1. I did one of those hits today. It sure sounded like Family Feud.

  2. Did anyone else noticed that the Fox article fails to mention the sponsoring Congresswoman's party? I suspect that were she a Republican, that would have been prominently noted.

  3. I am coming up on 1000 approved hits. Does anyone think that milestone will qualify me for more or better hits, or will I not notice any change?

  4. I'm one of those immigrants that became a US citizen in the past year. It took me 4 years from when I applied for mine. And I was a spousal immigrant, which is the fastest category. It takes most people years longer.

  5. Welcome! I hope you find health, happiness and prosperity for yourself and your family.

  6. To all you people saying that this protest accomplished nothing, realize that it has the media all over the world (including us here on Reddit) talking about it. This simple act shined a light on an injustice that might otherwise have gone unnoticed by many people.

  7. And what does that achieve exactly? The teams are still playing in stadiums built with the blood sweat and tears of slave labour, fans are still gonna watch the matches, FIFA’s still gonna get all the money from the ticket sales and televisation contracts. Opening up people’s eyes only makes a difference if they’re going act upon it… and nobody will act on it at this stage of the game.

  8. Granted it's not much, but it's the necessary first, small step towards justice. This is how change begins. It may not look like much, but the simple act probably was noticed by tens or hundreds of millions of people, many of whom knew nothing about the human rights violations in Qatar. Without massive public pressure, the situation will never change.

  9. Did a switch flip? Amazing how overnight, Republicans and conservative forums everywhere are suddenly lamenting, seemingly in unison, that Trump “is only in it for himself”, he’s going to “divide the country” to “satisfy his ego”, and it’s “time to abandon Trump”.

  10. And in a few years they will all be denying that they had ever supported him.

  11. I dunno, as someone from West to me it just looks like author is high on Western propaganda lol

  12. Is there something specific in the piece that you disagree with, or are you just being negative for the sake of it? I'm genuinely asking.

  13. People in the 70s also liked hairy vaginas, bright suits, and Disco Duck, who gives a shit what they thought?

  14. People have to remember that plant-based meat alternatives are going to get better (taste, nutrition, price) over time. Traditional meet isn't going to improve. In the not-too-distant future, the plant-based alternatives will be better than traditional meat on all three metrics. Do you remember your computer from 1990? Compare that to what you are using today. Plant-based meat will follow the same trajectory.

  15. Has anyone seen him speak it’s honestly just sad to cart someone around who can’t understand what he’s being asked or form a sentence. I’m not saying vote for a tv doctor I’m just saying this guy needs rest not a government position.

  16. Your concern for his health is really touching, why don't we leave that decision to him? I think it says a lot about him that he is willing to continue his campaign and go to work in the Senate, to save the PA voters from a huckster, despite the health issues that he faces.

  17. It sounds to me like they finally wrote down what has been true and obvious for the last 30+ years. This document doesn't represent a change in policy, just a more honest statement of the policy that has existed for many years. Regardless of whether this policy is wise or not, maybe it's better that we are at least honest about it?

  18. Leftist veteran here. I generally oppose the idea of proxy wars, as they put innocent third parties at risk.

  19. From the cost of only a couple hundred billion dollars, the West has dealt Russia a massive military and economic blow, all without risking a single (US or EU) life. And given that the aid was in the form of weapons manufactured in the West, valued at retail price, it didn't even cost much money. This is probably the biggest bargain the US has ever scored. It makes you wonder if backing the Russians into a corner, effectively forcing them to invade, wasn't the plan all along.

  20. How are we even still talking about Jordan Peterson? I was very happy when he disappeared from public discourse and suddenly he's back again. He's like the turd that keeps circling the bowl and refuses to go down.

  21. It's unfortunate that food has gotten more expensive, but the fact that there are more plant-based options is definitely uplifting. Many of us (myself included) have been shifting towards a plant-based diet for environmental, health and animal-cruelty reasons. Some plant-based food is more expensive than meat options, some is less. As it scales up, it will become much less expensive than meat, which will result in a healthier (for people and the environment) diet.

  22. I'm not an engineer, but how about sister-ing additional 2X8s to the existing ones? It would be fairly expensive for the additional lumber, but could be done quickly. Or stiffening the existing joists with steel bars through-bolted? Like I said, I'm not an engineer, so these ideas might be completely crazy.

  23. I feel like the only one who doesn’t feel the desire to have where I buy fast food be some paragon of expertly curated kitschy branding and architectural intrigue. I actually like the clean, modern, “boring” experience that it is today.

  24. This is why you must always withdraw your Bitcoin to a non custodial Bitcoin wallet. That's the whole innovation of Bitcoin. It's money you can use without needing a middleman. So make sure to cut out the middleman ASAP. And only buy Bitcoin. Every other cryptocurrency is a scam.

  25. The "article" would be a lot more persuasive if it included any examples of specific incidents. Without them, it's easy to read this as "professor is bitter about being old."

  26. If a guy robs my house, should I just forget about it and move on because I have other problems in my life? What if I know he's going to try to rob my house again?

  27. The facts make us more right than the other team.

  28. Warren Buffett seems like a decent lad

  29. I used to think that also. Maybe he is personally decent, but he owns a lot of ethnically impaired companies.

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