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  1. Only as a method for story. Wilderness travel if it needs a sense of tension will be food-water-exhaustion.

  2. Yes, mine usually do unless something gets them first.

  3. So the story is, they sex the birds, but this guy slipped through.

  4. Rubidium and Oculus works great for me. I use Sildur's shaders and they are just the besssst. You can toggle shaders on or off with the K key.

  5. which version of ATM 7 are you running. I am running 0.4.16 and Rubidium crashes with Exit Code 1, basically a java critical exception. Problem seems to be with several library mods in ATM7. Unfortunately those libraries are also critical for all the "big mods".

  6. I'm on 0.4.16 and haven't had any problems with crashes.

  7. Turns out I had some corrupt libraries. I manually downloaded the offending libraries from curseforge and replaced the ones in the mods folder. It started working. It is so nice having shaders back. Makes the whole experience so much nicer.

  8. Had a sweet guy like that once. Really easy to handle. A nice roo.. except he was rough on the ladies and harassed one he so badly she stopped eating and so.. unfortunately, he had to go. I do actually miss him.

  9. I love it too but my current favorite is the Faveroles.. my bearded ladies are fun. Extra toes too.

  10. Pretty much any class will work. Since they did away with the aging mechanic (stat-loss based on age), functional viability isn't changed with age, just story.

  11. My daughter is also 8 and started a family DnD game for them. Even included my 4 year old son.. who turns out to role play like a pro.. from a 4 year old perspective. While I have to soft-ball some descriptions of spells or events because my daughter is fairly sensitive to those things. It's been a great experience.

  12. Yeah my daughter in combat was like “grab anything you can grab and throw it” lol. I like how when her sword didn’t work she tried to grab another person and just throw them instead

  13. what a gorgeous comb he has. Would love to have a "good Roo". Gone through several.

  14. She is doing better and better. Her comb is now plump again so any blood/fluid loss is well past, so no dehydration risk anylonger.

  15. Yes, healing up. I guess it is getting itchy because she has to be held to keep her from trying to peck at her wound areas.

  16. always said they had the T_rex arms on backwards.. put em right way round and you've got a standard chicken body layout and shape. Our dinos love to dine on any MEAT they can. It's like that Lord of the Ring scene where meat was back on the menu....

  17. Portraits are so going away. It was a silly idea. I like Mr. Sword. He's got the right idea. On "Excalibur" too. Hehe..

  18. I loved our Giant. She was one BIG hen. Good, gentle attitude, totally not top of the pecking order despite double sizing the rest of the hens. She just dropped dead one day at about 2 years old. It was a sad loss. No sign of disease or injury. She was walking along with the rest and just fell over, stone dead.

  19. Where did you get them from?? I ordered mine from Meyers and they are scheduled to ship on the 18th. I’m getting impatient! 🤣

  20. Also from Meyers. Though we ordered last year. So it's been a long wait.

  21. so sweet 🥺 do you know what breeds you got?

  22. Kids and Chickens are a right proper way to grow up. I have a picture from when I was his age and myself, my brother, and our best friend at the time are standing there with a chicken under each arm. Chickens were GREAT growing up and I provide my children the same experience.

  23. I did that as a sprouts last year, it takes about half an hour queue, and it consist all of sprouts. It's really memorable, trying to learn together, really glad i decided to do it

  24. In my experiences in FFXIV, those random queues, where everyone either never done it before or can't recall it, were the most fun and rewarding to beat.

  25. AMD or NVIDIA? The UE4 engine is not properly implemented in this game. The post processing pipeline is janky. So AA tends to be just a blur. The fun thing is if you turn it off.. it also messes with the alpha channel and now alpha looks janky.

  26. I have a sapphie a well. She loves me and follows me all over. Will just sit with me. She is a dirty bird but likes to hang out.

  27. But the chickens already have arms. T-rex arms are just on "backwards". Once you put them on right they are right for being wings.. so.. yeah.. chickens have arms.. called wings.. I don't get this trend at all. Mine are Rexy enough without silly things.

  28. All our hens take turns in the box. If one moves to a new box, so will everyone else.. one giant pile of eggs. I don't get it. There are plenty of boxes, all equally comfortable.. but the Hens.. want THAT ONE BOX.... Except the Silkies.. they make ground nests.. Silkies are rebels.

  29. Our little ones love their chickens as well. The Silver Lace's face says it all.

  30. You gotta dom your Roo. Our roo needed to be reminded to do his job and keep the hens from wandering but he also got uppity with me so I grabbed him pinned him to the ground and treated him like hen. I do it reflexively several times a month to remind him his place in the pecking order. Doesn't cause any harm but you are treating him like a little Bi*ch. Pin them down with fingers in a V on the neck, no harm. Then rub the rump sides like you would a hen. Literal dominating by treating him like a hen. Causes no physical harm but sure beats him up emotionally.

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