1. Gill at home this season - 63 (36), 39 (31), 45 (34), 56 (34), 6 (7), 94* (51), 101 (58) , 129 (60) - 533 runs

  2. I guess the rain has finally stopped. Any lads from near the stadium could confirm their bits ?

  3. God damn. Ingad Pingad anna has just put up a prophecy. Beware GT

  4. Bhai vahi toh merko lagta tha MI hoga but RCB toh bhai alag hi level ke toxic fans paal rahi hai. Downvote honge bhai ye galat sub hai but bitter truth.

  5. Was off for an IMP exam and what's with these MI fans hating Hardik all of sudden. Genuinely curious.

  6. Imma a Hardik fan. Would you spare me and serve me some hot Idlis ?

  7. I am being downvoted coz this sub hates Hardik and might put the blame of global warming on him someday 😂. Abhinav played a fiery knock vs Mi and won the mom. But the sub has no memory of that. Although i wud prefer Hardik at 4 and Shankar at 3. However, main point being there is no place for Sai now.

  8. I want gill to score century today, just to see his celebration:)

  9. He knows the way. A little bow and a little smile on his aesthetic face

  10. Holy christ for the first time I'm hearing screams in GT's match

  11. Sigh…gonna have to support GT for the next match🙄

  12. Want to report a crime ? Huh ? You can if you wish to but Police has got better work to do so.....

  13. Come on dude. I've seen you hating Gujarat in every goddamn post. I mean STFU and the audacity for a Punjabi guy to talk about drugs is mind boggling lmao. I was on Cloud Nine when MI drank Arshdeep's tears. What a venageance! Keep your political bullshit outta this sub ffs.

  14. What I meant was the ones we've lost were held in Ahd. I framed it the wrong way.

  15. No one will leave the team for WTC or will Shubhman and Shami do ?

  16. Forget DC batters, heck even Lomror and Anuj Rawat were able to strike the ball....

  17. Less be honest. Lomror saved RCB's ass tonight. Beautiful knock by him.

  18. This game really opens up the 4th spot in the points table. Only a 1 win difference between 4th spot (RR) and 9th spot (DC). Things would become even more interesting if SRH beat RR tomorrow.

  19. It's the same thing we guys do. Hang around with a bunch of desis when abroad. IG

  20. Neet mein shift wift kuch nhi hota Yha ek din, ek time,ek pen se 23 lakh bacche paper denge

  21. Bhagwan kare last year jese bra checking ki thi vese meri jhang bhi check kare aur paper rukva du mai. Phir dusra paper mile jo ekdum pappu ho. jAI BHOLENATH

  22. I've seen it multiple times and still cracks me lmao. Pandu be like : " Tu samajh gaya na bas ? ".

  23. I thought he was going to war when I first read it

  24. Ok I understand now you meant they are competing among themselves. Apologies for my mistake.

  25. Japan shaped, Union Jack stealing, sheep fucking, kiwi loving, Steven Adams sucking, redneck raving, map missing, Australia wannabe.

  26. Any idea about how the city ranks in India

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