1. No, that’s untrue. The beauty industry as a whole has progressed very much (especially over the last few years) to be extremely aware of inclusivity.

  2. Hello beautiful how are you how was your night how are you feeling what are you doing now I'm still lying in bed drinking coffee and thinking how to spend Sunday here 🥰♥️♥️♥️

  3. I’m glad you are enjoying yourself, but I do not do chatting online. Sorry! I hope you have a fabulous Sunday!

  4. hi baybewhat is meant to be will be, it is inevitable 😘🤗🌹

  5. Once again thank you for this lovely, well written review. I know when I see your username I can trust your opinions and ratings!

  6. Aw thank you! That means a lot. I don’t work for any of these companies— never will. I am very firm in that my opinion cannot be bought or swayed, and that brands are NOT my ‘friends’. I’ve got nothing to gain from spouting BS… I legitimately don’t care about money gains nor PR, so what’s left lol?

  7. Wonderful review. This is going to make me enjoy the products more.

  8. Really appreciate your review. I have two of her other paletes and think they're pretty good, so very disappointing to hear that the non-mattes in this palette are not good at all. Once again you created a beautiful look regardless of the inconsistency.

  9. Thank you!! Oh I know— it made me sad, honestly. I was legit so excited and got more and more disappointed as time went on. :-(

  10. Thanks for another detailed rating. I enjoy reading your all encompassing reviews.

  11. I was on the fence about this a while back! Now I think I’ll actually go buy it. 🙌

  12. Omg, you will LOVE it!! I cannot put it away… it makes me so happy!!!! :-)

  13. In my experience it really just depends on the brush. I don’t think I’ve ever completed an eyeshadow look with a single brush or color.

  14. I definitely know what you mean!! There’re pros to each type (and most-definitely some cons!)

  15. Excellent way to describe the differences between the two types of brushes. I only have a few natural hair brushes and I covet them.

  16. Truly phenomenal - appreciate all the thought and care that went into getting all the details

  17. I can't tell you how much I loved and enjoyed this post, wow. Thanks for sharing. Sad I need to wait another month for the next one!

  18. I haven't read Stephen King in soooo long. He was the first writer that I can recall being on the edge of my seat waiting for his next book. His later works didn't thrill me, so I went on to Michael Crichton and Dean Koontz. So glad to see that King has a winner. I'll have to pick this up. Thanks so much for the review!

  19. You and Peachy look great. Amazing that the Revlon - Photoready Airbrush Effect Makeup looks so great even without a primer. I must try! Can't wait for your end of month report.

  20. Oh thank you for this, Loreal Telescoping mascara is my holy grail, mainly due to the brush so I WAS curious about this new one. Thank you ❤

  21. $15 for a drugstore mascara doesn’t feel “affordable” ugh. Is J* that far from reality? I’d rather spend a few more dollars and buy a Sephora Favorites mascara set with a full-size mascara certificate. Not to mention that a lot of high-end mascaras go on sale regularly for 50% off.

  22. You are SO right. Just because it’s ‘drugstore’ doesn’t automatically make it ‘affordable’, and that’s where these influencers lose their relatability AND credibility.

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