out of it they could put it in the front.. the proper solution would be buy a new case that fits everything right.

  4. I'm guessing it's got Intel onboard graphics also, supposedly there's a bug in their drivers that may or may not be fixed, my suggestion is update your Intel video driver to the latest version.

  5. On a side note.. the airflow on that case sucks, get the flow front panel for it.

  6. The resolution you game at is going to have some impact on it, higher resolution means more load on the video card vs CPU.. What resolution do you use?

  7. You deleted the bootloader info probably.. Your windows 11 install is probably still there, the PC just doesn't know that.

  8. Those are probably rusted beyond attempting to remove them without breaking things.. It's easier to saw the bad flex joint out and weld in a new one in place.

  9. I know this is in Newark, but Taverna on Main street is excellent. It's become my go to when I have company from out of state and everyone is always very happy.

  10. I've only been there once but the food was excellent.

  11. You don't need a big cooler for that CPU.. Any cheap cooler that fits socket LGA1155 would work. I ran a Cooler Master 212 on my old 3770k and it was more then enough for it.

  12. Pictures of the ears. Idk. Shits just fucked lmao it wasn’t even on right when I bought the pc. It was in with the screw sideways and the nut side as at the bottom and curved under the mount which also happened to me when trying to put it back on

  13. Sounds like whoever installed it fucked it up somehow.. plenty of other options out there.

  14. What's your budget? What do you intend to do with it? Game? Basic web browsing?

  15. It's an RJ45, that door should push down do you can plug the cable in..

  16. O. I have TMobile Internet and they don't let you into the setup, yet they have the admin page and the password on the router. Insanely stupid!!

  17. Yeah you're kinda screwed with that router.. only thing you can really do is put another router behind it and use it's wifi/routing/etc.. Or manually set the DNS server on all your devices.

  18. I'm gonna take a wild guess you're running unbound and your pi-hole is using it's own loopback address (

  19. I've done a few laptop screens, they aren't hard to replace with some patience and the right tools. You can get a replacement panel off Amazon for $60 bucks..

  20. The graphics card is an rog strix 3080 10gb and the psu is an apevia atx-pr1000w. It should have 4 pcie connectors as far as I’m aware but i only see 3. One connected to the top of the motherboard (I’m not sure why yet) and two to the gpu. I cannot find the fourth if it is there

  21. The cord connected to the top of the motherboard is the EPS connector and different then PCIe plugs, it's to delivery additional power to the CPU.

  22. You may want to consider a better PSU.. That brand you have is not highly rated... have to wonder if it's dropping power under load/heat.

  23. Windows 7 was my savior when 10 was conflicting with my something on my old MSI laptop.

  24. Official support for Win7 ended in Jan 2020, why would anyone continue to provide software updates? It works but it's use at your own risk now.

  25. seriously you people are so pedantic. As I mention in another comment. It’s RAID0.. it says it RIGHT THERE. it’s two SSDs in a stripe. My point is .. 7300MBps is quick for an SSD. Like use your brains.

  26. Like put that right in the headline, not everyone is going to realize what RAID 0 means in the picture.

  27. The old George Carlin quote comes to mind when I see things like this.

  28. What cooler do you have now? What case? How are your fans set up to get airflow in the case? Lots of variables can impact temps.

  29. I use Macrium Reflect free on Windows, handles full and incremental full image back ups. Granted I know it's not open source, it works and works well.

  30. how does that help with such a small amount of ram?

  31. It's so they can steer people to more expensive models too I'm sure..

  32. Police shot someone after a chase, guy was armed, started the shoot out in Newport, ran on foot up the 141 ramp, carjacked someone and led the police on a chase around DE that ended with the suspect being shot and killed at I-96 and 896.

  33. God damn! This is beyond crazy for a vanilla state like ours. This is like big-city-crazy!

  34. The more details coming out, the crazier it gets.. he actually carjacked another car in Newark.

  35. I assumed this was involving a person staying at the Red Roof, it was not. Shootout was the culmination of a chase that started with a guy being investigated in Bear then went unto 95.

  36. I see on Delaware Online he lost the first car at Red Roof and carjacked a second car before ultimately being killed by police in another exchange of gunfire.

  37. God, even in windows 10 I have to setup a new pc without a network connection. I just want a fucking offline admin profile with a password, stop trying to force us to us a fucking Microsoft account!

  38. As of now it's fairly easy to set up a local account on install, just need to find the trick of putting their test email in and a bad password and you'll get the local option.. No need to kill the network connection. Still it would be nice to just have the option to begin with.

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