1. Put them on, take photos, sell used online, profit, repeat.

  2. They’re awful tho. No one would want those pictures 😂😂

  3. Hot! Tell me where I can get this set?!

  4. She’s going to post a comparison next week

  5. Probably was not significant enough for a pic till now

  6. Same. I’d swipe for that. There are always dishes to do.

  7. I usually look at their profile a little longer but a super like doesn’t come with any obligation on your part.

  8. Im a big girl and i like guys I perceive to be solid but big guys very rarely match with me :(

  9. Im a girl and sometimes if I have to pee while I’m sleeping, my brain will translate that sensation into penis-having. And then dream self goes around sticking it in everything and everyone around. So I guess I imagine sex for guys as a sensation similar to having to pee pretty badly.

  10. I have mirena and recently got my first one replaced. The first time I cramped for 3 months and was miserable, plus had the heaviest periods of my life for 6 months. After that it was great tho. The second time was a smoother process. I haven’t had kids so they had to give me a cervix softener both times and that sucked for a couple days, but otherwise I have no periods now and PCOS symptoms are virtually gone! My younger sister got an IUD as well and had zero problems at all, but she still had a period.

  11. It should be relatively clean after a wax- but if you’re talking about legs most likely there will still be pricklies. A good waxer will follow up in smaller spaces with tweezers.

  12. Chicken tetrazzini, chicken and dumplings, lasagna, etc. These require few ingredients, the meat used is at your discretion and adding a simple salad or bread makes it a whole meal. I put three chicken breasts in the crockpot and then assembled two entire chicken tetrazzini casseroles with 2 cups of cheese, two cans of cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soup each and just regular ole noodles and it fed my 6 siblings and my parents with an entire casserole leftover.

  13. You should bring it up since it bothers you.

  14. He got a total of 11K votes in the primary. He is no longer a candidate.

  15. Lions probably have a tougher time killing cockroaches than humans. There made it make sense

  16. It’s because they don’t have shoes with sturdy soles

  17. I’m surprised a Christian school let you have long hair

  18. I certainly didn’t vote for her and instead voted for Maness who actually has the necessary credentials.

  19. Hi I know this is a weird place to ask but how does one vote for this?

  20. Vote on Tuesday at your local polling station. If you’re registered to vote, you only need your license. Find your local poll here

  21. Don’t give me what I want until I’m desperately begging for it

  22. I own some very expensive lipsticks. I have a lipstick from Chanel. It did not cost $79. Where the fuck is Lana buying her lipsticks that they’re $79

  23. I think I read somewhere that it’s just mustard seed

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