1. Nurses need to strike and demand an immediate 20% across the board pay increase for all hospital workers retroactive to Jan 1 2021. Yes, doctors are the face of healthcare, but as a group, physicians are worried about the optics of striking on behalf of all healthcare workers because of their relatively high pay rates (though BC physicians are not paid a competitive salary either).

  2. I have a semi-auto Remmington Woodsmaster 742 chambered in .30-06. It uses a 4 cartridge magazine. My understanding from reading is that this gun will not be banned?

  3. Does Chris have any kids of his own?..........I don't think it's fair to say someone is a better father figure when he's never had to be a full-time father....That being said, I do like Chris as a person.

  4. The bible clearly says life begins at birth.

  5. Sounds like a whole bunch of nothing. I swear these boomers and gen xrs are cancerous leaches.

  6. I might be a rare breed of Christian, but there is no need for a nativity scene to be displayed at city hall.

  7. I was in the same position as you this time last year and can totally understand where you are coming from.

  8. Also, if people come caroling and are asked to leave they should leave….not start singing.

  9. It’s been 60 for a number of years and depending on the time of day and the conditions, you can easily go 80 with no problem.

  10. When did it go down to 50? For as long as I can remember it has been 60.

  11. Accepting how I now look and that it will take awhile before I can accept my new normal with the shorter hair and my wonky looking breasts even though I’m now cancer free.

  12. I have lived in Abbotsford my entire life, except for the 2 years that I lived in Brazil as a preschooler, and it’s a very safe place to live. The fmr cop has a very skewed perspective of Abbotsford. We do have issues but they are very minor compared with places like Surrey or Vancouver.

  13. This fellow autistic is going to assume from your username that you are a Millennial - in which case you didn't know the world before parents and children started taking up so much more space, and parents actually disciplined their spawn.

  14. I am. Born in early 1980; most of my childhood was spent in the 80’s and my teen years were in the mid to late nineties. I remember 9/11 very vividly, as I was 21 at the time.

  15. I don't mind kids 50% of the time, but yeah, just having times and spaces that are child free would be great both sensory wise (screaming children are great for my sensory issues) and just to have a relaxing space where tiny, chaotic, loud humans aren't.

  16. I also have sensory issues and most of the time I don’t mind them, but I need to have spaces where I can’t hear them.

  17. Are you from Alberty ? There are people from Vancouver in these tents, even some from your vaunted West Vancouver; it's not where in Canada they come from it is what they do when they get here. What if you said ,

  18. You realize that most of the conversations on the show are basically made up, right?

  19. Benadryl makes me feel very tired. I slept through my first session with Benadryl by IV and by my last one with Benadryl, my body was used to. They have to give you the Benadryl before the Taxol; no way around it.

  20. retired CF here. Not buying what he's selling. I'm still in touch with at least 100 of my old unit and can say with confidence that CF personnel are big fans of alt-right ideology for the most part. Not that I'm saying something that hasn't already been known for a very long time by anyone with even a little contact

  21. Thank you. After all that they’re trying to nail me for $5k damage including a carpet that was there when I moved in 2010, a COBWEB, dust on the shower head, foundation settling cracks, and the Mickey Mouse paint job I moved in with. My family is tired of me obsessing over losing my home and the housing crisis. I just want a secure home I can be an independent person in.

  22. You need to report her or find some way of getting her off your back

  23. Getting specific aid in the disability world sucks. Yes it’s better than nothing and yes beggars can’t be choosers, but you literally need someone with experience and knowledge to navigate you through the system. This is one other way people fall through the cracks and end up self medicating their mental health issues on the streets. It’s like trying to navigate through the underworld trials of the Ancient Egyptian mythos, if the Book of the Dead is any indication. There are countless checkpoints where you need to know what to say with all the buzzwords and how to navigate obstacles.Thankfully though once again my family is there and they helped me get some help with TRAC

  24. I completely understand that it’s difficult with disability because I’m on it as well.

  25. I won’t be complying. People who want mask mandates back just want to feel empowered by telling others to wear a mask. Without their mandates they can’t do that. Sucks for them when I ignore.

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