1. Just finished student teaching (high school) and had a great relationship with my cooperating teacher. She was very transparent with me about everything. Had a few kids complain to her that I was mean, and other kids complain that I wasn’t mean/strict enough.😂 Teenagers are a tough crowd. It’s the students that I had good relationships with that made it all worth it.

  2. Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson?

  3. I was in the arts LLC my freshman year and I loved Collins Hall! I had a bit of a walk to each of my classes, but I didn’t mind too much, and also you can ride the buses for free with your student ID. :)

  4. One night I had a dream that my sister (who was pregnant in real life) was sitting on our kitchen counter sobbing and crying out that her baby had died. I woke up very disturbed in the morning because the dream had been so vivid and emotionally intense, but after a while I brushed it off as it was only a dream. Later that day, in real life, my sister actually found out that her baby died in her womb and she had to go through an induced stillbirth.

  5. My hamster does that too. I give him a huge space to run around in and he’ll just find something to hide under and be lazy😂

  6. Aw my hamster’s name is Bean too! I usually call him Little Bean though. :)

  7. Nope. You cannot be deactivated from a low acceptance rate. Mine has been around 30% for weeks.

  8. You shouldn’t worry because you probably haven’t hit 100 ratings yet. Even though you have 127 deliveries, the majority of customers don’t rate, and the ones that do usually only rate when they aren’t happy with the delivery (it’s a flawed system). I really wouldn’t worry about it too much because it doesn’t really matter until you hit 100 ratings. But if you want to boost your rating then try a quick little text to the customer at the end of each delivery like “Hello, this is your DoorDasher. If you were satisfied with your delivery, a 5-star rating in the app would really help me out! Thank you, and enjoy your meal!” It has worked for me before.

  9. I got the same message a few minutes ago

  10. $2, not a lot but appropriate for the order and very much appreciated

  11. The app doesn’t have to be open for you to get orders so I just do other things on my phone while I’m waiting (make sure you keep the app running in the background though)

  12. I did the same thing when I first started out! Didn’t even think to pick up utensils bc a lot of restaurants put them in the bag themselves. Now I do it every time and haven’t had a bad rating in a while.

  13. Hate cash tips, it's annoying to have so many small bills, it's more convenient in app so why wouldn't we prefer in app?

  14. Because you literally make more money with cash tips. Doordash pays you less if you get a bigger tip, so whether or not the customer tips you in the app, you’re still making the same amount for that order. When a customer tips you in cash, the app doesn’t know what you were tipped (if at all) so you will make the guaranteed amount PLUS the tip.

  15. The same thing just happened to me. Same time too. Was supposed to dash until 2pm but it kicked me off at like 1:05 and I couldn’t get back on. Maybe a glitch?

  16. ohhh chipotle. once went in to pick up two orders, it was packed. waited about 5 min until I overheard an employee say “yeah... we’ve got about 40 online orders in our system right now.” lol I immediately unassigned both of the orders and left.

  17. Once I was having trouble finding the right building to deliver to and a support call came in while I was on the phone with the customer, so I declined the support call. I eventually found the building, completed the delivery, received no further calls and nothing happened.

  18. I’ve only been with postmates for a week and I’ve been having this issue in my area as well. Sometimes I have to wait 1-2 hours for an order to come in. Most likely oversaturated.

  19. LMAO. what do you even do in a situation like that😂😂 did you just cancel the delivery?

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