1. Looks like it I'm about to try it out. I will edit with the result.

  2. 5/$100 for Mitten? I couldnt beleive this! No. Way. Then I saw why... mitten EXTRACTS. I was thinking Mitten GREENS. They are great, MG that is. Mitten Extracts I place with Platinum Vapes and Savage Sticks, lower end, also Turd(Terp)Tanks. As far as Platinum, I stopped with them when I found Gooeyman and Mitten Greens. Only brands i use now. Similar pricing also for, imo, higher quality. The Mitten Greens carts even have 10% cbd as well in them. No delta8 in either.

  3. Where do you buy Mitten greens? I definitely wanna try them out.

  4. How? All he can do is hand the ball off, throw dead duck checkdowns, and picks. Oh and miss almost every shot down field especially when the recievers are open.

  5. MSU fan here! MSU was absolutely overrated, and definitely got exposed. These facts are not mutually exclusive with the facts that Michigan still lost to overrated MSU, and I hope they lose to Ohio State next week, just as they have 17 out of the last 19 games :)

  6. One difference I have noticed with MSU fans compared to Michigan fans (this is of course super generalized) is that most of us Michigan fans will root for MSU against anybody except Michigan where MSU fans always hope we loose even against the suckeyes.

  7. I mean 20 districts and the state championship "postponed" in Michigan

  8. I think that Stafford is one of if not the most talented qb in raw physical gifts of all time.

  9. Whoever wins the QB competition

  10. My biggest gripe with Shea has been that he seems really slow when cycling thru his reads and if his 1st and 2nd reads aren't open, he gets nervous and rolls out even the pocket is still clean.

  11. Great game all around. O'Neill ref crew is , once again, the absolute worst crew in the game. We should never allow them to ref a game in our stadium again ever. My only minor quibble with our team is DPJ not actually catching punts. Lot of wasted yards there letting them bounce. Other than that minor minor thing it was a great game. Big win.

  12. I dont blame DPJ for not catching the punts thru the first 2.5 quarters with the rain and all but now it's just stupid

  13. This play calling just feels good right now Harbaugh finally pulled his head out of his ass and realized what the fans have been saying all along. That our recieving core is amazing and was being so underutilized.

  14. Harbaugh needs to pull his head out of his ass and bench this fucking clown that we call a QB

  15. Just go to bed at the time you ultimately want to go to bed all at once. I don’t see the point really in setting the clock back 15 minutes every night. Don’t use technology before bed (mostly so you can have a clear head before you go to bed). You might fail to fall asleep but after a few days you should be able to fall asleep relatively quickly. Don’t do anything on your bed other than sleep so your brain only associates your bed with sleeping and nothing else. Taking a cold shower before bed can help too.

  16. Thanks for the tips! I'll try my best to follow them.

  17. This can't be tolerated, this could happen to Anybody's team, it devalues wins, seriously somthing has to be done

  18. The best bet we have to get anything done seems to be Pat McCaffe

  19. Maybe it’s time to put in practice squad guys to start laying out referees so they at least think twice of screwing over Detroit.

  20. Anyone know if we have a walk on QB we haven't seen yet... lets give him a shot

  21. Yea he needs to work on his vision. Figure out ehen he can force a pass and when to look at his other options. But he needs reps to do it. I just really don't like the way shea has played this year.

  22. Holy shit does Ronnie Bell have some hands or what!!

  23. Feeling bad for their QB(s) (was there 2)?. They keep having holes in their line and he's getting absolutely drilled

  24. At least it was a clean hit unlike the one on McCaffrey

  25. I think this misses the point, tbh. Sure, there are 100+ programs that would love to be a perpetual top 25 team with frequent 10 win seasons and bowl games every year. But this isn't about Michigan being where other teams would kill to be - it's about where Michigan fans think the Michigan program should be.

  26. This year it seems that there is so much talent on the roster but the players are just not as disciplined as our opponents have been. Granted we did play two of, arguably, the most disciplined teams in CFB, being Army and Wisconsin. I also don't see what Harbaugh sees in shea, He's never impressed me. And wtf is Gattis doing, there is no creativity in the offensive play calling. Thats my 2 cents anyways.

  27. I am very suprised i thought the zebras were gonna bail out the eagles again

  28. Holy fuck that was a bad target i think dylan might have been knocked out. Right as soon as we where getting any momentum. And say what you will about mccaffery not being an accurate thrower but at least he plays with conviction. That drive looked sooooo much better than when Patterson was in.

  29. Charbonet need to be on the bench. He is still injured and this game is over. It's a great idea to put in our only running back with any talent while he still healing, just so he can injure himself some more and be out for the season.

  30. Serious question, how do the big Army o lineman do PT in the army and not lose 100 pounds?

  31. They eat a fuckton of food mainly high protein stuff

  32. Our defense worries me because we seem to lack any real size anywhere. Seems like went for athleticism over size and it shows because our dline is getting pushed back like every play. It's going to be a long day vs Wisconsin

  33. If Captain Shrederator survives the full 3 with weapon working for most of the fight, then I see Shred winning. I don't think they can KO Blacksmith because it is a tank, so their win would have to come by JD.

  34. Thats a big ask for a full body spinner though. Edit: typo

  35. We have a new design in the works to change the whole chassi/drive train to emulate some of Hal’s redundancies he has. We have already figured out how to not lose drive with better ESC and better shock mounting going 11 fight between Battlebots and KOB. But the new design, in theory, would be more reliable because of redundancy and have more drive power with no weight penalty. We use a number of different connectors that we tape and tie wrap before every fight Machines AL would be a more optimal solution from strength weight point of view but much more expensive.

  36. Why don't you directly solder your wire connections. Is it an ease of repair thing? I have always thought direct soldering was more robust than connectors.

  37. It would make the fight preparation take a whole day or more. No time for that. And if you have to replace receivers motor controllers, motors, switches, it take a whole lot longer. And even to fix mechanical parts with wires woven through the robot without connectors means cutting or desoldering wires. We use 5 type of connectors. One for batteries the castle 6.5mm, one for drive power and motor the deans ultra, one for the LEDs the deans mini and one for RC the deans 3 pin mini and we also use 5/16” and 1/4” lug with ring terminals for grounding and ETEK connections.

  38. Cool, thanks for the info makes alot of sense.

  39. Companies do that all the time for reasons like that. Can't think of an example of the top but Dunkin Donuts rebranded as Dunkin recently. The Bank of the Ozarks rebranded as Bank OZK, it's not impossible.

  40. But they haven't officially changed their name. It is still Instant Pot check

  41. I second this purple v shape description and i’m glad someone else remembers. This is the first time I’ve actually felt the Mandela Effect.

  42. When fishing, they literally group under your boat and wait for you to catch things so they can pick it off. They will eat anything. Any live bait fish will do or a fish clearly struggling because you hooked them, they love an easy meal. Just about all fisherman hate them. No good for eating and usually their teeth will cut your line.

  43. I went charter fishing near a reef in the gulf and there where probably 20 barracudas just circling. They got a few of the fish we had hooked before we could get them in.

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