1. This is very unfortunate that I thought about dick before pussy

  2. My mom, my dad and that one friend that sends me memes about failture of industrial socitery

  3. Think there might be a plothole since you went for Victoria, since the Hindenburg crash event says that the entire royal family was killed except for Victoria, yet this event would counteract that.

  4. Well romania is also ruled by hohenzollerns during that time so the event probably means a litteral family instead of a whole royal house

  5. Wandering around for food in abandoned places and threatening people to give their things to them is compleatly different

  6. They are not citizen they are refugees that crossed border illegally

  7. Cidden delirmiş olabilir şaka biryana umarım birşeyim yok falan dedi diye kendi haline bırakmamışlardır

  8. I see a leader that is full of hatred, vengeance, and pent up rage. I see a man desperate to cling on to any bit of power he has and can grab. I see a man that seemingly failed his country’s emergency response.

  9. Nah it is more like arrogance and vainglory. Since he is a man with no good cause and sense of loyality to his country he has nothing to hate. Hating rival politicans and opposing citizens and simply just having need to silance them is not same. Somewhone who is loyal to his cause(good of his country for example) would hate his opposite as he sees as a therate to his cause but since erdoğans only goal is to fill his pockets and consolidate his authority he has no reason to feel hatred and vengeance

  10. I dont like going nationalist because gameplay force you to nationalism=ultraconversative mindset

  11. My city didnt got effected but we felt it shake. I was in my bad first I thought I was shaking on my own without noticing I thought like "damn I am so fat" then I relaised it wasnt me shaking but a second eartquake

  12. Real borders of glorius serbia 🙏🙏🙏☦☦☦🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾

  13. Not good guys but I would say letting essad win is best amongst worst right now. I dont know much about civil wars history but as I see rebbel groups in general lost ther track and remaining rebbels are jusy a bunch of islamist and rojava works with pkk. Best ending would be essad family learning some lessons from years of civil war and implementing necessary reforms

  14. US and Turkey.. what’s their business there? Supporting terrorist and getting cheap oil.

  15. As you can se turkey have a long border with rojava and rojave cooperates with pkk a marksist maoist terrorist organization that killed many people in turkey. But to be honest I cant argue about fighting with essad government it doesnt make sense to me at this point

  16. Same thing exist for brittany in vanilla game you just need to have any second ducky

  17. Yazık olay yerine gidicekler heryerde kendileri gibi yabancı ekipler ama türkiyenin kendi ekipleri görünürde yok

  18. Yeah lol when I first sent him to that school I thought it was just a private school that you can get your son in as long as you pay its price. I was so confused it got exposed

  19. End his suffering he will probably die in a month

  20. Tam istediğim gizli AKtroll yaklaşımı. Tebrik ederim bu cümlelerinin özü zaten AKP tarafından dile getirilmişti ve sizde aynı algı ile yola devam eden sosyal medyanın Aktrol teşkilatının bir üyesi olarak sizi alkışlıyorum. Sizi algıcı akp liler sizi.

  21. He amk işine gelmeyince akplı zaten tam akp yaşalıların zihniyeti seninkide ittifaktaki 6 partiden 2 ikisi tayyip kendilerine kemik atmıyor diye ağlaıp ayrılanlardan oluşuyor saadet zaten özünde akpden daha radikal tayyibin fikir ayrılıgından dolayı ayrıldığı parti sadece sesi çıkmıyor sende bana akplı diyorsun. İlderde istanbul sozleşmesine geri girilmeye çalışılınca yada eşcinsellere ayrımcılığa karşı birşeyler yapılmak istenince hükümetteki partilerın yarısı karşı çıkıcada laf edenlere akpli diye iftira atarsın

  22. AKP lisin la olm tatava yapma. Muhalif maskesi takmış çakallarsınız. Alayınızın kullandığınız cümle yapıları AKP li trollerle aynı yapıda, kime ne caka satıyorsunuz çakallar sürüsü.

  23. This is why erdogan taxes alchol so much. We are already so racist and homophobic imagine how it would be if they gave us alchol💪💪💪💪🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺

  24. Sistemin saçmalığına bak veto etme hakkımızı kullanıyoruz niye kullandınız diye kızıyolar

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