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  1. Aha yeah, someone gave him the hat and he's determined to figure out what is says even if he has to read every book there.

  2. I think OP is trying to approach neuroscience based on philosophical principles, to me it seems that most of their paragraphs can be distilled to "is pleasure simply the absence of pain/negative experience?" To which I say no, neurologically, pleasure is pleasure and it can be mapped and measured in the brain through functional scans, tests, and what have you. Like I said I'm no expert but I can almost guarantee you that pleasure is a distinct feeling which has neurological value and not the absence of negative feelings. Your response didn't answer their question in anyway or provide even a single sentence that could be of help to them.

  3. My comment was referring to the thoughts immediately following the quote on neurotransmitters. Your misunderstanding of the science in that area is such that what you're saying is misinformation. As I said, I said what I said to be helpful--meaning when you really don't know what you're talking about in a sub called neuropsychology, you should probably not speculate about the role of neurotransmitters that you didn't even bother to look up. I will plead guilty to having failed to adequately explain why I was saying what I said, it was a bit sparse on detail. I was trying to be polite, so I went minimal.

  4. As far as I can tell OP is asking a question to try to bridge the gap between neuropsychology and philosophy so I assume they're wanting to understand the neurochemistry aspect on a simple level. And no specialist is probably going to answer them because that would probably require an essay to address but at the simplest level it sounds like they're asking if negative experience/pain is basically a light switch turned off by pleasure and I'd say no way. It's infinitely more complex than that, pleasure doesn't turn off pain and one of my problems with a lot of philosophy is there's so many different ways to look at something and the quote at the top of their post may not be right or wrong technically but I totally disagree with the second sentence of it. I've found pleasure to be very pleasurable and pain to be painful to varying degrees and maybe this quote is what brought up the question to OP- for sure that's a philosophical question and it can't really even be answered with philosophy because it's an opinion and not right or wrong.

  5. As to the last question, it's never been my experience that psychoactive substances bring up nostalgia but maybe it depends on dosage and who you're with. One of the most famous books written by a man who had a ton of experience with many of these substances and various shamanic cultures is called Be Here Now. If you take a large dose of most psychoactives then your self or ego temporarily disappears so this is basically the opposite of nostalgia but maybe I'm not understanding you completely. Cryptic and surreal feelings go along with depersonalization for sure but not nostalgia, from I've seen people couldn't be nostalgic at all on most substances.

  6. Interesting fun fact - the word on the front is Voksal meaning station.

  7. The sign is old, from the 1980s. They haven't taken returns without a receipt in about 20 years.

  8. It depends on how you rude are aha.The squeakiest wheel gets the grease.

  9. I wonder if they controlled for calcium intake, they both compete for the same receptor so if the people that were in the high magnesium group were also taking more calcium then they sort of cancel out to some degree because of the competition.

  10. I doubt a glass insulator for an electric fence would be decorated with all those little notched lines snaking around.

  11. Yeah, I was wondering about that. I mainly remembered seeing a really similar picture with like a background and everything.

  12. this site is just turning into a sess pool of old people with no original or exciting thoughts feeling the need to shit on anything thats new to them

  13. I'll buy that once they invent a spray to create a woman out of thin air. Then maybe us Redditors could get 30 seconds of pleasure... by looking at her before she slaps us and walks off.

  14. Why can't he expose himself to masseuses in private like we all do. Right? Right?!

  15. Dude, we can pick up things with nails lol…we girls got that shit on lockdown.

  16. I seem to have read a long time ago that the glass can be popped out and resealed with a silicone putty or something similar. Maybe it's what's used to seal tailights, I'm not sure what it would be exactly but you'd think the dealership would have done this or maybe they think the seal itself appears to be fine. Someone else should come to your aid with better advice soon aha. Good luck.

  17. I'm not entirely certain he was the brother of Jesus Christ.

  18. ... born in 1814 and obviously not very smart because you're supposed to claim to be Jesus or him reincarnated. If the other leader claimed to be Jesus then he would win by default and everyone would just pack up their stuff and go home.

  19. Does Mary know that she also gave birth to Hong? I mean who's the father this time??

  20. Thieving museums and dental hygiene... and bland food?

  21. They let serial killers post in this sub? 😳 And people that buy Honda stuff?! 😳

  22. Lol, I don't get the serial killer part but the Honda box was the only box that my tools would fit in 😔😔

  23. I'm just joking about never having seen so much random stuff in a coupe. I think the covered box with the seat belt around it is what takes it to the next level. 😎

  24. i would drop the legendary blowgun for a regular purple. you can then switch so using the three strike ULT which should be able to two shot most purple oni.

  25. Nah dog, the other two legendaries are way less fun. Magma bomb especially isn't worth a legendary slot.

  26. Looks like there's at least two or maybe three "Innocence books" according to Google. Not sure really.

  27. Imagine how difficult it would be if they forced you to do it solo. I'm decent but ehhhh solo survival on gold is not my cup of dog shit.

  28. On another note, was that you and your buddy's first time completing chapter 3? Was with you guys for multiple games and when we finally completed it you guys sounded pretty stoked 🤙ggs

  29. My friend recently bought a 2013 Elantra and I was shocked at how similar it is to the GC. So far I've just seen pictures but it seems to have the same steering wheel, instrument cluster, vents, rear-view mirror, maybe shifter but not too sure. I had no idea car manufacturers ever do this, maybe some of them are more utilitarian or maybe a lot of them do this and I never noticed?

  30. They're both Hyundais of the same era not that surprising. My c6 Corvette has a Chevy cobalt steering wheel

  31. Whoa, I had no idea. Your car must be over twice the cost of a Cobalt.

  32. Oi mate, If I know anything about Australian technology it's an iggi-iggi water bub-bla.

  33. For people who don't have the effort to deal with people being deliberately cryptic:

  34. Yeah, I've told family before and most people don't know the difference between peptides and research chemicals which are commonly abused so I stopped telling people awhile ago.

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