Changes I've Made That Have Actually Changed My Life

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  1. I LOVE the ordinary’s rosehip oil, it changed my life too!!!! I’m already on my second bottle. In the day i use a few drops and it makes my makeup sit perfectly. I mix it with my moisturiser at night, and i wake up with plump skin. It’s been a little over a year since i started using this, and the results have been noticeable - my t-zone used to be really bumpy and i was close to giving up on it. Now it’s SO smooth. All types of foundation used to flake/pill on me, now i never have that problem, my skin always looks plump and hydrated and dewy!!

  2. Luxury skincare is largely more about the experience than the ingredients/results... nothing wrong with loving the luxe packaging and scents that these brands offer, but thinking that spending more $$$ on products will magically impact your skin is a fallacy. You're so much better off buying simple, cost-effective products with proven ingredients, and saving leftover money for clinical procedures (laser, botox, etc) than splurging on a Chanel/La Mer/etc night cream and expecting the same results. Especially since skincare products are more frequently repurchased than almost any other things in my beauty routine.

  3. Omg i totally agree with you on the MARKETING. I used to buy all types of expensive skincare products that had extensive marketing campaigns, but these products had sooo many different ingredients mixed together that it never really did anything!! Now that i know my skin better and what ingredients work, i just stick to tret, vitamin c, niacinamide, a simple moisturiser and rosehip oil. I feel so disgusted now when i see extremely marked up prices for mediocre products. You can just tell that most of the cost goes towards the marketing teams for their “genius” campaigns ugh rant over lol

  4. I know people want to meet in real life but when you do online dating its just easier. If you want a relationship add that to your profile and anyone who swipes on you you know is interested

  5. Idk why you were downvoted - this is actually really effective advice. Irl i come off as unapproachable or unfriendly (my friends told me this in a constructive way) so for years i’ve only dated and started relationships using dating apps. The initial meetup may be stressful but if you use the right apps and avoid any fbois, there’s actually a decent chance of meeting someone great who’s looking for the same thing you are!

  6. Lmao immediately knew which post was the sauce, what a dumb display of disposable income and waste. I expect they wont even be used up before expiry

  7. I've always been afraid of blush because my face gets red so easily, but I bought a red blush (it was on sale lol) and I love it?? I look like a valentine card haha

  8. Same i usually go for muted understated tones but recently i tried a bright coral and it looks amazing i swear you cant go wrong with blush

  9. Love how excited you sound about blush and lips, i’n the same!! Saving some helpful tips from this post, thank you!

  10. I can’t believe he ever tried to launch his own podcast called Jed Talks

  11. My lazy girl routine - ever since i saw

  12. I know there are loads of people asking for DMs but i would love to see it as well if you dont mind!! Asian too and flying to korea alone next year for mine. Your rhino sounds like what my surgeon recommended for me (bulbous tip and alar reduction). Thanks so much for sharing your experience!!

  13. Unfortunately the tip for feeling “better/hotter” as a person and overhauling one’s life/self image is to figure stuff out internally, as you’ll also see from the other comments.

  14. Yea i agree, there are lots of incredible tips i’ve adopted from those subs that have helped me look objectively ‘hotter’, but it’s definitely NOT a healthy sub for young girls, especially teenage girls who are going through that very normal stage of teenage insecurity. I wouldn’t say the users are mentally ill though. Personally, I’m very jaded and have accepted that objective beauty and pretty privilege can improve your life depending on what your goals are, no matter how immoral and unfeminist that sounds. So i’m thankful that those subs share objective tips without resorting to the usual “oh i’m sure you’re beautiful as you are” narrative.

  15. Tretinoin - just started tret but this is the most important to me right now and for the foreseeable future. Skincare products (especially AB skincare) are usually extremely mild (not that it’s always a bad thing) and personally, i want noticeable results. Mild and gentle products are great for those with already perfect skin looking to maintain it, or people with sensitive skin. That’s great, but i want clear, scientifically backed, significant RESULTS. Nothing has ever done that the way tret does. I can really see myself using tret for the rest of my life lmao.

  16. I look very different (in a bad way) when i smile :/ it sucks. And this is not coming from me, several friends/exes pointed it out to me lol. It made me consult with a plastic surgeon. Most other people look more beautiful when they smile though.

  17. Yeah I know what you mean. Often when we express things like “my smile is ugly” or whatever it may be, people have a knee-jerk reaction to dismiss what you’re experiencing. They say it’s only in your head.

  18. Yea i can totally relate, it really sucks especially once other people point it out!! Sometimes it just can’t be helped, we have probably been doing these facial expressions since we were young and never felt a need to correct it.

  19. I was busy the whole weekend and only have about 10 hours left for this weekend event. What would you say is the most important thing i should prioritise? I am more of a pve player, casual pvp. Thank you so much!!

  20. TM away Frustration from any shadows you've been saving. Do this first before evolving any shadow starters.


  22. B.lab Matcha Hydrating Foam Cleanser is one of my favorites, and you don't need to use much. Been one of my HGs for a while. I'm going to try Krave's Matcha Hemp Cleanser soon too, and I've seen plenty of people rave about that cleanser as well

  23. Seconded!!! It’s so affordable too. Has a light and lovely matcha scent, foams so well, skin doesn’t feel stripped. Really nothing else i need from a cleanser!

  24. Keira literally has my body type and she’s my hero for rocking low cut outfits and not allowing magazines to photoshop her boobs to look bigger!!

  25. Im still new to this sub and find that so many people here are rude and mean for no reason… ignore them, i appreciate you for sharing your experience as a NZ beta tester!! Even in my country there were conflicting experiences, i blame niantic servers

  26. Singapore here, i didn't experience those issues, but i updated my app before it started. But idk, seems like the server is acting weird in asia (japan, taiwan)

  27. I don't think it was literally Papyrus.. maybe it was the starting point but they clearly modified it.

  28. Well whatever they did, it WASN’T ENOUGH

  29. I might just order the retinal eye cream!!! Asian beauty products so far have been releasing retinol products with negligible concentrations of retinol iirc, so none have really piqued my interest since i will never notice a difference with a low concentration anyway. Did they specify the concentration of retinal in this product?

  30. Southeast asian chinese here too. Idk what videos you’re watching, but rarely do western contour tutorials flatter our features imo. Like someone else suggested, chinese bloggers have decent makeup tutorials that include contouring tricks. Check platforms like xiaohongshu, or douyin? I’m not too sure as i don’t contour at all, but i’ve seen youtubers like

  31. It’s normal because of the squalene oil! I used the 1% retinol for a year and when i did it would be the last step of my skincare. Oil is an occlusive anyway so it would fit in the last step of your skincare routine.

  32. Thank you! Well it's good timing because I'm running out of night moisturiser...

  33. I think the 1% is great! There was a noticeable improvement when i switched to 1% from the 0.2%. Since then i’ve moved on to tret and haven’t had any purging i think because my skin was already used to the strong 1% retinol.

  34. I would like to see the odds of finding the “catch 40 or 25” research tasks so you can do the “advanced collection” challenges without having to burn through raid passes.

  35. Event has started for me, i’ve spun about 90 pokestops so far and only found 2 of the catch 40 tasks. I hope it’s just my bad luck and that others are finding more of them!

  36. What about the catch 25? I already have a shiny snorlax so I’m more interested in the XL/shiny chance because I’m missing charizard and blastoise still.

  37. I don’t remember exactly bc i was deleting those as i walked but i think about 3 or 4

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