Guillermo Ochoa penalty save against Poland 57'

Historical anomaly - greatest in eternity.

You got me stone faced

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When you follow your heart, love is the answer

Arabic commentary for the Saudi Arabia goal vs Argentina

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This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

This hits me right in the feels

  1. Thich Nhat Hanh's book, "The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching"

  2. Identifying with oneness means you see yourself in both the lion, the gazelle, and the grass. Everything returns to the source. There’s no right or wrong, no need for “justification”. It’s a matter of finding what feels good or natural for each living being based upon their perspective and their existence.

  3. That's what's weird. If you follow the judgement that eating animals is "bad," you're passing along that judgement to most animals on earth. Such a bizarre and negative way of looking at life on earth.

  4. thank you. this is what people dont understand about regenerative agriculture. theres still not enough land for it to be sustainable. its the easiest argument for most people to understand.

  5. There's not enough land for virtually anything to be sustainable. What then? Kill ourselves?

  6. and the UK. And France. And Germany. And Sweden. And Norway. And Italy. And Spain. And Austria. And Poland. And Hungary. And Turkey.... etc

  7. Bro, why you gotta bring up a bunch of countries mistersprinkles doesn't know about?

  8. Yeah the news that 20 million people watched USA/England match made me realize that there is no grand, meaningful boycott of the Qatar WC happening despite all the bullshit with it.

  9. No one outside of a small very loud minority of countries care about that at all. If those countries knew about the working conditions people outside of their small bubble had to endure on a daily basis, they'd be boycotting Earth. Selective concern doesn't get much traction globally.

  10. The match immediately changed after Kang-In was subbed in. This kid is ready to start. All the players played with their hearts so kudos to them.

  11. Little do they know, there are loads of better places. See y'all never!

  12. imagine showing someone not into football and saying these are the champions of south america

  13. Someone not into football probably couldn't name 2 countries in South America.

  14. That unbeaten streak seems so distant right now….

  15. Riiight. The problem with mass shootings is the reporting about them.

  16. With 1.4 billion people, you'd expect that just the sheer pool of talent would propel them to the top. The problem, of course, is that the CCP doesn't do anything based on merit. It's all about loyalty and guanxi.

  17. This is the answer that so many are missing. For the most part, football on the world stage strives to be a meritocracy. Winning based off of hard work and performance does not compute in China. They can't even pretend to allow people to have success based on their own personal merit. Actual competition is not and will never be allowed. If you can't pay someone off or cheat your way to the top, it's a game that cannot be allowed to flourish.

  18. But that might get in the way of western media posts griping about political issues.

  19. That's sports in general. One team plays well and wins, while the other doesn't. Sending a message has nothing to do with Germany losing. Hazard saying this is stupid.

  20. Subbing out Gundogan was a big mistake. He was controlling the game. Very well played by Japan.

  21. Exactly. As if they thought the game was already won. Hubris and arrogance.

  22. As a long-term Japanese resident, this is probably the second best Japanese squad in the past 20 years I’ve seen and possibly the most explosive.

  23. He saw the moment and he took it. Really had nothing to lose and everything to gain

  24. It would, yes. However that portion of the sentence was referring to the soccer team "Argentina", not the nationality of the fan. Therefore, saying Argentinian is incorrect

  25. Exactly. This is why having knowledge of the subject being discussed is critical.

  26. The Spine of this team all play together for Al Hilal, the best club in Asia both currently and historically

  27. more credit should be given to Hervé Renard for positioning in this game. He won two African cup titles with two separate teams using similar tactics. credit to KSA too, they outmatched them with youth, conditioning, and strength in these situations


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