1. I did suggest labs, but she didn’t seem very interested. But for whatever reason goldens did peak her interest. She’s had a Great Dane before so she loves them, but I’d love to steer her towards something that’ll be easier for her to handle (she’s probably late 50’s). English bulldog is an interesting one! I’ll mention that one and see what she thinks.

  2. I don’t understand how, if your dog needs to be “forcibly removed” from any place…. You wouldn’t reconsider the compatibility or capacity of that animal to be a service dog (let alone embarrassment). How isn’t an internal alarm going off? There’s no way this is just ignorance, downright stupidity.

  3. Any real service dog trainer would immediately write that dog off as a "wash out"

  4. Y'all are wild. That looks like a well behaved dog and you can t handle it. I think the breed should be banned but that doesn't mean every Pit is a bomb waiting to explode. Some of them are good.

  5. This post is particularly showcasing the stupidity of the owners and why most people shouldn't be able to own a dangerous animal. You don't test a lethal animal with a toddler and give them credit for not mauling. The consequences for "failing" that test are tragic.

  6. I never knew they had a good temperament because I've never met one where I live and they look mean, but that's cool that they're friendly. Xolos have an interesting position in Aztec mythology.

  7. The employee would be equally at fault too. She acts so friendly to the pitbull. Probably one of those pit friendly online brigadier that comments on every -pitbull story after an attack saying it’s not about the dog it’s the owners fault! I would be furious if my employee did this, exposing herself to danger, exposing me to hundreds of thousands of dollars in exposure for medical care of injured worker.

  8. Tbf the employees of these places are usually 18-25 years old, and they're trained that it's a sin in the pet industry to discriminate against breed if you work somewhere that has to service all dog breeds. Some are probably afraid of being fired if you say you're scared or don't want to work with certain dogs, especially at these greedy big pet store chains that will take any hyper/growling/reactive/post-maul dog.

  9. Thanks for your post, but it appears to be referencing another subreddit, which is treated as brigading and we don't allow. If that's not the case, please send us a modmail.

  10. I am definitely not referencing another subreddit. Don't know if there's a glitch today.

  11. Kinda fucked up but I hope the autopsy photos or autopsy drawings are released to show the reality of Pitbulls

  12. There is already a study on dog bites from years ago circulating that had photos of a toddler body completely decapitated by a pit bull and showed part of the face that was able to be retrieved post-mortem out of the pits stomach. Sickening to see a piece of a face completely separated from a body lying on the autopsy table like a mask.

  13. Every person born after 2000+ seems to have adopted this personality lol. I hate it.

  14. I think social media heightens insecurity in young adults leading to hyperconformity. Talking in pre-approved phrases from twitter or tiktok and only having pre-approved opinions. The danger is if they never outgrow this stage they become hyperconformist and easily manipulated adults, which is good for certain agendas. I think we need to bring back books and critical thinking classes.

  15. Yeah, it’s very dangerous, kids need to be off the damn internet so they can develop social skills, friendships and thoughts of their own

  16. Yep. I just wonder how we can put the cat back in the bag, so to speak. Kids are performing abysmally in schools and educators are sounding the alarm that it's not just the break from covid because this decline was on that trajectory before. Tablets, phones, and computers aren't healthy for a developing brain. I'd argue video games should be limited as a treat too but I know reddit will flame me for suggesting so. Hell, parents used to even limit television time even when our shows were very curated like PBS. All that is not even getting into all the groomers on the internet. Get your damn kids offline, for their sake.

  17. Best Friends Animal Society (the largest pro-pitbull, pro-no-kill shelter organization on the planet) was started by the leaders of a cult named Process Church of the Final Judgement. This cult was disbanded because someone leaked that they had planned to start human sacrifice and eventually wanted to be killing children regularly because they believed Satan would reward them with immense riches and power. They had already begun animal sacrifices and were obsessed with dog fighting and dangerous dogs.

  18. As the title suggests our GS has a permanently fused shut jaw. Ever since we got her we have noticed the way she would eat is by sticking her head into the food bowl to scoop food into her mouth. I am assuming she did this by shoveling it through the sides of her mouth then swallowing it whole. Same with drinking water. She dips her whole snout into it to drink. I tried to get a taller water bowl so she wouldnt stick her head into it and get her face soaked but it didn't help. She likes to nibble on cardboard (and now that I know the issue it makes sense, it's the only thin object she can slip into the front of her mouth) we have been trying to break that habit by giving her toys to chew on but she never touched them. I couldn't figure it out until yesterday I saw she had a piece of cardboard sticking out of her mouth. I tried to retrieve it from her mouth and she wouldn't let it go. No matter what I tried to do she wouldn't open her mouth. At that point I thought either she has a really strong bite and I can't pry it open or there is something wrong. I brought her to the vet today and got some X-rays and they told me that her jaw was fused shut and there is nothing they could do. She is 7 months now and healthy. Weighs 75lbs. She cannot open her jaw more than 1/4". Learning of that just gives me anxiety and sadness for her. I don't know what to do or what I can do. I feel stupid that I didn't notice it earlier and chalked it up to her being a stubborn or messy eater and just different. She seems to be coping with having her mouth that way her whole life. She's at a healthy weight. She plays with our other GS. she drools heavily because she can't pant to cool down. I'm overwhelmingly saddened for her. Do you guys here have any advice on what I should do? Or a second opinion on these X-rays? Thank you for all your help.

  19. You should get a consult with a veterinary oral surgery specialist. They may be able to suggest options that the regular vet is unaware of. I'm sorry this is happening, that's got to be heartbreaking.

  20. Near me it's all pibs too. Or it'll say "shepherd mix" "lab mix" and it's got that block pit head. I'm only window shopping because the time in my life is not right for a new pet, but I would probably have to buy from a breeder to get a real dog.

  21. Would you rather have your dog who is attacking you killed or would you like to end up like this guy, a victim of a pitbull attack? (TW: GORE)

  22. It's a warm drink made with whiskey or vodka, hot water, lemon, honey, and herbs and spices like cinnamon (stick usually), and you can add a splash of cider if you like. It's very pleasant to drink in chilly weather.

  23. I would have thought parvo but if the vet diagnosed him with distemper then it is distemper. It has a conclusive test and if you're in a first world country they wouldn't have diagnosed without a confirming test.

  24. Unfortunately no test was done, it was just a symptomatic diagnosis. And I'm from India.

  25. Oh :( So they didn't do any tests at all? If the meds don't improve their condition could you call the vet to ask if they're able to do a parvo test or any type of differential?

  26. As others said, they're amanita muscarias. The reason why some are flat and one is round with more visible spots is because the flat ones are older. The white wart spots are actually remnants of a big white dome looking shield that juveniles are completely covered with. As the red flesh grows, the warts break apart and become further spread out. Eventually it can lose them and become completely bald.

  27. My dad kept up a charade for a few months after they got the two dogs, but he's never actually wanted anything to do with them. That's why I say it was kind of a power move because my mom got attached to them pretty quickly and at that point he essentially cut them loose on her. I don't want to go into the details of their marriage because frankly I grew up knowing way too much about it as if it were a 3 person marriage, but there's been a lot of manipulation and my mom went from having her own career to looking for random part time jobs here and there with very little income of her own and destroyed credit. So my dad wants nothing to do with the dogs and my mom doesn't have the income even for $12 every day, or friends that live close enough to do that for her. She might not even have a car of her own after this but I'm no divorce lawyer.

  28. It sounds like your mom was financially abused. Alimony exists so that in situations like this, when the homemaker spouse is left with no career because they sacrificed it for the family, they won't end up destitute. I don't know the circumstances of your parents marriage or financial dealings but I hope your mom takes him to the cleaners so she can get what she deserves.

  29. IMO one of the reasons TikTok comments are horrifically bad is because half of the comments are likely minors regurgitating what they hear from pit nutters to be edgy/stay woke on the clock app.

  30. A post here a couple days ago was claiming that pitnuttery was a millennial thing and gen Z was so much smarter and would never buy into that, gen Z is against pits. This is why I really don't understand the need to turn everything into generation wars. Obviously stupidity or gullibility transcends generational divides.

  31. Always disappointed Patrick Fugit didn't have more of an illustrious career. He was great in this and Almost Famous.

  32. Even on a major subreddit about general news when someone posted an article about this attack, it was removed by mods when hundreds of commenters said pit bulls should be banned. Like, why the censorship? It skews the reality which is most people avoid these dogs and don’t think they should be allowed in society.

  33. Once you realize how much they do this censorship routine with other topics too you'll never see things the same way again lol

  34. One of my friends with rich parents lived with a serval. He was rightly scared shitless just to get a fucking midnight snack. Imagine driving a fucking Porsche but having to sleep with a predator stalking you like primitive man….white people are ridiculous.

  35. When my daughter happens to turn on anything from the Dodo I end up criticizing it. She is well aware of the dangers of pitbulls, but she still gets taken in by stupid (non-pit) stuff. If she wasn't taught better, she'd probably be fooled by the pit lobby nonsense too.

  36. The Dodo isn't all bad. It has entertainment value at the least and it can have some good videos as far as animal injury education, like seeing a cat rescued from glue traps may make people less prone to use large gt's outdoors. It's a grain of salt channel.

  37. There’s a dog expert who says that domestic dogs are devolving genetically. We stopped culling bad dogs, and we stopped breeding well-behaved dogs. Yes it’s true, domestic dogs are far worse than in previous decades

  38. It's probably partially this, that a lot of responsible owners get their pets neutered and spayed, so the remainder of dogs arise from either A) breeders both good and bad or B) irresponsible owners.

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