1. Literally me. I talk about how much I love my car and then they see what I have and they cringe or laugh. 2007 rolla with 200k miles, bought it with 10k miles on it for 10k, 11 years ago. It was really only about 7-8k but interest/loan. I think I can get another 50-100k miles out of her easily, and I’m taking her on a road trip next month.

  2. Minimum wage in Ohio is 9.30!!!! And that’s what all sandwich artists make to start. 9.50 if they’re lucky. Highest paid employees are at about 10.50/11$ after being here for 5 years. Pretty sad

  3. Yes, reminds me of turning 21 and having way too much to drink. Times fifty

  4. Can’t you just…. Skip past these posts if they are annoying you so much.

  5. My thoughts exactly. They aren’t helping anyone, and are using their time to rant and complain rather than actually help or say something that is beneficial, but without the judgement. Oh well

  6. It seems you are bothered by helping people, so maybe this sub isn’t for you? How you like them apples. A different approach from you, showing any sort of empathy that you clearly don’t have rn, might have different results and might actually be beneficial to people.

  7. My advice would be to start simple with aiming for minimal exercise of 3 times a week/30 minutes and eating good (calorie deficit) even if it’s really slight, at least for half the week. This will help create good habits / a life style change so it becomes apart of your long term routines and weightloss will happen

  8. That’s a good idea. I feel like I try to overdo it and then when I don’t keep up I just feel bad.

  9. Exactly. I’ve done that so many times until I started being easier on myself by knowing it really isn’t all or nothing. No food is bad food, we just can’t over do it. And if it happens once in a while, oh well. Doing the minimal can achieve weightloss, it is obviously just a little slower but definitely easier on the mind.

  10. All of what you’re going theoufh is part of the journey and obviously a little bit of struggling mentally. Easier said than done, but try not to let others opinions and views of life affect YOU. It sucks out your energy to be upset with other people. Honestly though, you’re right, a lot of people are toxic and it sucks. We just can’t let it bother us and I’m gonna go ahead and say to stop looking for it. I stopped looking for the negative and it’s a lot easier for my mental health. Would be better for yours too. Everyone thinks they know how society should be, how people should be, but everyone’s missing the point. Everyone’s so caught up in what is right or wrong when in reality, everyone is entitled to view life the way they wish. The same as you can do with yours. Just hopefully you choose the positive path, that helps others and doesn’t put other people down (like the ones you described) they don’t gotta affect you. Sorry I rambled a bit, but have a nice day. This life is yours and you get to do what you wish with it- and remember you will continually grow and change as a person and that’s okay, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

  11. I know everything seems so overwhelming but looking at the future as a whole is overwhelming for anyone really. I know it may not seem like it, but I believe you will achieve all the things you described. You seem very intelligent and I’m confident you will get all the things you want in life. It will obviously be hard work, just as with anything we want in life, but you will be able to pull it off and look back at all the agonizing years you spent to get there. Enjoy the journey as much as you can.

  12. Advice I have for this is to find middle ground type snacks that will help you feel like you ate something good but without the guilt. For example, I’ll do fruit with a little whipped cream and even that is way better than a surplus of calories from snacks that aren’t even that good anyways. It’s just there and it’s like an addiction, for real. And to try your hardest to stop thinking it as cheat days, because it’s not even like that. There is no such thing as bad food really, it’s just about moderation. Eating one of those snacks once in a while isn’t the worst thing, and you can still try and do good at all other times. It ain’t all gone just cuz you had a snack. Have a good day!

  13. I look at it like this. An oil leak is a good sign cause it means you still have oil

  14. Oil leaks are inevitable with heat cycles. Find it and fix it. Not that complicated. It’s fine.

  15. I’m gonna say motorcycle seems more terrifying at least. But I’m here to see how dangerous it is to ride without airbags, because Toyota can’t seem to fix my airbags or make them worse every since replacing them after a nasty recall. I wonder if they just took them bitches out.

  16. The trick (imo and advice from my dietician) is to slowly work your way up at the gym for your level of activity so you’re always challenging your body little by little. I broke it down by 2 week intervals of doing basically the same workout for two weeks then bumping it up the next 2. For example. When I first started going, I would do flat tread mill for about 30 minutes. That’s it (i was scared and new to it) after 2 weeks, I did the same on treadmill but added a slight incline for like five minutes. A month in, I did 30 min cardio and started lifting weights, probably 15 minutes of that. My next switch ups have just been adding intensity to treadmill and lifting more weights. Don’t need to focus on what days you go, but try to not let more than 2-3 days go without going to the gym. If it’s been 3 days already without going, then try to make it the next day at least. 3 times a week is enough for weightloss so having 2 days off from gym would be enough. As for food, if you have any issue with binge eating like I do, I just find low calorie food to binge incase I do, from old habits. Like a bunch of fruit with some whipped cream. Tastes like cake lol. It’s a life style change and it will take a while. (I started at 250 and I’m 217 now at 5’3 and also 31) and im still struggling hard and I feel you.

  17. Great advice, thank you! And good for you making those changes! That’s excellent news! I’m happy to hear the progress and changes you are making.

  18. Thank you! Yes, definitely. She provides reassurance in what I’m doing so I don’t get that feeling of “what am I doing - am I doing this for nothing” type thing. Advice and knowledge of things that work for most people, not random specific diets. All the advice from reddit is decent but it seems like a lot of people have something totally different to say and it gets kinda confusing to me. But overall, it’s a minimum of 3 days a week and eating an okay amount of calories for at least half the week and not going too crazy over board on the others to get any weightloss progress says my dietician. Even if it was just a couple sessions, it wouldn’t hurt to get the knowledge from a professional if you can.

  19. Yup. Can’t go to the dang grocery store without having to leave in a hurry before I get sick. Only solutions are to keep cold water handy and I live off wearing hats and my migraine glasses. The hat usually does the trick from keeping the light out of my eyes. I even wear a hat to the gym, better than the classes imo.

  20. What are migraine glasses? I’m desperate. I probably need that.

  21. Seems like others answered it pretty accurately! Rose tinted glasses. You could try a cheap pair from amazon if you don’t wanna spend the money$ I got mine from axon optics (online) better for your eyes than sunglasses indoors

  22. That’s so odd, if anything it would be more unsanitary by changing gloves without washing hands if that was their problem anyways. Sheesh

  23. You were on vacation!! Don’t feel guilty! for real. We have one life and it was one week. We’re back on track now and it’s all good, keep going!! (Yes I relate I’m weak sometimes too) but you gotta stop thinking you’re weak. You’re not. That shit is literal addiction

  24. Yes!!! I’m so proud of you!! My advice is to never give up, but not just the cliche saying but I mean, don’t ever get to a point of saying “what’s the point” and don’t ever go as far to even say it! Every thing we can do to live a healthier life, All the small things, truly do matter. (Typically this kind of feeling happens when weightloss gets stagnant etc) keep this post to look back on to remind yourself how happy you were by making changes for yourself. Just keep going and never stop. And remember, nothing can stop you. Not even “bad” food, cuz there is no such thing as bad food. It’s just all about moderation from now on. I’m on a similar journey. I went from 250 to 217 and still have a long way to go, but I’m already feeling better.

  25. My advice for being scared to shop in different sections is to remember that people shop for other people all the time, and some people just like clothes from opposite gender etc, and I know a lot of cis women who shop in mens sections anyways.

  26. Yes! I know it’s not the best but whatever works, works and we go from there. Everyone’s journey is different BUT everyone’s journey definitely has its small steps along the entire way. It’s really just about building up a strong mentality for the world but it truly does take baby steps.

  27. I think a lot of people generally feel this way and I’m sorry. Not so much for hot months but when it cools down, I use a wrangler vest or any strurdy type of Jean jacket etc over a hoodie or t shirt and it hides everything pretty decent and comfortably.

  28. I’m so happy for you! Thank you for sharing. Very inspiring. To be under 200 is a goal for so many people. If you have time, do you mind sharing some random foods and snacks you enjoy? I’m just 30 pounds down now and I was doing alright for a while, but I’ve grown tired of all the somewhat good foods to eat and I’m slowly resorting to old foods that aren’t so good. I’m good at not binging anymore, but I’m just looking for new food to eat.

  29. I think 2-3 years I would start to question, but 6 months to a year I think might be normal before it might stop for some people. I could be wrong and clearly I am not a doctor so take my advice extremely lightly, but I think a reason it could not happen years into being on it could be too high of t levels which can cause estrogen to raise, which would explain a cycle happening.

  30. If you do end up binging, find something to binge that won’t be too awful. Think veggies. Fruit. Low cal snax

  31. Maybe don’t set out to photograph one certain subject but rather focus on the way you take your pictures. Keep taking pictures of things and maybe you will recognize patterns of the way you took a picture

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