1. The problem I have is Billy is that he voiced the character exactly the same as he did 18 years ago. When they were mentally a child. However, the character grew up, went through puberty and matured. That's why it seemed that GG regressed in the finale instead of developing.

  2. I don't think he really exists. Glen and Glenda might have made it up, so Tiffany would fuck off with her questions about their personal life.

  3. If they did make it up, don’t you think they would have come up with something better than dating the same guy?

  4. I didn't say they planned it. It seemed they made it up on the fly. At least, it's what it looked to me.

  5. Old one. I liked her insistence. If a plan doesn't work, she always finds a new artifact, potion or spell to come back. The new one is like "My shadow stole my powers, so I'm just gonna chill in the swamp".

  6. Vincent Adultman overstayed his welcome. The joke should have lasted 3 episodes tops. I don't like that a grown-up woman dated a minor for a few months.

  7. The underwater one. Tom and Jerry's level of hijinks feels out of character for the show that relies on mostly dialogue for comedy.

  8. It's a red herring. Mixter gave the doll to Lexy's family to make the kids anxious. Tiffany isn't in there because she has a beef with Chucky and Mixter doesn't like her.

  9. I cannot agree with you more. I have a theory that she's only decent when the director is leading her in the way. That might be why she was fine in BAAL. But it seems NYC production doesn't give directions when it comes to characters.

  10. Besides, everyone has been sleeping on how creepy the Jennifer Tilly situation is. She was used as a baby momma without her consent. Her children basically died after the soul swap. At the end of the Seed, she considered them her kids. And after that, her identity was stolen and she was forced to do a dirty job for the one who stole it for almost 20 years.

  11. I don't really care about Andy. His actor isn't that good, let's be honest. Nica has suffered way more from Chucky. She should be the one to bring him down for good.

  12. I mainly just assumed they switched bodies and then Jennifer Tilly died when Chucky axed the Tiffany doll in the head. Guess I was half-right lol

  13. "James in is ugly. I'd report him to "HR if he said hi to me''.

  14. No, because she only antagonized her sister. She's better as a secondary antagonist and early boot. Her schtick will get old fast.

  15. This works because Brad is an incredible voice actor and the puppeteers (and CGI artists?) managed to make his whole mannerisms look and sound really innocent.

  16. They actually made a special head, so the innocent Chucky would be able to smile.

  17. So you'd rather dig up an old ass article than acknowledge your mistake and put the spoiler tag?

  18. It's your mistake to try get spoiler rules enforced in a community that deliberately has NO SPOILER POLICY.

  19. I didn't deliberately go to this subreddit to read spoilers. I saw it on the main page because of the algorithms which wouldn't happen if you put a spoiler tag.

  20. I regularly see posts calling the community "the most toxic ever" in every subreddit. Chill out.

  21. It's probably just an action doll with Chucky's head stitched to it.

  22. Bald Chucky is the Colonel. Just gonna post it to say "told ya so" later.

  23. I don't think that it's internalized homophobia. Quinto's character definitely didn't strike me as someone who suffers from it.

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