1. The people who go now either like the drive or tolerate the drive. Folks that want to go but can't tolerate driving that long will soon have the same opportunity to go. Some of the folks that merely tolerate the drive will have the option to use the train to make it up.

  2. Not to mention how expensive the train is. For an upcoming trip it was $25 difference between a round trip train and a round trip flight

  3. I can only hope a train to TC would encourage less people to drive and decrease the traffic there, but I’m not optimistic

  4. I support this 100% but realistically unless you're planning on staying right around downtown Traverse your whole trip I don't see how you can not have a car. Every time I go there I'm driving a ton to get to places like sleeping bear dunes, old mission peninsula, etc.

  5. Not getting the game, nailor getting anything done?

  6. We all should have known that Lions going 4-0 in the preseason was not right

  7. Can we call him "former Patriots defensive coordinator" instead?

  8. That’s a 69.696969% return on investment kid. Wish I was joking…

  9. He says funny things but is he a good coach?

  10. I know people like to completely scapegoat Lynn for all of our problems offensively last year, but he did take over a roster with great turnover. Including at the most important position. Would only make sense that we got better as the season went on as rookies got better and everybody adjusted. Lynn also installed and Campbell continued to use his run game concepts.

  11. Yeah he definitely wasn't the only thing holding us back last year he was just a big part of it. To your point, as much as I love MCDC he was a horrible coach the first game he took over, I think thanksgiving.

  12. I don't think there's any cheaper, legal way to get it than Sling

  13. Yeah, you never get too excited with camp reports but it’s been nearly unanimous how much of a standout he’s been. Excited to see him. He and Penny is a nasty pairing for the 6 healthy games Penny will have.

  14. If you watched him in college you just know how good he's gonna be

  15. Take at least two guys to fuck an ostrich. Allegedly

  16. ♫ We're going to steak night. We're going to eat it right. Steak is such a treat. It is the world's best meat! ♫

  17. Minneapolis Miracle and of course..... Gary Anderson missing the NFC Championship Field Goal

  18. It pronounced, “colonel”, and it’s the highest rank in the military.


  20. It wouldn't be the same but I'd probably switch to the Bills. Lake Erie bros

  21. No no no, Rudy isn't trying to kill himself he just likes to jump I guess

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