Biden cancels $10,000 in federal student loan debt for most borrowers

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  1. Meh they’re going to lose so much business as a result! I do love those pier one bowls. I accidentally dropped one the other day, so am now just down to 2. 🥲

  2. Does she have to say the F word every other word?! It would be 1000% times easier to listen to and comprehend without all the vulgarity. I’m glad she finally made a post though. I hope she’s doing OK.

  3. Yes unfortunately I have cancelled as well, Fall was my last box in the annual membership and I’ve decided to forgo FFF as now I’m trying to get serious and stick to one skincare routine. Trying so many new products isn’t making me look any better to be honest, and I’m spending so much money here and there with all the sales!

  4. I spent $55, but cancelled my annual membership so this is my last “splurge” with FFF for a while. I got the medium Unhide, a bronzer, and that $5 mug!

  5. Reading these comments gives me hopes, even if I have to go on 100 more dates to meet my future husband, it’ll be worth it to the meet the one!

  6. It was much cheaper in the summer edit- I got it for $15! Not sure if that was a really special one time thing, or if the price tends to fluctuate throughout the year (maybe they figured a blanket wasn't a very "summery" item and put it on deep discount?)

  7. The $40 is a medium size! The $15 ones are the small 50x60 ones 😊

  8. No joke, I probably own 10 or 12 of these blankets. They’re great, I just recommend not putting them in the dryer with heat. It makes them less soft. I learned my lesson on the first one but some of the ones I’ve had for years and they’re still baby bunny soft.

  9. Do you recommend letting them air dry? Or what? I ruined two of my unhides from the dryer so am scared to wash them now….I just bought a new medium and need to keep it nice! But I have a dog and allergies so also must clean them ;)

  10. My friend that just got engaged said it took them a whole year to say I love you! I thought that was along time actually, but it worked for them. Slow and steady! For reference, he is in his mid 30s, was married before, and she’s nearly 30.

  11. Feeling bummed because I went on five dates with a guy, and it was my birthday this past weekend, and he hasn’t followed up with me since our last date. It hurts to know we spent (relatively) so much time together in a short period - with a lot of future faking I would say now - and he didn’t even ‘value’ me enough to let me know he’s not interested in pursuing things further….ughhh back to square one! :(

  12. Ughh I’m so sorry!! :( Did you or he ever text to “end it”? Tell me what happened….I feel like hearing other stories helps in a way. I’m upset because I had another date tonight and kept thinking of the 5 date guy. 🥲

  13. I wouldn’t recommend the green tote for $29…I have one and for $15, sure, grab it! $29 seems expensive IMO. I also think you could get the meat shredder claws somewhere less expensive like Target (I see some for $4 after a quick search)!

  14. Just reading this thread is making me gain weight! 🤣🤣

  15. It’s a cute jacket but the sizing confuses me, it says small to medium is size 8-10 U.S. which seems just too big of a gap for a “small”. I am in the market for a new jacket but going to try and find one at the store so it fits well, I saw a cute one on Loft actually for a similar $.

  16. Glad to read I’m not the only one using “repeat” outfits every first date!! ;) I wear my favorite pair of mom jeans, casual flat sandals, and then a black silk camisole top tucked in. I curl my hair to be loose waves and with makeup, plus a cute purse, I’m on my way and ready in 30 mins tops.

  17. I have a predominately husky and boxer mix, with a small bit of lab and GSD thrown in. Everyone asks if he’s a golden retriever. Crazy how genes work!!! 🥰

  18. I ordered a medium one last year but must have dried it too hot so now it’s not soft and coming apart! 😭 It’s perfect for my Queen size bed. Now so only use matching blankets (all of mine are unhides, LOL)

  19. I washed/dried the first one I got and it went weird - it is now a pet blanket. I have washed the second one I got at least 3 times but hang dry and it still feels like the ones that I have not washed.

  20. I threw away the medium size one, it got too messy after drying - good to know about the drying! To save my other small unhides!

  21. Yikes she is getting caught up in her own lies, fast! Why doesn’t she actually become a licensed makeup artist? Wouldn’t that help skyrocket her career?

  22. the good news? Minimum monthly payments can no longer exceed 5% of your monthly income & as long as you make the monthly payment, the government picks up the tab on your interest, even if you qualify for $0 monthly payments once the freeze ends. also, your debts will be forgiven after 10 years of payments now instead of 20.

  23. I wonder how 10 years of payments will be factored? I graduated in 2015 so paid until the student loan pause started during the pandemic.

  24. Yes, it isn’t the sensation I was expecting!! I thought it would be more like a warm vibration, but it stings/zaps me almost and doesn’t feel safe to put near me eye area! I am just trying it on my forehead, cheeks, and neck for now!

  25. I very recently jumped to 126,000 for my salary….I live in a VERY high cost of living city. I’m head of household for a disabled parent and had pell grants too. I wonder if I’ll receive any reduction in my loan, which is still $35k after years and years of paying it down.

  26. Good point! I did read in a separate article if you are a family the max is 250k, but it’s all hear say. Fingers crossed for everyone who needs it🤞

  27. The only items I used so far are the corkcicle water bottle - it’s a nice heavy glass/canteen combo - and perfect for using at home. I wouldn’t want to carry this outside tho!

  28. I haven’t seen a kimono (?) like this in years!!!

  29. If you google “nouveau riche” that explains their shopping habits! It’s a nice shirt but honestly just say shop at TJ Maxx and get 30 nice shirts for that price 😂

  30. Ewww I’m so glad I dropped it last min and opted for the indie face wash! Still waiting for my annual box tho…we shall see

  31. Chili, pot roast bulked with a lot of potatoes and veggies, lasagna (I love vegetarian ones), sloppy joes, quiches!

  32. She’s editing too much where she looks like a different person in every picture. This doesn’t at all resemble her sunglass photoshoot! She’s heading down an irreversible path.

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