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Hydraulic press vs a real human tooth

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  1. I’m old and white and have no idea what they’re saying. I haz the dumbz

  2. I'm British and also have no idea whats going on. Someone translate the slang please!

  3. She is asking this man on their first date to pay for her hair appointment that she already set to be during their date. He is now entertaining himself with her malarkey.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to respond!

  5. 10 for efforts but those katas or how they call it in this sport is weak af

  6. It's poomsae if you mean the pattern and taekwondo is a very leg/foot oriented martial art. You can't see the height of her foot/ type of kick for obvious reasons. She did brilliantly 👏🏼

  7. YESS! Beautiful Poomsae, what a superstar!

  8. Unless that mom was a daddy's girl and the dad was a mommy's boy ... in which case everything is swapped around again!

  9. Pretty sure they're taking the piss out of those couple cooking videos where they make stupid food. Where the lady cooks and the guy makes unnecessary comments the whole time.

  10. NTA - is this man her father or just your husband? Why does he have a problem with her unproblematic behaviour? She should be commended on her interest not penalised.

  11. I wonder what his parents thought that noise was when he first laughed

  12. So are these unique digi-partners or can someone copy the code and clone his 'wife' ? Is there an NFT version of this ... has he copyrighted his one?

  13. Now show it sideways to indicate lateral forces.

  14. Anyone else see the bread a skull and the filling as a deformed brain (side on view, person looking to the right of the image)?

  15. Can we see it after it's been cleaned?

  16. Reddit doesn't let me play this, on Mobile

  17. Actually Ramadan is during the winter in the southern hemisphere. So Antarctica is dark most of the time. But if you are a faithful Muslim living on the island of Svalbard during Ramadan... you are going to be very hungry...

  18. No, they have different rules for places like this - you can follow your nearest neighbour who has a subset/ sunrise and use their times.

  19. Respectfully, What does this say about the black men who have fathered these kids, not stood upto gang violence (which is predominantly male), banned guns, or gangs? Why is the onus only on the ladies?

  20. Why is everyone soo pressed about the comparison ... it's just hyerbole. Relax.

  21. The 'unfortunate' bear - as of the goat randomly decided to attack a predator. Give me a break.

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