1. There’s definitely something behind the scenes with Baker we don’t know about

  2. I really didn’t see this as a big deal last year but seeing the outcome has changed my tune

  3. What's even more crazy imo is that we never won more than one title per stay in a city. An NFL Championship in Cleveland in '45, another NFL Championship in LA in '51, the Super Bowl in '99 in St. Louis and the Super Bowl in '21 back in LA.

  4. Sorry rams fans, looks like you’ll have to move again to ever win another super bowl lol

  5. I don’t think anyone would be that petty, despite what they felt personally. It would be selfish and bad for the whole team. That is what fans are for!

  6. I mean even if you hate his guts, he’s giving you a free trip, you go and then spend as little time as humanly possible with him. If everyone’s at the pool for example, just sit on the other side and don’t talk to him.

  7. They seemed cool with each other on Building the Browns. You really don't want to limit interaction with teammates, especially if within the offense. The whole point of the trip is team bonding.

  8. It was such a wonderful memory, and I love seeing all the backups who helped make magic happen

  9. I’m confused. So what should he say then if he chooses to maintain his innocence? Should he admit guilt? Or just take some blame? Seems like a lose - lose lol

  10. That's what I was saying after his "no regrets" statement. Like, just by the shear fact you're being sued by 22 people, I feel like you'd definitely do some things differently if you could go back.

  11. Yeah the no regrets statement was very tone deaf. I would hope he would want to avoid the same situation again if he could

  12. Being in the same social circles is the opposite of never meeting someone Dw admitted seeing them? That really is an admission of nothing. Houston easily could find anyone he had contact with ever, they were his billion dollar employer. Being paid has nothing to do with it. He didn’t get to play, which is him suffering. And now Houston is making him eat it even more for the trade demands If it was really a thing, wouldn’t there be evidence? It’s easy to say 22 over and over. The higher the number, literally means nothing if there is no evidence of wrongdoing, which there never has been

  13. Absolutely. I'm a big fan of the "form complaints" where the knuckle-dragger who filed it forgets to change one of the fields from the last time they used it.

  14. I got one of those on a smaller case a couple months ago and I was cracking up lol.

  15. 3: the benefits of acquiring an elite quarterback for the next five to ten years outweigh any reasonable suspension.

  16. Regardless of any of our personal views, I don’t think any of us have the faintest clue how long the suspension will be.

  17. It will be very interesting to see, whenever it happens, how the offense changes with Watson. A lot of his strengths are Bakers weaknesses and vice versa.

  18. I am not hoping for any miracle with Brissett. I think he is what we thought he is.

  19. Person whose job it is to fight any possible suspension says player is innocent.

  20. Antonio brown in 2020 was suspended 8 games, not for any of the pending sexual assault allegations, but for a January 2020 incident where he assaulted a moving truck driver, and kept the other stuff hanging over his head so if he was found guilty, they can suspend him again

  21. His dad owns the the Jaguars, no? I don't think Tony is that hands with the the NFL team or the soccer team.

  22. Tony runs Fulham, and was atleast involved in the coaching search this offseason

  23. In what way? He's not a coach. H s no going to do much during the game.

  24. When your team is battling through a 1-15 season, one of you executives standing on the sideline doing his other job is, to say the least, a bad look.

  25. Myles Garrett would break the single game sack record if he played against Baker week 1. You know that defense would want payback for what Baker did last year

  26. Maybe, but we do know most of them didn’t like him last year. I do think Baker would get crushed if he was on the Panthers.

  27. On paper it would not be a favorable matchup for baker. Their line is not ideal.

  28. Depends. New Orleans fans could be a pretty wide spectrum. There are a lot of incredibly smart people here. There are also a lot of incredibly stupid people here. And a whole lot in between.

  29. Well I will say, I did quite poorly on the SAT, but did incredibly well on the ACT lol. It's a stupid fucking test.

  30. I think if you suspend prior to the conclusion of the civil case, you have to go between 4-6 games. More is not fair to DW since he could (in theory) be completely exonerated and the plaintiff attorney be exposed as an extortionist. Look at Stormy Daniels' lawyer. The guy was America's sweetheart for a year, then got lit up once the truth came out.

  31. I think it’s actually the opposite, the league probably would go more severe here to avoid Ray rice all over again if things get really bad.

  32. But why in the world wouldn’t they just wait until the civil cases conclude if he is keen on fighting it though? The league ends up looking potentially stupid if they do a big suspension beforehand and he somehow wins all the suits and I’d imagine they’d like to come out of this with Watson taking the brunt of the bad PR.

  33. whispers in the eyes of most people, whether Watson wins or not is irrelevant.

  34. Speaking of mods, who is 2FA_Eats_Souls? new redditor of 2 months.

  35. Lol, another existing mod got locked out of his account for a period so he had that account until we could sort it out. He’s back on his original account.

  36. Oh, lmao. I was like "Who is THIS dude".

  37. Trust me, I was in India when it happened and after a busy day I look at the sub and there’s just another random mod lol.

  38. Steelers might suck this year, QB is mega important and they have nothing but question marks

  39. I will never believe the Steelers might suck until they actually do. Mike Tomlin is magician

  40. Go ahead and try again, but use the actual text from Johnny Stanton’s tweet

  41. Color Rush jerseys were very hit or miss.

  42. They had some great ideas in there, the browns original color rush we a notable one. Issue is monochrome is either incredible or ugly as sin with no inbetween.

  43. I still love the yellow jersey. Would’ve looked so much better paired with white or blue pants

  44. For whatever reason the stats models love Watson way more than say, I do.

  45. Can they retroactively fine a person? I really don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised if the league said they took into account they he didn’t play last season in the event of a shorter suspension. They’re gonna get backlash with anything short of a lifetime ban, so what’s the difference.

  46. They can issue a fine that is curiously as large as Watsons 2021 salary lol.

  47. I wonder if the league would give Watson credit for the one year he already sat out.

  48. He was paid in full last year so he’d have to eat an astronomical fine to get credit for it

  49. She should be trying to run in the western neighborhoods and suburbs like lakewood. That's where she would have had a chance

  50. Lakewood was in her district this go around. And Kapturs district with said suburbs had been redrawn to be incredibly red

  51. So I went right at sunrise so it wasn’t crowded, so while many will talk about the awful crowds, I didn’t have any.

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