1. Calling hardworking devs lazy is wrong but there is no other way to describe recoil nerfs; lazy. The day the balance team realizes they should buff weaker operators is the day Siege will start to be great again.

  2. Well it's real in the sense that it was used as the Reichskrone, but it was actually a replica of the original that was commissioned somewhere between the 17-19th century based on the original one

  3. my source is “The Holy Roman Empire” by Peter H Wilson (2016) - i was told it has this exact picture with the caption detailing it was a copy for Wilhelm II made in 1912, but I'm kind of working on second hand information here, so it could be wrong

  4. Can’t be a real cartoon criminal, there’s a distinct lack of anvils and I don’t see the Acme logo anywhere.

  5. Search gay porn on Google, won't be her I promise..

  6. Egyptian pharo used to cover slaves in honey and use them as a fly trap for mosquitoes and other insects to stop them from going after him.

  7. Alright for context the USS Barb was about to begin its attack on a japanese vessel however when the commander of the Barb, Eugene Fluckey, raised the periscope he saw that his view was completely obstructed causing a bit of a panic. He brought the periscope down then up again a few times as he thought it was some sort of debris on it. He eventually realized that it was in fact a bird which was landing on the periscope everytime it was brought up. Fortunately Gato class subs had two periscopes so he had the second one raised first as a perch for the bird so he could actually use his primary scope with out the avian saboteur blocking his view. He also got a quick picture of the bird which is what the picture on the right is.

  8. Who would want to steal that piece of junk?

  9. Yeah well i thought maybe i’d milk it for another round, was out of ideas this morning

  10. Oh don't think I was criticizing you tho! I mean you're posting something original and OC, you should indeed milk it as much as you can

  11. Well, yeah, but it was to show the absurd of statement. And, it should be read by people who know what it is, and are prepared.

  12. Neo-Nazi can already read Mein Kampf (and other racist writings) online. Refusing to sell it in stores only prevents knowledge on the atrocities from the 3rd Reich to be widely known.

  13. No, atrocities are still talked about. It is about his ideas.

  14. This memes on french literature are great, keep it up. If I have any ideas I'll tell you. I think Les Miserables, being as long as it is, is memeable more than once.

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