1. No It is definitely indica leaning but its not as hard a hitter as layer cake or tcc. But definitely worth a try has a nice lemon lime flavor.

  2. No the pic does no justice its definitely some stinky fire 4 sure 🔥

  3. Now I will say this it is not their best strain but is def worth a try it is very good.

  4. I quit buying Woodward a long time ago bc I've tried several of their strains and none of them had any flavor at all literally!! I've smoked commercial flower that's had way more flavor than any of their strains. But to each their own I guess someone's gotta buy it just not gonna be my $

  5. I had the dosidos x purple punch It was ok. It does have a lite purple taste to it and decent effects. It also looks fantastic. Unfortunately, I have not had the jungle cake yet but have heard some good things.

  6. I don't fall for the woodward hyped up b.s. Our program has way better and more readily available flower than that crap!!

  7. Yes actually just picked up one earlier today. Great taste and great effect! Definitely tastes like skunky oranges. Reminds me alil of orange 43. As far ad effects it mainly gets me motivated and I feel it alot in the head.

  8. See That’s not at all what this batch smells like it’s a more chemical smell but not like chemdog if that’s what your thinking of different. But I don’t know is the first time I’ve tried this grower

  9. 4r I've had about 1.5 grams of this junk in my safe for almost a year because it was so "weird" /chemically tasting. I even open it every once in awhile with a boveda pack in it just to see if its changed. And, yuck no change it is def. A very different/and or weird strain from firelands.

  10. I agree I have made a couple purchases lately by them and have been surprised. I've been a patient since day 1 and I'm totally weed snob with growers here now. Lol. But I had a couple bad past experiences with buckeye over a year ago and never purchased until recently and was happy with my purchase. I was lucky enough 2 snag a half of NYC flo smalls for $60 out the door. And as mild the strain is it definitely hits better than alot of strains I've tried since this program started. Seems buckeye is definitely stepping up they're game!

  11. How is this? I was gonna grab some up tomorrow. Looks pretty flame like klutch always is!

  12. Man that sucks it's so beautiful. I personally have had the same experiences with every woodward strain I've tried. Huge let down especially when the buds look that nice. I'm gonna give them another try tomorrow and get lemon mints heard alot of good about that strain. But if theres no flavor like most of their strains I will never purchase woodward again. I mean looks isnt everything it has to taste good too imo

  13. I have never had luck with any smell or taste on any woodward strain I've tried by them. I always thought that they are way to overhyped

  14. Their garlic cookies is a great strain. However I agree they are hit and miss. But I seen an video the CEO made a couple months ago and they are expanding to a way bigger facility. With that being said they are supposed to be offering bulk amounts, and some different strains. Hopefully the quality and the price will get alil better for us patients tho. In the end that is what truly matters.

  15. How about the nyc flo anyone tried that. Been eyeing a half oz of it. But haven't heard much about it.

  16. if only i could catch the 16g sunshine lime/koko drops before my days run out, seem to miss their bulk every time

  17. Really been wanting to try this. The budtender was recommending it to me and I got lemon cookie instead. It's good but I really wish I would have tried this instead. How is the flavor/terp profile. Is it like any other strains.

  18. Definitely have to agree on the peanut butter breath. One of my go To's when available. I currently have some of the lemon cookie and it is very delicious. Tastes just like GSC with a hint of lemon. But I really would like to try the wonka bars and the gasolina haven't heard too much about that one on here.

  19. I'm right there with you. I've had no luck at all with any woodward products. No flavor at all, and very little if any smell in all the strains I've tried from them. Never understood all the hype.

  20. It smells and taste just like it’s name 🔥🔥 definitely be ready to be in chill mode for awhile after you use this 😂 this is definitely top 3 that they produced I would only say Rainbow Chips Or Wonka Bars is better but a solid 8/10

  21. Don't waste ur time or money on this shit .my opinion.most dispensary around Cincinnati have this the price 20$ cheaper then when it first dropped it's garbage hint why they been dropping the pice and they still have alot of it .I got a zip of this waste of days and money n time

  22. I totally agree I bought this boo boo when the program 1st started and it sucked then. Also it was called jedi kush at 1st but they weren't allowed 2 call it that in ohio so here u go "dstar kush". Cant imagine it would be any better now. OCL def. Has way better strains then this!! Lemon royal 4 example!!

  23. I refuse to go there anymore after the other day I waited 20 minutes in the lobby. While, no customers were in the back. I repeatedly heard several employees in the back laughing and joking. But at no point even considered the fact that customers were waiting in the lobby. Being how this wasn't my first or second bad experience here. This angered me greatly and I ended up just leaving and took my $ and business elsewhere. C'mon verdant step up your game.

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