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  1. A lot of people are commenting about the strategic advantages of bases (and they're totally right) but the other thing about it is simply entertainment value. Of course priority #1 is for the creators to have fun, but in the end it's a YouTube series, and watching however many people do nothing but hide underground in various places for 30mins would be no fun. Stealing items, burning bases, sieges, paranoia about bases is part of what makes the series fun, and bases are oftentimes iconic for players and viewers. Also, people usually do hide important items underground; the sugarcane was stolen, but no one knows where the sand is right now. Dogwarts intentionally had the enchanter out; before that, other people with it had it hidden. And so on and so forth. Sometimes the best strategy for winning isn't the most entertaining or fun to play, and the series is more about having fun and entertaining an audience than winning.

  2. They'll bring us your past mistakes to use against you for standing up for yourself and to wittle down your self-worth so you keep being a doormat for them.

  3. And then when you bring up something they did, they tell you that it's "in the past now" and that you shouldn't dwell on it

  4. Me when I realize most of the games I bought based on recommendations are either about mental health or grief, and I can't actually sink several hours into them without it affecting my mental state

  5. If you're going only on weekdays, you should be able to get on everything with a two-day ticket. Depending on crowds, you might be able to do it all in one day, but you would be very rushed and would probably only have time for one ride on each. So far I have found Thursday to be a good day to go in terms of crowds. With the way maintenance has been this season (shortstaffed) many rides are going down and are staying down for over an hour in some cases, which is also something to consider when deciding on a one-day vs two. With fastpass you will almost definitely get on everything in one day unless something is down. Also take note of the difference between fast lane and fast lane plus before you decide, I feel like it's easy to miss but you definitely don't want to.

  6. An ACTUAL great thing you can do with your placenta is donate it to search and rescue organizations. They'll use it to train the S&R dogs :)

  7. Hmmm so did I make the ER staff mad when I showed up saying “hi, I have hyperemesis and my OB told me to come here for fluids whenever it’s been over 24 hours since I kept anything down” or is that different?

  8. I can't say for sure if they were mad, but "a medical provider told me to come ask for this if this happened" is different than "I want this, give it to me"

  9. Was literally just talking to someone about how we're both glad we avoided DMC. Stuff like this makes me even more happy about it.

  10. Answer: very briefly, in update 1.19.1 Minecraft introduced a reporting system where players can report anyone they interact with directly to Mojang and the players who are reported can be banned from online play if they were found to be violating Minecraft's community guidelines.

  11. Part of the concern is also that it does not sound like real people will be reviewing the reports. Which makes sense, Minecraft is a massive game, but it does raise a concern about people reporting for no reason/falsely and getting accounts banned. It also comes shortly after every Minecraft account was forced to migrate to a Microsoft account to play (another unpopular move). The move was supposedly to increase security of accounts, but people are now even more upset about that, because it seems this feature was likely part of the reason for the move.

  12. There's a hairstyle that's very popular right now that my abusive mother wore almost exclusively growing up. I would never ask someone to take their hair down or change how they styled it, even if it does make me uncomfortable to see 2-3 people in my work wearing it daily. That's on me, not everyone else in the world.

  13. I don't have much experience in... anything really, but if anyone would like help/information about becoming a CNA (certified nursing assistant) classes are usually relatively short and can be inexpensive if you are able to find the right place. A CNA doesn't make a ton of money, but it can be more than many retail/food service jobs and could be worth looking into if you don't mind getting your hands a little dirty.

  14. /uj I'm so sick of seeing middle class white women act like they're the ones affected by this the absolute most. Who do you think is more likely to be prosecuted for getting an abortion, you or the black trans man? Who's more likely to be able to go out-of-state for an abortion, you or the poor Mexican woman? Who faces the most medical discrimination and is far more likely to die due to pregnancy/childbirth related complications? Not the middle class white woman. Maybe think about someone other than yourself for once and try to help the people most affected by this

  15. uj/ Also I heard somewhere that statistically BIPOC people are more likely to die from childbirth.

  16. Yes that was my last point, they are more likely to die in childbirth

  17. I also burn easily, I put on a lot of sunscreen before going in and keep a travel sized tube of it in my fanny pack and apply it every few hours. Works pretty well

  18. They're not too difficult to ignore during the day, if you don't like bugs leave before sundown. Luckily the sun sets pretty late now so even if you have to leave before dark you're only losing like an hour

  19. Last Thursday Night, you would’ve thought hell swarmed over Sandusky and Huron.

  20. The poor guy at my carwash after driving back that night... took him like 10mins to spray all the bug guts off my car. I tipped him for sure but felt so bad lol

  21. The only thing I care about with guests is if they're spending money. But I need welfare at 97% or higher or else I have to do everything I can to fix it

  22. congrats. well-or-ill-intentioned, you're fruitlessly attempting to invalidate the proposition through whataboutism,

  23. The original comment says that the reporters would be fired for doing it to women, this one is saying that they often aren't. It's not whataboutism, they're pointing out a flaw in the original comment

  24. 5-20 MINUTES AT CEDAR POINT? Excuse me???? Are you from an alternate reality?

  25. I was there last Thurs as well, it was hot as fuck so people were avoiding the park. No lines on anything

  26. Even worse is when the spiders come out to feast on these things. Was in line for MF when it started getting dark a few years back and there were half-dollar sized spiders like every 3 feet in every direction through the entire queue. Never been more uncomfortable in my life.

  27. My poor friend is terrified of spiders, we had no idea how many would be in the queue. I had to full-body embrace her the whole way to the ride. I'm scared of them too which double sucked, had to put my own fear aside to help her lol

  28. Selling off someone’s assets immediately after their demise isn’t taboo??

  29. What else would they do with the stuff? Make a shrine to him using Pokémon cards?

  30. Um, OBVIOUSLY this is the work of acetone. Can't believe people keep getting away with this.

  31. As a tech, I also wish people would know that call lights don't go to their nurses. We get them, every time, no matter how many times you call, you will get us before you get the nurse. And if you ask your nurse for something and they say no don't try to ask us right after, our answer is always gonna be "let me ask your nurse"

  32. Really? Our call lights go to the HUC, and they forward them to either the aide or the nurse depending on what the pt needs. If we got a float HUC, us nurses would get all the calls.

  33. The whole hall can see when a light is on, but we are notified first about all lights. Nurses are notified after 10 minutes of it being on. So even if a pt needs the nurse specifically, we will (most likely) get to them first and then find the nurse and tell them ourselves. Though I think a lot of pts also don't realize that we aren't nurses (even though we wear different color scrubs) which is a whole different issue

  34. I was gonna say. Iron Dragon never used to be worse than 15 minutes even on a busy day, but lately it's been having bizarrely long lines.

  35. Is it mostly on weekdays with the long lines? I've only been twice this year but we had the same issue. We figured it was because there were a lot of school trips, and a lot of 12 year olds weren't going to want to ride Millennium

  36. Would love if true. I’ve not been in the line enough to see it happen. I know that even in fast lane I’ve seen line jumpers a couple times go by without care.

  37. I mean, they have to see it/have it reported to do anything and I can't imagine security just waits in line for jumpers

  38. Across from Iron Dragon I believe. I was pretty young when they removed it and only just starting to get into rides. I told myself I'd ride it the next year I went, and then it was gone

  39. Doesn't the game sort of whiff on his sexuality? I vaguely recall the game saying that he was afraid of rejection? Or something?

  40. It's kind of explained like that in game, it's not super clear whether he's completely denying liking men at all or if he's just confronting his fear. He's made fun of later but he also doesn't seem bothered by it if you flirt with him after his arc (there isn't much you can do in that way but the opportunities that are there)

  41. My local music stores dont carry them but im going to TAMU, which is a very large school. Hopefully they'll have some?

  42. My (comparatively) small school has one, TAMU will almost certainly have one or more

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