1. Invest in one of these. So much better than the magnetic switches used.

  2. Gas thank you. I was trying to find something like this but every time I searched I couldn't find it. Must have been searching the wrong thing

  3. I wouldn't go anywhere near that sub without wearing a foil hat! As a researcher and someone who creates surveys, just letting anyone with one finger write and post one is like handing a loaded M16 to a two-year-old. SOMEBODY'S GONNA GET BRAIN DAMAGE!

  4. Valid, I personally prefer the Facebook poll group, just because it is fun random questions but, I would def not take any of either as reliable data.

  5. Not wanting to date bi people because they are bisexuals is biphobic. Not wanting to date a bi person for another (non-discriminatory) reason, for example, you think they have a shitty personality, it is unrelated to the fact that they are bisexual and therefore not biphobic.

  6. Exactly, idk what's so hard to understand about that. I think part of it stems from the stereotype of bi/bi adjacent folk are inherently poly, which isn't true, or that one gender isn't enough to fully satisfy their needs. There is nothing wrong with being poly or monogamous but I don't think that people understand that just bc we are attracted to more than just one gender, one person isn't enough to please us. I've been with men and women, and right now I am in a long-term relationship with a woman but I'm not feeling dissatisfied because I also am attracted to other genders. We love each other meet each other's needs, she's bi as well, and we are perfectly happy. It just pisses me off when I see shit like the poll because I'm like wtf why are yall's so ignorant.

  7. Not wanting to date a bi person is like not wanting to date someone who likes Chinese food, if they never tell you hey I like Chinese food you wouldn't know. Something so trivial as the type of people a person is attracted to shouldn't have anything to do with if you'd date that person. Just image how ridiculous it would be for two people to be interested in each other and one mentions that they had an ex s/o that had red hair and the other person saying gross you were with a red head I can't be with someone who liked red heads. How does that make any sense. It is not a preference to not want to date bi people, bc it has nothing to do with you or them. Body shape, personality, gender, those are all valid preferences but not liking someone bc of who they like is absurd. If you're biphobic bi people don't wanna date you, but you're the problem and need to work some shit out. You need to realize that it's your bi phobia and you're the problem.

  8. That's fair, it's just my intrum piece I'll be getting a new rig and quartz banger at some point. I travel alot and bring this with me and so I like that it's durible and I can take it all apart and shit

  9. “Nail” is used interchangeably. Some people call their bangers’, nails. But not the other way around.

  10. What's the difference, are only quartz bangers?

  11. Thank you for listening to everybody, I saw your first post. Don’t listen to the trolls there is nothing wrong with a titanium nail it’s just old school. I also do prefer quartz but that is a HELL of a lot better than smoking epoxy!

  12. Of course I appreciate the feedback, I really wanted it to work but I'm glad I didn't try it. And very true, I see nothing wrong with experimenting / having options ya know. Thanks for not just shitting on TI I understand people's opinions but I'm happy I got it and I've got a right to use what id like just like anyone else.

  13. You did a lot of research and still ended up with a titanium banger?

  14. Yes I did for a couple of reasons, one is durability, the other is the negatives people said are mostly taste and alot of people were like I can't even tell after the first use . When I get a new rig that is 90degrees I'll get a quartz, bc I really loved the one I had I was just sad it broke and the little shop I went to there bangers were so thin and not high quality once I can buy a dope one or another one like the one I had bc I did like it but I wanted to give ti a shot. Is crystal objectively better probably but ti also has it's perks and I see no issue with both esspiecilly bc I travel alot with it.

  15. Is this just like a charity appeal for a banger. I feel like someone importing cheapo bangers would make a killing giving away free bangers to people like this and offering them a discont on the next one.

  16. What? Now im just confused. What the hell you talking about?

  17. It's common here for people to post unsavoury/dangerous dabbing contraptions like yours. So common that a business could be made by supplying people like yourself with a fresh quartz banger and a discount on the next one.

  18. I gotcha, yah I won't, just sad I couldn't fix it since I like fixing shit, im buying a new one tomorrow

  19. I do a lot of work with screenshots for instruction manuals and guides. Are you able to get your own screen shots? Screenshots are very low resolution (literally-72 dpi screen resolution) so if you are using screen shots the best way to get higher resolution is to increase the size on screen before you grab them.

  20. I am taking my own screenshots, I am manual is for excel, I have the application maxed and am taking the pictures on my higher res of my two monitors, and like I said it's only ID that makes them look bad. The zooming in the application is a good idea I can use that for some of the images I need but I have somewhere I want the whole screen and when those are put on a page in ID just don't look good as soon as I size down to make them fit because the image is so much bigger than a page. I will look into snagIt. I also have Corel PaintShop pro, do you think I could use that for scaling them down?

  21. What format are you saving the screen shots in?

  22. If anyone has any advice on this bc I saw this ad and made me want it but not sure if legit

  23. Appaled that no one mentioned Chris Squire. An absolute monster of a bassist.

  24. Chris is my #1 victor is #2 and prob Thundercat is 3rd

  25. I bought new strings but this one has a string rap near the base like where the ring is and I can't fit it through the bridge like the string goes there but about an inch is too thick should I leave it or strip it off with a razor?

  26. SOLVED should I delete it now or leave up for others?

  27. A video isn't a good way to learn this. Just look at the Taylor series formula and write it out. It matches this situation exactly.

  28. Yah you're right I'm dumb and was stressing my self out idk why I didn't just do that thank you I got it.

  29. Exactly what I want all the time thank you

  30. 20 and financial issues and finishing school

  31. I’ve found low dowse to be more stimulating than relaxing. Depends on dose and strain.

  32. I would mostly do lose doses but I often wouldn't feel much of an effect but maybe it was just more subtle but I did feel energized. When I took more it would often feel closer to drinking too much caffeine and would be able to feel my chest-thumping and being slightly jittery. One of the main things I noticed is time goes by a lot faster so Idk. I'm still debating on if I should get back into it

  33. It's right on the border. One more in any stat and it would be 3 star

  34. its okay i have too many of these I swear its all I get from these eggs

  35. That sums it up well lmao. The best thing happened one of the surfers when taken off the mosh by security had such a look of prince charming just saved me and gave him a kiss on the forehead

  36. I've never been to a concert before and I'm seeing mj in Chicago this November, any advice in general?

  37. Dress in layers even if it is cold outside it gets very hot inside with everyone crowded, don't be a dick, and have fun and enjoy the live music! If you want to be up front you need to get there 2+ hrs or more before doors open. Not sure exactly about MJ but for TFB I got there hr and a half early and there were still people in front and so I was the 2nd row behind the barrier.

  38. Sweet. Keep them both but the nundo is more rare than the hundo.

  39. I'm thinking of powering up the hundo to just under 1500 but I'm not sure

  40. My old psychiatrist rotated me through 6 anti depressants and then told me to google "focus methods"... that was the last time I went to see him. Then I switched to one specialized in adhd in adults, she said after 15min that I show textbook adhd symptoms and after doing some tests it turns out my adhd was quite severe, it shocked her how long I went undiagnosed, so please go see someone who knows what he is talking about. Because no matter how well or good the intention of a doctor is, if they are lacking facts and knowledge they cant give you the help you need

  41. I really should last night I spent 4hrs just starting at my computer trying to do what should have been and hr to hr tops of hw like it wasn't hard but just doing it and I just felt horrible bc I was like I need to do this and just get it done but there I was not doing it, it was physically painful sitting there having this mental battle while also trying to do my work. I'm so over it idk why it's getting so bad like I used to be okay by that I mean I've always struggled esspiecilly with writing and when I do write I have to write it all at once bc if I stop it could be hrs of staring at a screen before putting another word down. And its always the worst when it's something I'm stressed about and need to get done which doesn't help.

  42. it’s true that stimulants can be a problem when taken by someone with bipolar. But even then people often find solutions that are stable. And what you wrote seemed to suggest he didn’t find them valid ever, which if true that seems problematic to me. (Also FWIW bipolar II is probably the most common misdiagnosis of people who actually turn out to have ADHD, or sometimes people turn out to have both.)

  43. I definitely feel like I don't have a misdiagnosis my dad had bipolar 2 and we both take lamictal, he was diagnosed much later in life but I know it's very common for it to be passed down. But I get what you're saying. Im just getting so frustrated at myself like I feel like I should be better and be able to do it and so when I hear that from my doctor it only reinforces that I'm not good enough and need to just do better. I'm so over it all. Like I'm not trying to get a stimulant I just want something that works ya know and what I have is good but it's not addressing everything. I also don't wanna bring it up again bc every time I do, I'll be like I'm having trouble with abc he's like stimulants are bad I want to keep you off those like I didn't say I wanted them I didn't even say I think I have adhd he just jumps to that and i agree with him bc he's my doc I don't wanna argue like what does 20yr old me know ya know

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