1. Sheesh was just looking at your profile and you have BIG TIME talent man. Seriously you have a gift. Looking forward to seeing the complete creation of MJ. Keep up the incredible work

  2. Thanks man that means a lot! It’s a grind but I’m just trying to continue to improve 🙏

  3. Wouldn't be this month even but in about a month or 2 I'd absolutely love to commission an Embiid in his mask if you think you could do that

  4. Absolutely man! Would love to draw that up, would look really cool I feel. Check out my Instagram, mattmcart. Probably the best spot to reach me. Or here, doesn’t really matter haha

  5. That’s dope man! How many hours did you put in to this? You’ve got some sort of talent!

  6. Thanks man! I would estimate around 3 or 4 hours for this piece! Obviously it’s fairly small though haha. I’ve drawn other drawings that are over 50 hours

  7. They are awesome you should really think about turning them into nft! You could Make thousands if not millions of dollars

  8. Thanks! I wouldn’t know where to start with NFT’s but I’d love to learn more

  9. Just saved it buddy, now it’s 1 of 2 lol 🤙🏽 /s

  10. this is fantastic. what’d you use, colored pencils?

  11. Thanks :) yeah coloured pencil and also copic markers

  12. Can I please please please get one for my 13-year-old daughter? She is a huge Em fan (like me)

  13. Sure! Copy and paste that link to your browser 👍

  14. Not sure why Reddit suggested I view this as an Essendon fan, but I'm glad it did. Looks awesome mate!

  15. Haha that’s strange. But thanks mate!

  16. Just followed your Insta too mate. Now that is talent👍

  17. How much do you charge for commissions?

  18. My prices vary a little man. I can DM you with all the info if you’d like :)

  19. Love it OP send it in for grading now lol

  20. Hahah thanks man. Commissions unfortunately, so on it’s way to it’s new owner

  21. As a fellow artist how is the market for these? I know other comic artists who do character cards for Cons and whatnot but this is the 1st sports card art I've seen. Really well done. Prismacolours?

  22. Hey man. Market is pretty good. I’ve done quite a few commissions of these! Yep, prismacolor and copic markers

  23. $170usd total man. That includes shipping, tracking and insurance

  24. Ok, I followed you Instagram and my buy one later when I have the money, your art is super cool. Most custom cards are prints but I like that yours are original.

  25. Thanks bro I appreciate the follow and the kind words.

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