1. Because it’s not like that for everyone, it really is a spectrum. I think the only symptom I had was constipation.

  2. I LOVED being pregnant. Newborns are hard... well, mine was 😄 there is no universal experience

  3. I had one for my daughter that said "I'm the reason we're late".

  4. We received a onesie that just says "milk friend" and another that says "sleepy princess" which is pretty stupid but now I can't stop calling my baby a sleepy princess 😬

  5. This is the point though. I completely believe he's not a bad guy/husband, lots of great men act like this because they donteven know they're doing it.

  6. I honestly feel like it’s the way they are raised .. most men aren’t raised to fend for themselves they are raised for the women to do it for them

  7. And most women are raised to care for others and minimise their own needs. The two are necessarily interrelated.

  8. Not really. I admit I don't stay I'm cuddle curl the whole time. Sometimes I sleep on my stomach. I usually switch between that and cuddle curl through the night. Lately my shoulder has been killing me.

  9. Same with the shouldet pain! I sometimes need to lie on my back so I tuck her under my arm so that I can feel that she's face up. Never for long but it works.

  10. Teddy, he is so pathetic , and never really listens to Bob. He frustrates me and so I do not like him. On the flipside the librarian is one of my favourites, I always get a laugh from him.

  11. My husband also says Teddy is such a creep, we're not fans.

  12. Have you watched GLOW? Even though the show is silly, it has one of the best and most realistic abortion storylines I've ever seen. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched it, but I do recall the show being praised for portraying abortion in a truthful way and without a bunch of unnecessary emotional baggage.

  13. Also Euphoria - sure it was negative but I think it's fine to show that you can know an abortion is the right choice and still be a bit sad about it.

  14. Can second the baby ktan, didn't bother my belly aftet a C section at all. But yes only planning to use it until baby gets bigger, I guess 6ish months. It's very simple. I bought it secondhand and will probably resell.

  15. Yup. So many milk soaked towels. And we slept on a towel too (I know, against SS7)

  16. I also sleep on a towel and tuck/flatten it regularly.

  17. I feel awful for co-sleeping with my baby. Like genuinely didn't want to do it but I wasn't getting ANY sleep in the first few days and I was slowly going crazy. But she was breastfeeding for hours on end, I was falling asleep while holding her on the sofa, she wouldn't sleep in the cot or on my partner, she just wanted to be held by me. She hated being swaddled. She hated being on her back in the cot. I didn't know what to do and one evening I fed her side-lying in the bed, I fell asleep and I got a 4 hour stretch and I felt like a normal person again.

  18. Amen. Way too much judging and way too little nuanced research.

  19. That babies don't cry (or banshee shreak) for no reason

  20. I'm in Germany and we cloth diaper (expecting baby #3 right now). In my general experience it seems to be less common than in the US and there are less things like diaper services but it varies a lot by country, for instance I think the cloth diapering rates in the UK are comparable to the US and they have some support programs like the nappy libraries. In Germany some cities will offer a cash rebate if you cloth diaper.

  21. I just saw bambino mios and own brand prefolds for sale in DM, so I think it's becoming more common? Although tbh I just had my baby and have not been checking the baby aisles for long 😄 some great secondhand options on Ebaykleinanzeigen!

  22. Everything in Germany is grey - the furniture, the clothing, the buildings, the weather, the mood 😑

  23. Can this be relieved by you drinking digestion friendly teas regularly? Just curious because my midwife recommended fennel tea in the afternoons since it seems like my newborn might have tummy aches in the evenings and that can help her digestion.

  24. Actually fennel has been debunked for colicky babies. I'm sure it won't do harm when mom drinks it though. They used to give the tea to the babies and it caused even more upset stomach

  25. Ah ok yeah I would never give it to my baby! But if herbal teas soothe my digestion and she gets a bit of that through the milk, I figured it's worth a try.

  26. I prefer flats and covers. We have AI2s and I think they're great for older kids. But the newborn, runny poops don't get contained very well with just a snap in insert, so you end up having to change the cover with every diaper change anyway.

  27. It also depends on your laundry situation. I went with 80% flats and covers because we don't have a dryer and live in a cold country so the drying time is far superior from other options. The cost is also a big consideration for me.

  28. We all like butt-pats at my house, everyone gets a turn! Never stop!

  29. I will rock my 16-month-old to sleep until she goes to college if she’ll let me. Somehow, I don’t think I’ll be so lucky.

  30. I'm 31 and my husband tucks me into bed some nights, so you never know 😄

  31. It was funny because even after I cut his hair people still thought he was a girl. That’s when I realized I shouldn’t even care what other people think. People have their own opinions about how a “boy” should look like and that’s their problem.

  32. Currently pregnant and the last 9 months have been the most productive of my career. I've felt confident, clear-headed and completely capable to hold my own with colleagues and seniors. I can't believe some people feel like this all of the time. Terrified of what's coming postpartum and -breastfeeding.

  33. 22 is still a kid in my eyes. im 25 now and looking back at 22 i realize just how backwards society is to think marriage and children is a good idea at that stage. even at 25 i still feel super immature in some ways. if i wanted kids, i would not have them now. there is still so much learning and growing to do. children are a FULL time job, like your whole life is theirs for a few years. no more sleeping in, going out whenever you wants, u cant even shower on your own time. FUCK THAT. plus yeah we are in a climate emergency i dont think anyone should have kids but i certainly wont. the truth is youll always be a slave to societal expectations if you dont reject them. you can either give in to the pressure and throw your own desires and life away, or tell people to mind their fucking business. the choice is yours.

  34. Human brains literally don't fully develop until 25. Not to be patronising but you feel immature because you are. And that's a great thing! I'm so glad I did stupid, adventurous things in my early and mid 20s.

  35. okay i actually got attacked by a bunch of 20 year olds on tik tok cause i said your brain isnt fully developed until around 25 so thank u for saying that lmao. had me feeling like i was an asshole for saying their brain just doesn't comprehend certain things yet. but its true!! its shocking that kids in their 20s take on these extreme life altering roles when they dont even have proper decision making skills yet. ur 20s are literally for fucking around and finding out hahaha

  36. Haha exactly! I was glad to learn that fact because it helped me understand why I had such a hard time understanding and processing emotions, making rational decisions and dealing with unfair expectations from older people.

  37. I'm from Adelaide and living in Germany. We had the SA state election recently and my ballot showed up a few days after the election, and the same happened to other SA expats who I know, in Germany, Belgium and in the US. And now this, I'm getting a little suspicious that the government doesn't want expats to vote for some reason...

  38. Also living in Germany and have received postal votes very close to election day. Often doubtful that they make it back in time. Except local elections, which strangely seem to be the most reliable?

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