1. "Men peak at 50s and women peak at 18 brah" is a lie peddled by red pill bald copers who peddle alphamale fantasies to neckbeards and in'els.

  2. I always thought kayako from the grudge series was the textbook soft gamine because she's east asian :(

  3. My father had to private his facebook page after i*cels started spamming 'gigachad' , 'psl god' and 'slayer' under his pictures. He was so weirded out by random teenage boys commenting on his eye color, height and face in general.

  4. Who told him Latvian models wanted anything to do with him ? πŸ˜…

  5. Lol no. To think that is to think that there's no way it could ever change or get better, but I personally am lucky to live in a society where rape is much less prevalent and men are generally not as toxic. We also don't have an incel community here. We have a community for people, who are romantically unsuccessful, but it's inclusive for all genders and generally a positive space. Inceldom and MGTOW is a problem of nurture, not nature, a problem society made and society needs to fix. It will take a while, but it's definitely doable, as shown in other cultures.

  6. I think a lot of women who are attracted to men like D/FN men because they tend to have attributes we associate with ideals of masculinity

  7. Sorry for the random question, but what would be the kibbe ID's of the average tiktok eboy and pretty boy ?

  8. You look stunning. I love the main character energy you radiate.

  9. My mom has ingenue essence and she looks literally less than half her age. She also looks safe and trustworthy, hence she makes good friends easily and ppl reach out to her if they need help.

  10. As a SD, I can confirm I indeed like to dissect girls.

  11. Do Asians with pale skin (like Cha Eunwoo) age just the same as the ones with tanned and darker skin ( like Seolhyun or Kai ) ?

  12. Which subs did you use ? I love the honey brown iris , congrats 😊

  13. Thank you for noticing, finally somebody noticed.. My eyes did got a little lighter to a honey shade. But i listened to green eyes subliminals by quadible and complementing it with other boosters, if you want i can share you my playlist.

  14. I'd love to see your playlist 😊, thanks in advance.

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