1. Those are some damn nice photos! Did you take them yourself or did you hire someone? I'm surprised the review count is so low when the images are great!

  2. For your first order with a supplier, paying upfront a portion and then another portion on shipment is pretty standard, for me at least.

  3. When I was 8 I inherited my dad’s Commodore 64, when he upgraded to a fancy IBM clone by a company called Leading Edge. Unfortunately, the 5-1/4” floppy drive on my C64 was broken, so I could only play the games that came on cartridges, like Lode Runner and Pole Position.

  4. Bank transfer is pretty standard. Finding your own shipping agent/customs agent can also be standard, it depends on the stated terms on the deal. Ex works(EXW) or free carrier (FCA) can lead to you finding your own people.

  5. I like the beige, never thought about it till now. Also love your minis.

  6. Oh I know all about GW's IP protection gatekeeping. I really don't think my FLGS cares. I've mentioned using proxy historical and fantasy halfling models for my CoS army and they didn't wince. But 100% of my games have been with friends at one of our homes, so that. Also I'm trying to get my wife to play with me so I dont have to go anywhere or invite anyone over to play, hahaha

  7. Check resin warfare they have a lineup of proxy's for everything I think. Cheap way to get the wife in

  8. I think they do both. The dude who runs it is super responsive in discord.

  9. Wound characteristic is the number on the warscroll, so you roll 1 dice. If instead casted on a gargant, for example, you roll like 40.

  10. I can only think zombies with like a kritzka to be safe. Put kritzka in combat, let the dragon do its thing, then pile in the zombies and fish for 6's?

  11. When you create your shipment to Amazon in the fba "send/replenish" option dropdown of your inventory it will give you the address of where Amazon wants your stuff to go.

  12. You can schedule an LTL load with a lift gate. And they have never gone to the closest warehouse in my experience

  13. The 1st one is good but I'm not a fan of the first gen CnCs, you can get it remastered along with a remaster of Tiberian Dawn on steam.

  14. Need more info. What are you selling? Restricted category? Product needing permission?


  16. In 1000 pts I'd say arkhan is a little unbalanced.

  17. He's good at max, he falls off though if you put some wounds in him. And he's a monster who gives you extra points.

  18. Ummm. They are a surprisingly straightforward army.

  19. Oh ! I’m eyeing the Battleforce, but a lot of YouTuber and online articles are saying that oassiarchs are not a good beginner friendly army, in part due to their mechanics which make learning the game a bit more complex.

  20. They have a slightly different flavor of a standard game mechanic.

  21. I’m in the market for a new HVAC, what would you recommend as a top brand? Currently using a 20 year old Goodman, it’s about time.

  22. I had to screw a piece of wood into the windowsill in order to get the bracket installed; I installed two, first one took me a few hours, second one less than 30 minutes. I live in a pre war condo in the city so not exactly your typical install.

  23. Had to do this too. My windows are also tiny and shitty so it took a while to fit in.

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