1. u have a offer in mind it’s striker?

  2. i was on about my inventory as a whole not the ss I posted mb

  3. i sold a lot recently but if ur still interested I’ll send another pic to u of which ones I have left and if u buy all I’ll probs sell cheap

  4. i still have the oem and sterns the rest I have sold

  5. Hey bro I was wondering if you got tw formation it was a older rocket pass item

  6. I’m pretty sure I do what’s ur offer?

  7. Idk man honestly find someone willing to pay 250k. I’m mostly just tryna get a good car setup and I don’t wanna waste like almost my whole inv on just the wheels 😂 imma just get black dieci instead. Sorry :(

  8. Cap and 20k? It’s gonna rise up soon probably.

  9. I can pick up a cap for 150 pretty easy so no thanks

  10. scorer sb sovereign A/T,purple sovereign A/T,playmaker lime wonderment ssc,cobolt paragon ssc wonderments,sb victor ssc wonderments,aviator cobolt ssc wonderments,purple Thanatos, a lot of painted afterlife like nearly full set

  11. can u keep for me bro idk when I’ll be back but if u added me on psn I’ll add u and inv u

  12. how much u LF the sweeper lime rlcs octane

  13. my inventory starting to look a little like this lmaoo

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