1. You know what definitely is murder? The systemic bullying of living and breathing LGBT children.

  2. You know what else is an arocity? Convincing children, who are not even allowed yet legally to explore sex, that they are not the correct gender, or should be attracted to their own gender. Like the fucked up liberals / dems are pushing.

  3. I live a life filled with good people, good times and good vibes.

  4. I have a wonderful life, filled with love and fulfilment, The powers that be want to take that from us, and morons support their narrative / agenda.

  5. I agree I was being generous stating only 95%. That is why I added the "+" after 95%

  6. What ugly pieces of shit, inside and out!

  7. OP, have you watched: "Watch the Water" yet?

  8. Come poke my chest you piece of shit, please...

  9. SS, but I think I may be looking at a woman..? :)

  10. Are you trying to say that's a dude or am I misunderstanding? Because I've seen some chicks WAY more jacked than that. I won't lie, im making assumptions here lol

  11. Just teasing the leftist narrative... they can't tell what a woman is... why did they ever re-make Wonder Woman..? I wonder if leftist women know they're women? Or lesbians... do they like women?

  12. Usual suspects are on this post too. Always show up to shit on anything that goes against the pod life - have everything delivered (it's better for the planet lol) and have all of their meals processed in factories or prepared by someone else and either served or delivered. Betcha not a single one has ever grown even a tomato, if they are even human.

  13. They need a chance to poison it before you consume it.

  14. Fuck Biden's demands, do what makes sense, unlike the Dem gov't.

  15. Lol, oh man, I wish he would've charged after me to push me!! Lol He'd regret it for a long, long time while in recovery.

  16. Or, perhaps he should not be breathing the good air that honest people deserve...

  17. Thank you for posting your very interesting experiences!

  18. You're about as smart as an MSM democrat...

  19. I don't know how people are still voting for Le Pen after she openly showed her support for Russia.

  20. Well, anyone with intelligence knows that Putin in removing Nazi & western criminal element from Ukraine. Do you feel taking down corruption is a bad thing?

  21. Nice post! The scum runs the world, for the moment..

  22. You know, mine has been weird too. Like a plastic like smell almost. But sense of taste is fine.

  23. Are you jabbed? If not, watch: Watch the Water, on Odysee

  24. Good to hear! I expect you'll find the video crazy interesting. I feel it reveals the truth of what's been going on.

  25. Its failing due to the media control, and federal reserve banking family, which are one in the same. If the truth were out there people would be wise, including military & law enforcement. Instead they keep the public ignorant, sick, and poor.

  26. If thats true than only a very few bunch would know and anyone else who sees it is insane.

  27. Those who are part of the corruption benefit from it, others are too stupid to see it, and follow along with the corrupt narrative, in ignorance. Easily manipulated minds. Like those who trusted the corrupt orders, and the narrative of covid.

  28. Enough to cover up for Biden, further proof the government does not give a fuck about us or the state of our own country

  29. Exactly, the leadership in Canada is part of the same corrupt club Putin is attacking, and will spend unlimited resources trying to protect their criminal behavior.

  30. It would be nice if HRC would refine her definition of democracy a bit.

  31. India wont team up with you criminals you stupid, adrenochrome addicted

  32. Their money is fake, worthless, imaginary. However they make sure you dont have too much, because in our fake financial system, it can still give you comfort & independence. Which they fear greatly, an independent public. Can't rule someone who doesn't need you, someone who can comfortably tell you get out of their life.

  33. He claims he was a satanist, but I’m speculating that he’s still a luciferian and steeped in light side ideology. He sure uses some of their symbols and language in this presentation, just the logo alone and the reference to the “Great work,” is enough to make me wonder.

  34. Yeah, that certainly got my attention too... strange to see the all seeing eye symbol being used by someone spreading good word, but his message was excellent in my opinion, and stated exactly what people need to hear, say and do, to drastically better this world...

  35. He is an interesting dude. Think he’s a light-side Luciferian though, mystery religion priest or something.

  36. He admits he WAS, and that exposure motivated him to try to educate people of the truth's that he was exposed to.

  37. My goodness, he appears sooo incredibly presidential!! Unbelievably presidential!! He's an incredibly presidential

  38. You said that the sun is much further south in the summer...

  39. He and his friends do not deserve our good air...

  40. I can't believe anyone thinks this is true omg

  41. I can't believe you are naive enough to rule it out as falsity...

  42. Well-sourced articles with facts aren’t “trust me”

  43. Unlike Joe, who can't think... at

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