1. AWWW I just got goosebumps, he’s so cute! And I hope he makes your family so happy for years to come!

  2. Did you get her from a breeder or adopt her?

  3. Don’t fret! I had to return a $55 foundation and $25 concealer because I bought the wrong shades. I’m a new Sephora shopper too. They didn’t bat an eye - and even they had, reflection of them - not me!

  4. Do you use them?! It’s fun trying scents, and it’s hard to find a perfume that I love so much I want to buy!

  5. I used this weight calculator to estimate my pup, and it has been pretty accurate!

  6. I just tried out this weight calculator with the time range for my seven year old female golden. She was 20 pounds at 2 months and 10 days old. It’s spot on at 78.6 pounds. She’s a big girl and has been around 80 pound her adult life.

  7. Oh wow!! Mine was 10lbs at 10 weeks and grew to 80lbs. Crazy how fast they change.

  8. I can’t remember how big my boy was at 5 months, but the online calculator said he would be 100 full grown! He’s settled in around the 75-85lb mark. At a point it feels like they won’t ever stop growing, but they will eventually.

  9. Okay I actually like her makeup here! And hair! She seems like she’s having fun.

  10. I mean I’d be having fun too if I had her money and super rich af brands were sponsoring me weekly

  11. Same. Just normally at these events she looks miserable. I know it’s all a facade though!

  12. I have 3 of their blushes already and love them... I bought a 4th lol (French Rose finally). And figured I'd try their new Liplights gloss too.

  13. Which is your favorite color blush if you don’t mind me asking?! I always struggle to choose…but just went with the pomegranate fizz color! Light-medium skin that tans well in the summer…so figured I could use a pop!

  14. I think that sounds great for you! That's actually the only one I don't have, and I only didn't pick it up because I have Sangria already. Hanky Panky looked terrible on me (I'm very fair and cool), but I love all the other shades. Sangria is probably my favorite, and then Maiden's Blush.

  15. Yay thank you! I was torn between that and the Sangria because they seemed similar. All are gorgeous colors.

  16. Gorgeous! This doesn’t even look like a painting, I thought you did it via a computer animation. Nice work!

  17. Try Dior Forever or Lancôme Teint concealer! Both work well for my dry under eye area.

  18. Some huskies are like that. My last one ate so many other animals (birds, squirrels, turtles, a ferret etc) I took her to get blessed by a priest. She didn't stop until she was blind.

  19. Awww when mine was a puppy I did get him blessed at a church, they do pet blessings! He’s a different religion than me now, but ya know, still a good boy.

  20. Chasing is her instinct - so it will be hard to fully “break” her of that habit especially since she‘s not a puppy/young adult anymore. I’d suggest giving some training a go and positively reinforce her when she directs her attention back to you! See how that goes, and take it from there.

  21. Ohhhh don’t tempt me! I love this pizza. Honey? 🫠

  22. it's an absolute crime that you didn't add a picture of the actual pizza lmao

  23. Except that it's literally uncomfortable to have to deal with the gloves that don't fit right or it's literally uncomfortable for your jeans not to button up or zip up or that it's literally uncomfortable to where are your wedding ring or it's literally uncomfortable...

  24. My jeans do not fit right now. It’s that time of the month for me! I had to go buy a new pair of jeans once size up so I have something to fit into this weekend. I can easily gain 10 lbs of water weight…and I’m only 5’5. It’s tough! And I’m cramping so can’t work out or walk my dog as per usual. Ugh!

  25. I did a lot of research online and on this sub, Dior forever always ranks the highest! I ordered it, and it’s smooth and creamy. I find it to be very similar to the Lancôme Teint concealer, which is slightly lower in price.

  26. Go ahead and show your genuine feelings and excitement for a person.

  27. The first and last point, so true….great perspective!

  28. Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry this is happening to you. Were there seriously no warning signs this was coming? I’m coming up on my two year probation.

  29. In college I interned for a national lab - and that brought me ultimately to where I am now. It’s funny, because at the time, I was like this is NOT for me, I want to work for (insert any big name private sector company). Now I am really grateful everything happened as it did. Love my job!

  30. If you were changing positions multiple times for the same GS level, then that would probably raise some eyebrows. But, if you’re continuously advancing yourself and moving up, from a GS9-11-etc., then go for it!

  31. If I hadn’t left my hometown I’d probably be married by now with kids. But, I moved abroad, lived in multiple cities, and now feel like my 20s flew by - and I’m single as a pringle. I always wonder what if…but everything happens as it should, or so I say :)

  32. I have the same flakey issue with foundation. I’ve always been a fan of tinted moisturized but I’ve been wanting to change it up a bit so I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect foundation!

  33. I think she’s trying to say here that yes, people do recognize her outside of the filters! Also, how does she apply so much makeup and it doesn’t look cakey and separates itself?? I’ve had my makeup on since the AM and it’s a mess😂

  34. I’d suggest staying put in your job especially since it’s perm vs. temp. Keep applying for more remote jobs if that’s your goal!

  35. I’d suggest you wait to have a conversation with your Director about what work he wants you to pick up. From there, once you have a sense of your workload, you can initiate new projects, comms strategies, etc.

  36. Why is she chomping on a pop tart?!! Is this for added comedic effect? Her accent is 10xxxxx more prominent here. My least favorite video yet.

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