1. Go for it! Life is way too short not to try. Best of luck!

  2. Something akin to Epcot. Honestly, it’s the only thing that keeps me going back to Florida.

  3. Someone who takes the time not only to observe, but engage. Someone willing to try new experiences for the sake of learning. Someone who doesn’t quickly judge. Someone who is well read. Someone with an open heart.

  4. I’ve used Undercover Tourist myself. Several times. I’ve never heard of this distributor, but keep doing your research. You may find they are reputable.

  5. Just got back on today. Had previously dropped 40 pounds. Should not have stopped. I’m Hispanic. We can eat tortillas with every meal, and I love cereal, so it’s been a challenge. Moderation is key once you’re off, but it’s very difficult. Hence the back on today. Every persons journey is a little different. Be mindful of your triggers. Great job on the 60 pounds. Keep it up!

  6. Magic Kingdom and Epcot. When we vacation here, we make it a point to go to both parks at least twice.

  7. Secret of Nihm is one of my all time favorites. Well done.

  8. Thanks for the information. Just discussion a trip for next year with the family. We’re in Texas, and costs are high, so we have to usually plan a full year out. DW has gotten next to impossible to plan for. DL is still, in my opinion, the best way to go. Thanks again!

  9. Undercover Tourist has always been my family’s go to.

  10. Personally, I’d take Disneyland. It’s more expensive, but you have to try it at least once. Weather is amazing and the people are fantastic. Good luck.

  11. I think Disney World would benefit from adding mid level attractions as well. As much as I like these over the top rides, $500 million for a ride like Cosmic Rewind isn’t a must for every new ride. Now, I don’t mean another version of the Dumbo ride, but some good mid level dark rides would be great.

  12. Magic Kingdom, but if he’s a boy and loves Star Wars, Hollywood Studios may be his preference. But, if he’s into animals, Animal Kingdom.

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