Woman trying to get her birth control at Walgreens, is told they won't fill it.

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  1. I've described my endometriosis as feeling like someone is trying to tear and pull out my insides with claws. I can't stand up straight or fuction really. It's not okay for anyone to go out with meds who need them.

  2. I’m not joking when I say Canada needs to start planning for an influx of refugees.

  3. Tell me you don’t understand our system without telling me you don’t understand our system.

  4. Yeah where do you shop? I can tell I would pay more than that in Seattle just looking at it lol.

  5. Yup. I was spending $70 to get less than half this stuff and that’s not even from PCC or MetMarket.

  6. That’s part of their point. Keep track of how many of them refer to abortion as “your get out of jail free card.”

  7. I have heard many think you can retransplant the embryo from fallopian to uterus. How and why they think 1) this is an actual thing and 2) that it’s less harmful or intrusive to the woman is…well (pardon me while I rage/cry) not shocking.

  8. Number 2 strikes me as something they do not care about and never have.

  9. “If you didn’t want a kid you should have worn a condom” I mean, what? So in the middle of raping someone are you going to stop and strap a condom on because she had the clarity of mind to explain to you that she doesn’t want kids right now?

  10. He actually unwittingly said the quiet part out loud: the entire thing is meant as a punishment.

  11. I left, it's cold and overpopulated and I miss it so much even though I hated it when I was there

  12. I think this is what it is to be a Seattleite. I was there a decade, hated every second, left and find I miss it and I don’t even know why.

  13. I was at Fridays demonstration for the early part and saw someone moving through the crowd and very quickly tagging things. I wanted to say something but I also don’t trust that someone who is willing to ignore social norms to do something like that won’t ignore other social norms and not be violent or aggressive towards me. I also don’t think they’d listen to reason. But I feel it delegitimizes the message, and makes a lot of people uncomfortable being part of demonstrations like this. I’m sorry your business was affected.

  14. The right thing to do here is grab those fuckers as a collective and collectively push them toward the cops.

  15. In Portland it's the opposite, you get sidelined if you suggest anyone else is doing it wrong.

  16. I think that depends on which crowd you’re attending the protests with, which is true from city to city. If ten or so of us are organized for it and on the lookout, we can toss that shit out wherever we see it.

  17. vvf says:

    I don't pay attention to that loser -- and sure, I've noticed. Your point?

  18. vvf says:

    Oh no! People with opposing viewpoints are talking to me! I'm forced to use reason and ethics to sort out my views! The horror!

  19. Every single fucking one of you that responds to me this way on here is responding to things I never said.

  20. Things are great, actually - other than when I'm on here, with you guys. Like I already said several times.

  21. ... again, as I said in my first reply: wut. You're "vaguely annoyed" because you got mad at something I never said and now I'm trying to correct it but you're not interested in reading it -

  22. Ah, you must just be misinterpreting the last line of the title, I didn't mean rescued as in the films were already underway, just that in the hands of Miramax they wouldn't have been nearly as good. No worries, just defending my honour

  23. They wouldn’t have actually existed under Miramax, though, is the thing. Plenty of films die at the script stage, and LOTR was absolutely intended to be one of them. Harvey owed PJ after the financing on King Kong fell through, so PJ picked and created initial plans for LOTR, but Harvey had no intentions of letting PJ actually make the films. He was simply jerking PJ and his team around for a while in a way that allowed him plausible deniability that he didn’t follow through on his contract with PJ. New Line put the entire wealth of their studio on the line in order to actually get the film made, and Miramax did little other than take half the profits. PJ shopped the two scripts around Hollywood while still under Miramax’s thumb, and if New Line hadn’t gambled everything, there would have been no film.

  24. Yes and I only had 300 characters to fit a quick sum up of all this so only the main wider points made the cut, no room for a full essay on the whole backstory. Having faith that the people know how to use Google if they want to know more. I'm not offended or anything, just don't like being called a liar or wrong when I'm not and wanted to clarify, peace!

  25. Not calling you a liar; saying the phrasing implies something that isn’t accurate. I’m also not saying you had to write all that; I’m saying that the person I replied to had to correct information that was now being misinterpreted in this post. Because they did have to.

  26. As long as you are in clean clothes and well groomed, makeup is not necessary.

  27. SLJ7 says:

    I am the award fairy. It has been done.

  28. I was impressed with the tiny changes in expression that mark his transitions in the elevator but was blown away the time he

  29. The lens choice transition is really cool there too - outie Mark has a rounder lens, innie Mark has a flatter one.

  30. They’re all great but I think Tramell Tillman as Milchick stands out as the best in the show. He manages to deliver a chilling sociopathy alongside some great comedic beats. The lines are great but his physicality is second to none. From the dancing to the poses when almost obsessively taking photos. The buttoned up short sleeve shirt was a great wardrobe choice I think, it advertises zero personality.

  31. I started rewatching from episode one and I adore his micro expressions. Just a little curl of the lip here, lowered eyelids there, and he feels so menacing and just … off. He’s doing fantastic work.

  32. In my eyes, indisposed In disguises no one knows

  33. You should read his nonfiction book "On Writing." He goes into great detail about his accident. He was walking and was hit by a drunk driver at speed, and he got fucked up really badly.

  34. Dude definitely should have died. He worked through it in his fiction for a long time afterwards for a reason.

  35. That side definitely exists too, completely agreed. Less destructive and more just depressing. I burned our on film a while ago now but I don’t miss that piece of it either (or the grandfatherly lectures from said production company owners). Blerg.

  36. That's... a much more horrifying take on incel culture than I ever could have imagined.

  37. This is the best expression of it that I’ve seen. Especially the idea that they take fragments of the truth and decide they have the whole picture, but just as much the observation that MRAs are nearly always repeating abuse they’ve suffered.

  38. Cobel put the baby there on purpose for sure, she wanted mark to see the picture of Gemma. Her motivations are so confusing

  39. They really are. I have a hard time really pegging where she stands, and Patricia Arquette keeps her face so still all the time. It’s hard to tell what she’s thinking more often than not.

  40. Yup. I’d imagine they’re basically planning to use the severance tech for immortality.

  41. Get comfortable with your awkwardness. Foist it upon those who make you uncomfortable. Make them sit with your silence and strangeness till they break. Use it as a weird, disarming weapon.

  42. Yeah, I'm totally a shitty person for the people in your life who were terrible being the same gender and orientation as me, right? Way to generalize and and be an overall shitty person as well.

  43. Hi, dude who thinks wet t shirt contests are cheating and yet doesn't appear to be around all that many actual real-life women.

  44. " I know that there are endless Reddit theories, and some people guessed that. "

  45. *points two fingers at my eyes and then at the showrunners and then back at my eyes*

  46. I am so sorry you went through that <3 And I am so glad you're in a much better space now.

  47. Absolutely stellar choices there, yeah. The framing of those hallways are ominous AF and the constant use of mirror imagery and intercutting are brilliant.

  48. Still have the biggest crush on Adam Scott. There's just something about him.

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