1. E7. I have a riser right now for keyboard and mouse, would love a standing desk.

  2. I purchased the FR4 plate with my R1 and certain switches just would not slot into the plate. I had to apply so much force that I thought I would damage the hotswap sockets. I don’t know if others had this issue or if it was just the plate I received. I didn’t bother trying different foam configurations since the plate, combined with the short JST cable, gave a pretty horrible first-time build experience.

  3. I had aluminum plate and same issue, and on KFA discord other ppl reported they also had issues with the plate.

  4. Third imgur link up from the bottom, pic says it's compatible.

  5. I just got hired at a LMC competitor/supplier recently. Not sure how similar their hiring policy is, but I got a call within 2 days and whole interview process took 2 weeks. From initial call to hire was about a month.

  6. I applied for an HR internship on Nov. 10th, be honest, is it tough to get hired? I haven't heard back yet but I doubt they'll want me ,I'm only 19.

  7. There are usually a large pool of applicants for internships, just keep applying to different places.

  8. DLSS 3 seems interesting, hopefully it comes down the stack so more ppl can try it.

  9. Hello fellow psych major, there is hope. I also graduated in 2018, ended up doing the $16.5/hr job with teeny increases that landed me at $20 after 3.5 yrs. I got a couple certificates during that time and just jumped ship for double the salary and way better benefits. For reference I work in supply chain and started in customer service, now a logistics analyst.

  10. If you don’t mind sharing what certificates did you get ? And aside from pay what made you realize that was the path you wanted to pursue ?

  11. I got CSCP and Google Data analytics certificate. I just like the variety of the work, always new problems and it's satisfying to solve them. It's also high impact and I do get recognized for good work.

  12. I have a very similar resume, also started as inventory specialist in 2018 and I just started as a logistics analyst job last week. I think if you are only focusing on the time where your title is an analyst you may be more "junior" in that sense, but you can also talk about applying data analysis skills in other previous jobs. And I also find that responsibility of analysts differ from company to company so it could just be a mismatch between what they want and what you have to offer.

  13. I just had a Logistic Analyst Interview 2 weeks ago! They were the ones that told me that they might want to go with someone more senior. But the recruiter said that they really liked me and want to see if they can bring me on at a lower level and develop in the company. But they also haven't been answering my emails. I will send a follow-up tomorrow or maybe Friday.

  14. CSCP probably a good next step for you to substitute for experience, and by the time you are done you should be around the 2 year mark. For reference I have CSCP and Google Data Analytics certificates.

  15. Season 4 reloaded update unlocked all vanguard weapons

  16. Pick something like douglas, unfair bear, abelio, riley, tesarion, haegang.

  17. I'm just bored, it feels like a chore to run dungeons all day just to get 1 or 2 usable rune. Granted I'm late game and not very pvp focused.

  18. Employer and recruiters can reach out to you through indeed. Between Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn I find LinkedIn have the most job postings.

  19. Currently interviewing for jobs as well, I just tell them upfront I'm also interviewing for other companies and let it be known they are not my only option. They should give you a deadline on what date the offer expires and you can also push back your start date to see what offers come in before then. And even if you already started you could just cite something like culture fitness and bail. And to be honest yes it doesn't look good to backtrack but like you mentioned companies could also rescind your offer so it's fair game.

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