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  1. The real question is did they all come equipped with Penis 1 or Penis 2?

  2. For those shooting down PLA is likely differ to thickness of the part. I'm sure if it was a square tube or cylinder as a plug(with 5mm thick walls) under the buckle it would survive just fine using PLA. I say all this having never printed PETG myself though

  3. 3d printed? I feel like AM could be super useful in the car audio world

  4. Ah yes the Nikdidas Spring Bounce Air Blade

  5. Love to see a Myford putting in work, getting 1963 ML7 cleaned up and ready to run soon

  6. It’s a wrist supporter for better ergonomics

  7. Could you share the mouse or just extension? I'm curious about it

  8. Fuck adolescente de réserver une chambre pour la fête de la vrai vie.

  9. Pro tip, add a tablespoon of peanut butter when mixing in the sauce!

  10. When a customer says the engine should run fine and that they "Sea Foam'd" it

  11. Day one player too, really enjoying the game in it's current state. Was amazed to see my last save game was 2016

  12. I can smell that machine through the screen

  13. And my mom would never find the chrome icon ever again

  14. My 2 Wyze bulbs go off line 2-3 times per week, my Wyze plugs go offline 5-6 times per week. I use a Netgear MR60 mesh system and the furthest device from a router/satellite is about 20 feet

  15. It does exist, but the poster above misspelled it.

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