1. Make Jennifer a friend of. That’s all I need. For her fabulous self to show up from time to time and bring some levity to the show.

  2. Huh I was expecting a small Kyle cameo but nothing?! That’s interesting.

  3. I think Leva is such a non factor but if the cast is thirsty enough it could be another VPR.

  4. I hope the Barlows are cutting him off to teach him a lesson cause he sounded delusional in that scene.

  5. There are people that dislike Heather and grasp at everything to make her look like some monster. This theory is ridiculous.

  6. I know they are saying that Bad Weather start fighting because of "Liar" inference but I think it started at that dinner table when Whitney revealed the generational abuse. Heather looked like she both didn't believe Whitney and was scared Whitney was going to reveal it was a mutual relative.

  7. I’m sorry but I find it bizzare that everyone keeps thinking this when there’s literally no proof of it.

  8. She’s Kyle’s Boy George. No one cares about these people. Stop wheeling them out at every party like they’re some treat.

  9. Yeah her charity and probably the change of the wind chimes name they did for Dorit. All in all tho I’m great full for JLC being this weird recurring presence on this show.

  10. Let’s be real tho this will be another boring reunion with like one good twenty minute stretch probably once Kathy comes in.

  11. When Rinna says “I was being abused” she had a folder and papers on her lap. What receipts do y’all think she is going to bust out?

  12. Remember when Valerie was almost a BH housewife? She would eat up Rinna.

  13. Let’s be real she only joined to rehab her image after the Paris documentary but it’s a fun theory.

  14. Some people literally making assumptions about Heather’s one second reaction to Whitney’s confessions and accusing her of some shit…y’all seriously need to go touch grass or something…

  15. I really wish I could put a finger on why Whitney’s story is really bothering me. Not in a doubting way. But more, I think I’m just really personally triggered, and I don’t think it would have been wrong for bravo to offer a trigger warning before the episode.

  16. I personally don’t think this was the first time she shared it with her husband I think it was done for cameras. I love her and I believe her 100% and I don’t even think it’s bad that she probably said it to him before but I’m actually wondering if this is something she has been emotionally working on for much longer than she’s been saying and just now decided to bring it up to the group. Again I don’t think it’s a bad thing but I felt like this was definitely not the first time she and her husband talked about it. Maybe. Am I the only one who thinks this?

  17. The animation looks great but I think this is an awful first trailer. Literally nothing about it excites me.

  18. i assumed that was because its a teaser trailer? like i said im definitely not a movie person, and i know they were simultaneously showing this live at comiccon, plus the direct included some words from people involved with the movie, so it wasnt just about selling the movie but rather giving a first look. im definitely assuming a proper trailer would be more exciting!

  19. Yup it’s definitely just a teaser but I personally find it to be a bad teaser.

  20. She doesn't count as a Melbourne Housewife. That whole season doesn't count. I demand a do-over of season 5. It's criminal the show is cancelled when 4 of it's 5 seasons were masterpieces of campy fun.

  21. It’s genuinely an absolutely beyond terrible season and lot of fans won’t accepts this fact but editing wise especially it’s one of the worst. I genuinely could not figure out what they were fighting about 99% of the time.

  22. Garcelle is like a vision in green, Wicked never looked so good 💚

  23. I would love to see Crystal back next season but I wonder if she even gets to be a friend of. She was barely featured in the back half of the season and even she said they constantly edited her out.

  24. Lol Rinna tried a Kathy Hilton take-down, but took herself down instead - GOODBYE 👋🏼

  25. This whole situation also really shows how much power Kyle has in FFF and I think Rinna and Erika really don’t know how to deal with that.

  26. 100% but I’m not ready to make judgments on either side yet. I’m sure more will come out about this soon enough.

  27. Ella Henderson announces that she's never playing Pride events again, by

  28. The Ghost girl who never done another interesting song again? I’ll live.

  29. Lmao I knew as soon as I opened this thread y’all would take it SO seriously since it came from Candiace🤣 it’s not that deep.

  30. No shade in my housewives! Only friendliness and serious conversations!

  31. gizelle is the one trying to ruin candiace's marriage (like she does everyone elses) and all yall can focus on is the fact that she called her old? yeah no. team candiace all the way

  32. It’s the anti-Candiace brigade. They’ll latch on anything she says. C’mon this is funny. And she’s right to be on the defensive if Gizelle is really gonna do all of that this season.

  33. Blonde is pretty close to a masterpiece and I'll happily debate anyone who thinks otherwise...

  34. Give it few years and we’ll have …tens of people on our side

  35. I think they might just keep it. I was surprised they kept it the week she died cause you know…she finally got herses.

  36. The sum of it’s parts might be better than the movie but what a sum of it’s parts

  37. They’re good but nothing even close to the hilarious S2 taglines. Jen, Lisa and Mary made me laugh literally every week.

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