1. you didn't miss out on the sight, it's just a red dot sight

  2. My recently made headcanon is that these are repurposed employee elevators moved into the chamber for emergency testing

  3. Ayo tix is gone...... and you don't get rewards now everytime you log on.......... Hmmmm........ Sad times........

  4. Nah, he just got...actually, IDK what happened exactly, but he definitely became more loyal to Eggman.

  5. He kinda just got left on the Egg Fleet after the whole thing in Heroes

  6. The button destroys every ounce of McDonald's ranch dressing

  7. who the fuck is norville why the fuck is Norville when the fuck is norville what the fuck is Norville How the fuck is norville

  8. I mean like as an extra (not canon) unlockable. Also, you’re hella late.

  9. for some reason the fact that some of the fur is covering a bit of Sonic's ear really annoys me. other than that and the fact that it looks like that Sonic redesign , it's cool

  10. That's the RAREST resaurus sonic adventure figure DON'T SELL IT

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