1. I wonder if Skindinavia makes UD’s fix spray too? Since they also make the allnighter setting spray?

  2. Skindinavia does make UD fix spray. If you give it a quick google you will see lots of reports of this.

  3. So if you have an order of stuff but you add one Sephora collection item to it the whole cart gets 4x points? Or is that too good to be true 😂

  4. So I'm not a huge fan of these but I picked up the Mocha Spritz one last year for around 10-12$ and its really nice. The shimmer shade is a unique color (and I have zillions of eyeshadows).

  5. If y’all don’t mind I’m copying what I posted in the ulta sub that didn’t get much traction

  6. There is a sheet floating around where it tracks what GWP offers are usually available in certain months though it can vary. The platinum/diamond 10x points is usually in August or September I think. There is always a 21 days of beauty in the spring and fall. I think the spring one is typically in March and the fall one is typically in September. The 21 days of skincare event is always in January. There are big gwp bags for diamond/platinum (with a bigger buy in) usually once a quarter I think. Around holiday time they have lots of 20% off coupons usually. I don't really remember the other sales or when they do certain multipliers bc not everyone gets the same multipliers. People on this sub are pretty good with reminders and updates. Also as xub543 said USGWP typically has a monthly post showing what is likely going to be beauty breaks or sales for the month based on past years.

  7. Anyone else struggling to spend their points or rewards? I have $70 in sephora rewards to spend before they expire next week. When I tell you I am well stocked in every category and loved ones and friends are taken care of. I can't think of 1 thing to buy 😕

  8. This used to happen to me all the time. Then I started shopping with the idea that I should leave something to buy later! This helps me not over buy/over spend but also leaves me something to look forward too. I used to like to spread my spending out over the year but now I try to do more towards the end of the year when ulta throws more 20% off coupons at us and sephora has 20% off and then the 20% off of sale items sale. Trust me leave some for later!

  9. I use it until it smells funky or slightly irritates my eyes. I know the limit should be 3 mo from opening but really, how am I supposed to remember it? They really should make a white thing on it to write down with a pen the opening date. I think I go around 5-6 mo realistically.

  10. quarterly! I replace toothbrushes, mascara, etc on a quarterly basis! makes it easier.

  11. And how do you know when the quarter is over? Every first month of the season?

  12. I use standard quarters (Jan-March, April-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec). I have to do certain tasks at work at the end/beginning of each quarter so I have more of a set schedule about it. I'm not too exact about anything I just try to remember to do things like swap the toothbrushes sometime in the first week of the new quarter stuff like that. I also purge things at the end each quarter like makeup that I really hate, clothes that no longer fit, and note things that need to be replaced like shoes. Using sort of a set schedule like that can help push me to really use up a product (like quarterly empties) or make a decision if I want to keep something (donations go out quarterly as well). I also try to do a quick look through of stuff in my pantry and see if anything is expiring, needs to be replaced or should get used up in that quarter. Basically the last week of a quarter or fist week of a quarter I try to replace, purge, organize on a regular basis. I know it sounds like a lot of work but when you do it so regularly its goes pretty quick and is less of a pain than waiting to do it like once a year!

  13. I had one of these and I loved it. It finally got kind of gummy/dried out but in all fairness I had it for 4 or 5 years! When I use down some of my foundations its def a rebuy!

  14. Reminder that if you bought the Ulta $100 gift cards that came with the $20 gift card they expire on the 28th so you only have a few more days to use them!

  15. oh dang. I passed these up cause we still have maple, pumpkin and marshmallow to use up at our house.

  16. Just wanted to drop a tip here. If you pick up a burr grinder and only buy whole beans you will have the best coffee ever. Even if you buy mediocre beans people will say wow this is great coffee... its all about the freshness of the grind!

  17. The key thing for me it to keep all the overstock of items together. Like all my skincare backups together or all my shampoos/conditioners together in an easily accessible place. This way I can actually "shop" what I have. When I see the volume of stuff I don't usually want to keep buying. Also if the drawer or basket gets full I know there is no more room and I have to physically stop bc there is no physical place for it to go. This might not work as well for things like lipstick or eyeshadow palettes but I don't tend to buy backups of those items. For color cosmetics I have a few drawers and once something gets too old I toss it. For things I really don't like I give away to friends of let their kids use it as play makeup. I keep track of how much I spend on stuff and once my budget is gone for the year its gone. Just remember there are very few actual limited edition items anymore (probably just in indie makeup these days) and everything will go on sale again and you can buy it then!

  18. It might just be that I've overlooked it, but does it seem like there are fewer Lunar New Year's releases/sales this year vs last? Last year there was a whole thread about it but like on the lower cost side I haven't seen much. Are rabbits less thrilling than tigers?

  19. There are def less Lunar New Years products this year. I think its because the holiday falls in January rather than Feb so there was less time to market products. And of course people buy less stuff in January.

  20. This brought back memories of the hot oil packs at the drugstore when I was a teen. I feel like it worked OK for super dry/fried hair. The VO5 was what was on trend back then, and I see it's still available.

  21. There will be people who will LOVE the records. Vinyl is back in a big way and if there are any used record stores near you they will probably pay you for them.

  22. Do I need this after ordering the Nam Vo deal from Macy’s this morning that includes 30ml of Good Genes? Absolutely not. But damn, I do love me that Honeymoon Glow…🫣

  23. Maybe its just me but I feel like the Honeymoon Glow and the Good Genes are basically interchangeable for my skin. I try to keep only one open at a time. I really like both though...

  24. Two questions for the hive mind today: first-does anyone know why Nordstrom stopped offering samples with online beauty purchases? It hasn’t been an add on option for a while now (at least 6 months?) and I prefer ordering from them vs Sephora/Ulta but….the freebies were a nice bonus.

  25. I just read somewhere that Back 2 Mac is ending at the end of March of this year. I don't recall where I read that though. I think people were seeing it when they logged into their online accounts?

  26. Anyone else unimpressed by the current Ulta skincare sale? The last few years its been my favorite - like I bought more from it thank the 21 days of beauty sales but this year its just a big yawn for me. I don't think I'll pick up a single thing...

  27. Random financial planning reminder - at the beginning of each year, I always check my bank accounts, CDs, retirement accounts to see if any are close to their maturity date and their current rate/return.

  28. Wrote it down, I’ll definitely have to take a look

  29. montauk lighthouse park has a seal haul out trail that is a good walk and theres consistently seals there in the winter. there is a light house tour boat that goes out of orient point by the ferry in the summer time which is pretty awesome too though not athletic. on the east end there are things like morton wildlife refuge in north sea where you can feed birds out of your hands along the trail and east quogue wildlife refuge where you can do a nice walk (3 trails) and see some fun animals.

  30. Is anyone buying Juvia's Place anymore? I picked up the Garden of Juvia's palette (the pastel one) and the shimmers are so pretty. Nice duo chromes and just a really well put together palette. Its much more fun to play with than my Natasha Denona Pastel's palette. For me Juvia's Place palettes can be hit or miss and I've certainly had plenty of misses with their stuff but I feel like no one really talks about them anymore.. Have they already peaked??

  31. Well I guess we know what next year's holiday palette will look like!

  32. TMI/O Viseart Paris love letter. I’m trying to decide how to use my Sephora 20%… Last week I was asking about some luxury eyeshadows, but now I’m leaning towards this one. I do have Viseart petite pro 3, and enjoy it, but I think the colors in this one might be better for my skin tone. (I generally use the lighter shades in a palette more, and the left side of petite pro 3 pulls fairly cool and more grey/purple.) I also love Visearts shimmers, as I don’t care for sparkly looks as much as I used to.

  33. if you want more than one viseart palette wait for their sales. they have them a few times a year and you will get 30-40% off but its got a high shipping threshold usually ($75 i think). I have been expanding my Viseart collection because i really like being able to easily move shadows between palettes and throwing in those "pop" shades. i have paris love letter and i like it/use it. its a good solid palette. i believe the petie pro and paris love letter are different size pans though...

  34. hmm.. now I'm interested again. All the swatches I've seen prior made it look much more chalky.... these look good though...

  35. this was a great color.. so sad its discontinued!

  36. Same, girl! I initially thought the Lucas Papaw ointment is the holy grail, then discovered Laneige and stuck to it for years, and then finally discovered and converted to Aquaphor.

  37. Ok but Lucas Papaw is magic!!!! I don't use it on lips but on sunburns its a freaking overnight miracle! We also use it on chapped skin and it really helps with a quick fix. Honestly never thought of using it on lips haha!

  38. I got the mint one on a huge discount earlier this year and decluttered it after wearing a handful of times. It looked so chalky and all the shimmers were just toppers that looked super similar on the lids. I was like great I can get like 2 looks out of this... should have listened to the reviews.. sigh..

  39. great declutter! planning my no buy year now and thats a great rule!!

  40. Okay but when it comes to powder products is it okay to still keep them longer than their expiration date? I’ve heard others say it’s okay to do since it’s not liquid, cream, etc.

  41. You can sanitize powders like eyeshadow with alcohol in a little spray bottle. If you use clean brushes/fingers, don't share your makeup, and sanitize from time to time eyeshadow palettes can be used until they get changes in consistency/smell/performance.

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