1. I don't get the appeal of repasting a laptop that comes with liquid metal already applied.

  2. If it's a 4050 it would be a debate. Even then the 6700s could probably go toe to toe with it.

  3. the 6700s model has better CPU performance in general because of lower heat dissipation from the lower end GPU.

  4. This seems to be a common issue with the 2022 G14, you can find posts in this sub reddit like this one

  5. tough day for all four WE fans :(

  6. I had high hopes beginning of the split, but after the few losses I was sure we were not going to make playoffs. Hope and Shanks had some good performances along the way to get here. But seeing all these games with Biubiu legit makes me malt. I still can't believe this guy has a job as toplaner in such a competitive region.

  7. If it's a cover just buy it from AliExpress.

  8. Sounds muffled in general. I played with the app for other tuning modes but didn't see big improvement.

  9. Also oneplus buds pro 1 is so much better in terms of sound quality. If you want to save some money and get a OnePlus buds just get that.

  10. I've heard NA and Asia release are set for March 28th to early May.

  11. See my other post. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT UNINSTALL IT. I had no information like this when I was researching and it bricked my s20+. I had to do a factory reset.

  12. Thank you for this. I'm surprised you don't have any issues on S23ultra. I use it only sporadically downtown NYC and this is beyond inconvenient. It drains the battery in a day without even using the phone for anything...

  13. If it bothers you that much I would suggest to do a backup then clean reset the phone.

  14. Same for me not getting text from BOA

  15. cant believe informalmarch can speak chinese

  16. What if he loves knight so much he learned Chinese to support him?

  17. From the early Chinese tech youtuber reviews, 4050, 4060 and 4070 are power limited and there will be no difference in performance between a 105w and a 140w version.

  18. Probably unrelated, but do you use an esim?

  19. I don't, I use a physical sim as S20+ doesnt support esim

  20. I think it's unrelated. The fi app isn't necessary for the phone to operate.

  21. I still cannot fix it after trying for 5 hrs. Might just give up and reset my phone.

  22. It feels like the English subtitles are missing something in translation when they mention "making mistakes", like they actually mean something more sinister.

  23. It is the correct translation but lacks a cultural context. At that time of China "making a mistake" was something serious and mostly refers to things that were anti-party or anti-communism. For example her copying the letter for Bai Mulin in previous episodes showed she had interest in capitalism ideologies, and to them that's a dangerous ideology to have to be working at a site like red coast.

  24. Hey, i have a gaming desktop id be willing to trade. a high end gaming pc

  25. sorry I don't need a desktop at the moment.

  26. Here is the version with sound and comparison to the source (Tom and Jerry)

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