1. Damn that’s killer praise from such an articulate and talented fella.

  2. Crazy. That image is permanently ingrained in my mind but I never had a name. Good enough for me.

  3. The band Chris Stapleton got his start with, The Steeldrivers, have an amazing song called Falling Man that’s worth a listen.

  4. I kept one for about six months and was sourcing live blackworms in a big group. One day just was gone. One of the most beautiful fish there is but I can’t ever keep another one. Same story for me with orange spotted filefish. I had some that were weaned onto frozen and prepared foods but it didn’t last.


  6. Oh they’re all killer I just meant you can see it’s the Raptor plain as can be in that first silhouette. Wicked!

  7. I think they hit the balloon with a non explosive missile

  8. The same thing they used on Al-Zawahiri or whatever his name was?

  9. Gorgeous how did you get that moss on the driftwood? Thread or glue?

  10. I recently learned that the swimmer is one of the most competitive and illustrious roles. They only select the very best of the best and they have to constantly test to stay in it. (think navy seals level of toughness)

  11. Do you have sort of a diagram of what plants are where? Trying to learn what all this is about…

  12. Where did you get the majority of these plants? So many individual species!

  13. In my opinion, it isn’t getting any better at this point but it won’t degrade meaningfully in another 10 years, either.

  14. Alternatively, the better option would be to stand the bottle up for at least a week so that all the sediment falls naturally to the bottom of the bottle. This will eliminate any need to decant, and thus reduce the amount of air being introduced into the wine compared to the amount of air in a decanter.

  15. Also fully support this option! In general, I find these Napa wines can be a little more challenging to manage catching the sediment in the neck of the bottle given the sludge some tend to have. I actually have a narrow Erlenmeyer 1000ml flask for wines I want to visualize a bit better but not over oxidize with the usual broad surface area.

  16. Straight up my gospel song you’re singing! The most stunning car of all time. E-Type is in second place for me (to the other Enzo comment). 63’ Split window Vette is a distant third place tie with a few select other older exotics. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Lots of valid opinions already. I use it to find vendors for particularly hard to find bottles of “more recent” vintages.

  18. Super cool chart - I am surprised no one else has commented on the defense spending for WWII. I am aware of how insane our spend was but to see it like this really puts it into perspective. The whole country just stopped and focused nationally on the war effort.

  19. I pick up accents when I travel. I was born in Texas but lived in Minnesota and went back to Texas for the summer months and traveled through Oklahoma and Kansas. I had such a weird accent when I moved to Arizona where many people have Mexican Spanish as their first language. Then I'll watch movies and pick up on accents from characters. I have been convinced for a long time that I may not be right in the head. Or that the me I'm perceiving now may not be the same me tomorrow.

  20. I’m pretty sure this is a tell for someone with high empathy, actually.

  21. I’ve got a 5 night stay starting on February 6. Will 4 of the nights count or should I split my reservation and checkout-checkin on the 7?

  22. I did this last year and it automatically worked out but I was prepared to call them if needed. The promotion started about the same time.

  23. No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood are much stronger best picture nominees than any of 2009 nominees (Slumdog, Milk, The Reader, Frost/Nixon, Benjamin Button). The Dark Knight should have won best picture in 2009, and it would have given No Country and There Will Be Blood a run for their money in 2008.

  24. There Will Be Blood is my favorite movie of all time but I wasn’t nearly as upset about it not winning best picture as I was the following year when TDK didn’t…

  25. The “There Will Be Blood” Score by him is fucking phenomenal.

  26. Hoped to see this in there. My favorite movie of all time.

  27. This is literally my all-time favorite producer but it’s a big leap for someone who has had exactly one bottle of Amarone…

  28. Their Howell Mountain bottling is one of my top three favorite wines. The 2007 was perfect last fall. Thanks for sharing this one.

  29. If you're a Canes fan lol (or a Whalers fan from the backinthedays). Either way, it would be awesome to ride a Zamboni

  30. My local store has 2018 DeCarle Vineyard. Thoughts and how long should I sit on it for?

  31. I don’t have that one in any of my notes from the trip and I didn’t buy any but if the price is right you could buy one and try it - if it stands apart you can sit on a handful for another 3-8 years. My sweet spot for this style of Napa cab is about 10-12 years. That’s purely my palate though. My wife prefers them 3-5!

  32. Thanks! Any from your notes that you would like to share as recommendations?

  33. Checking my notes…these were 2017 vintages - but my favorites were Quicksilver and Beatty Ranch by some margin. Next was Air Show and finally Kendrick Ranch. I have tried a few others and loved their Sullenger and Dragonfly in prior years. Good luck and come back with notes sometime!

  34. Bravo to the team. I met a few of their designers in Tokyo in 2019. Really cheering for this team as well as Archer in FL.

  35. Nothing to cover the beautiful figuring! How about flat pulls that slightly recess at the top of drawer faces?

  36. Another vote for these. Beautiful execution on this piece.

  37. Thank you. I own a hydraulic hose and fastener business.

  38. Hell yeah that’s a deal closer my man!

  39. Lol well it's in my office at work, 6 inch concrete so it's all good.

  40. What do you do for a living that a giant whiskey cabinet is legit in your office? Beautiful work!

  41. Dan Osman went out this way after free soloing some wild shit.

  42. RIP Grant. You were an inspiration for many.

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