1. Honestly only good on tanks that stack health (so sion and chogath) because it is more effective.

  2. Shen, mundo and even ornn since he gains 10% more health

  3. Ornn gets more value out of jaksho since he has resistance ratios on his spells. He can also double dip amplify with his passive -> jaksho -> conditionung

  4. i know, not saying its the best item on him but its viable at least and well, always more funny cause big goat dad

  5. In a way this item appears counterproductive, as you dont get any health from the mythic passive.

  6. But demonic sinergizes pretty good with jak'sho cause once you start draining you aply demonic to everyone around you even if youre fighting them or not

  7. Given that everyone can build Heartsteel to gain more max hp, I suppose that Fiora is going to be the one

  8. Not only that but hydra and shojin are disgusting on her

  9. Generally no, since you cant do shit about some ranged comps.

  10. Movespeed boots, rylais and cosmic insight and i wanna see someone thats is not Tristana rum away from me

  11. was he jungle? how did he manage to get that many stacks?

  12. Team fights, he ult, press Q and i Just would listen as he got 3/4 stacks every time

  13. 60k in a 60 minute game against 5 full tanks with heartsteel isn't much, yes

  14. sure yas looking hot but that what about that ahrio???? damn he looks good af

  15. It might be because of the effect. The shield is nice when clearing since it basically keeps you at 100% hp while taking calls, but you get it so late in the game that you should already be basically full health when doing camps. Imo, the red one is the strongest because of its %dmg. Blue might be nice too if you really need to be fast, but I feel like the doors is most useful early when you're clear matters more

  16. i still think that we should get 1 stack when killing an enemy or with an assist cause 40 camps are a lot and the buffs wont make much impact when you finally get them

  17. However there is no one to blame but Dumbs himself. He genuinely asked for this.

  18. im surprised it wasnt an even more explicit or cursed image, like yeag this one as pfp is kinda shameful but it couldve been waaaaaaaaay worse

  19. also just the fact they cant fuck up with him at all.

  20. yeag, like all morde skins are cool af, even the cheaper ones

  21. Pink for the mouth and the purple, yellow one cause um non binary uwu

  22. dont forget that they keep pushing the wave, dont place any ward and are 2-3 lvs behind their enemy

  23. Clearly this darius never met full crit hail of blade tristana thats shit is so toxic

  24. nothing like exposing your lowest and more vulnerable moment to the whole world cause you lost

  25. varus stealing baron without vision was fucking insane

  26. well nobody having baron buffi its better than enemy team having it i guess

  27. i fucking love crit nasus, i love one shot or be oneshoted

  28. First of all unlike a lot of people i actually liked this skin and im happy ornn is finally receiving some love, but a lot of things can and should be improved so heres my opinion on what i think could make this skin looks better

  29. That's close but not quite trans ornn. I do believe ornn is that kind of grumpy ally dad

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