Reddick to 23XI in 2024

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  1. I’m Bam Margera and this is sunkin Phil’s dink while he’s asleep

  2. Find someone who loves you like Stu Feiner loves caps lock

  3. Waiting for Liverpool to sign me since they're down to essentially two strikers. I'd be even wider Xherdan Shaqiri

  4. Not hitting the panic button, but I don't love drawing twice to start the season. Especially against Fulham and Palace. Oh well, time to drop 7 on United.

  5. NFL Network playing last night's jets eagles game instead of the Bills game is annoying

  6. Will Compton on the snake draft will actually be good

  7. As an incredibly negative person, I feel every word Bubba said

  8. Bubba should be proud, they're finally building something. I think 2023 will be very giving to them.

  9. 4th in the standings and currently out of the playoffs....when Daytona is an absolute shit show, NASCAR's chickens will come home to roost

  10. Not me being too cheap to buy peacock

  11. I used to love pros vs joes. Especially when the joes would get cocky. Like you're a claims adjuster from Iowa, no way you can take hall of famers on.

  12. Starting to need that 2020-21 Vlad Jr off-season

  13. When I was a kid they used to air the most random movies on TV. When was the last time Gone Fishin or RocketMan was on?

  14. Ladybugs and Don’t tell mom the babysitter’s dead were two staples for me growing up

  15. Mom & Dad Save The World was on a lot too

  16. Almost Friday opening a bar/restaurant in downtown Nashville? When can we expect a counter move from Dana?

  17. that might be too on the nose for Nashville, and that's saying something.

  18. Jeff Burton complaining about Ross Chastian is getting more than slightly annoying

  19. Driving away generational talents more than once, not ideal.

  20. I doubt they have a third charter, either Kurt is retiring after 23 or Bubba needs to have an exceptional year and a half

  21. This Zach Wilson thing is getting beaten into the ground now, isn't it?

  22. How much of Big Game Boomer is trolling and how much is just actually terrible takes?

  23. I think it's forgotten that these guys are all paid to be out there to win races

  24. JackMac is 1000% the kid from Knives Out

  25. I feel like JT Snow is owed a percentage of whatever Darren Baker makes in his career

  26. Maybe the Disneyland admin should not have left the insta password as "Disneyland1234"

  27. Didn't put enough hairspray in this morning and now I'm fighting off circa 2012 bama bangs

  28. About to walk out of my office and win the 2009 SEC Championship

  29. I would love content where it's like Brandon Walker & Kontent Kim teaching basic life skills to barstool employees. Like there is no way Glenny Balls can do laundry or wash dishes.

  30. Gragson pissing off NASCAR twitter is totally worth it

  31. Love the movie but it was the biggest regret of Burt Reynolds' career

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