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  1. The problem with watching hockey for $5 is that you're watching hockey that's only worth $5

  2. Long Beach CA had the Ice Dogs back in the day. Holy shit those were more fun than the Kings games ever were. I love the Kings but take me back to me and my dad going to Ice Dogs games and eating 100 hot dogs.

  3. yeah i'll admit it sucks. a better response is asking how much was the tip for that "free water"?

  4. $0, because free times 20% is still free. If I'm working a bar and a drunk guy stumbles in asking for water, he gets it for free and I don't expect a tip at all. Him not vomiting on the bar top is all the tip I need.

  5. Two bad seasons. His 2019 season was bad as well. And before this game he was one of the worst QBs this season.

  6. How Baker made like 5 of those plays with no receiver chemistry and defenders smothering him more than Waffle House hash browns is beyond me. I know his stats aren’t popping, but goddamn he’s willing the team to positive yardage despite his o-line’s best efforts.

  7. All things considered, Baker looks amazing for only two days of preparation. But if I were him I would be stabbing my entire o-line for negating all of his plays with drive killing holding calls. Absolutely insane.

  8. Looking at it on Google street view it's just someone's house.

  9. That's like 90% of the businesses in Rural Wisconsin though. Door County's entire economy is selling bundles of wood out of their front yards for $8 to out-of-state campers

  10. We totally were! Thanks for alerting me to that, that’s so fun!! Dannie Rogers was obsessed with him.

  11. That is so awesome! Did you guys make it on the Cub Cam?

  12. No, but we were featured at the end of Inside the Pride with Dannie Rogers!

  13. Lol I'm not surprised. People here really care about fixing the slandered reputation Detroit has. It used to be bad, no doubt. But this city is coming alive and people's view needs to change, it really is an awesome unique city. I hope to see Dallas/Texas in general one day

  14. Detroit is like, pinnacle 1950's noir fancy. The architecture is so sick in downtown and everything is so walkable, over the last 5-ish years it's really turned into a vibrant spot for any type of person to enjoy.



  17. My friend saves them all in a folder she calls "The Bone Collector" so she can make fun of them with her friends later. She is a very good friend.

  18. Thanksgiving is a family holiday though, a birthday is a personal celebration. I feel like you would expect more of your teammates to come to a birthday, when they’re likely not obligated to be anywhere else.

  19. 53 active roster birthdays not including coaches, that's a fuck ton of birthdays to go to.

  20. and it was the 1930's when deaths were estimated as part of the cost of construction. Not 2022, where technology and regulations have come so far that we see a single broken bone as a massive failure.

  21. When building the St Louis arch in the US, prior to starting, 12 deaths were expected. Zero happened.

  22. Empire State Building expected one death per floor. Instead, they only had one death. And he died because he looked up an elevator shaft while they were testing it out after he was warned not to and got his head taken off.

  23. Weren't these the same Packers fans who talked shit about losing to the Lions last season because we played against Jordon Love in the second half? Even though we were leading 17-14 against Rodgers in the first half?

  24. What’s super weird is I went to kc for the week 2 game and most of the chargers fans I met there weren’t from California. A lotta them came from like Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska etc. the other chargers fan I saw at joes bbq was from San Diego

  25. Meanwhile I'm a Lions fan from SoCal so like, there's really nothing crazy about it. Sometimes you just latch onto things as a kid.

  26. Theres a global competition like the world cup, but we usually send the 2nd string QB from Army in 2015 instead of an actual quality team

  27. Jeff Saturday looks so kind. Every time they show him on the screen he looks so nice it makes me want to do nice things for him. Idk how to explain it but I really want him to succeed.

  28. On the other hand, in games not against teams 5+ games over .500:

  29. The best part about these wins under Campbell is that they feel like real NFL wins. We’re playing complementary football and all phases of the team make just enough plays to win it.

  30. Literally if we were the 31st ranked defense, we'd be like 8-2 right now.

  31. And the fan base looks exactly the same. I wasn’t completely convinced that the entire crowd didn’t come from Oakland and Tracy for this game.

  32. I know that geography is a major weakness of mine, but are you telling me that being north of something precludes you from being next to something? Or are you just providing context?

  33. I also forgot to include that he sometimes drives to Pontiac for the day just to remind himself how good he has it and how he sends his kid to school in a slightly-too-big Yzerman jersey so the kid has room to grow into it.

  34. He's 10th in yards, 8th in td's, 23rd in ints, and besides Amon-Ra (who was out for a couple weeks) he's been working with practice squad wide receivers. Reynolds, Chark, and Cephas are all out. I think that Goff is a good quarterback.

  35. 2 things going against us: at GB and at Chi the last two weeks of the season, and possibly resting starters as well at that time.

  36. The disrespect to the 2-1 division record Detroit Lions

  37. Yep, I was thinking, "Tsk, tsk, sleeping on those Lions."

  38. 3 yards from icing the game against the Vikes but one bad coaching decision to kick the field goal lost it. Sucks, but it showed that the Vikings aren’t unbeatable.

  39. San Pedro High School’s baseball field is almost as unique — just jammed in the middle of a neighborhood with two straight lines for their outfield that meet at a 90 degree angle. Nets are at the top of a tall fence to catch fly balls so they don’t crash through people’s living room windows.

  40. Ah yes, the yearly Mary Star/Pedro scrimmage game where the public school of 4000 kids beats the private school of 500 kids by 14 runs, then we all go to RVP to play flip cup lmao

  41. Im in San Pedro as well! But my youth baseball diamond is now a target :(

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