1. If that was true he wouldn’t be on the outs with Russ.

  2. "It’s no coincidence the two franchises Durant has eyed represent some kind of stability and competitive consistency, with the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat being atop his list. For all the influence Durant perhaps craved and was granted in Brooklyn, he’s a hooper first and second — with the game being the main thing with #HeatCulture and in the Suns’ building."

  3. I wonder how much of the player movement to get to Miami (Jimmy, Vic, KD, etc) is based on the solid FO and how much is due to the shine they still have as the franchise that helped Lebron win his first chip.

  4. And sometimes it’s just because they’re socially awkward, not because they’re secretly attached to the person they’re staring at...

  5. But people are driving several tons of steel at high speed, seems reasonable that we should have to requalify from time to time.

  6. The Wayne foundation does a lot for Gotham, and invests heavily in charitable works. Batman largely acts against organised crime and the various supervillains that pop up. I'm unsure what Batman media you've consumed where he beats up poor people with minor offences.

  7. Elon Musk with his own hair and a helluva jawline so…yeah, sexy Elon Musk.

  8. I think this person is on to something. If the media stopped making a spectacle of the shooter, I personally think they would decrease.

  9. But it’s never going to happy in the age of cable news, they’re already desperate for material to fill all the hours of the day.

  10. There were 8 mass shootings ( defined as 4 deaths or more ) between 1920 and 1949.

  11. No, people are much more tolerant (even admiring) of a woman who “acts like a man” (enjoys sports, fixes things, is comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, etc) than they are of an effeminate man.

  12. Which tells you how much society values what is classified as masculine qualities over feminine ones

  13. Valuing is one way to think about it. One might think, based on this value model, that men are praised for being masculine.

  14. It’s not that men are not valued for their masculinity so much as they are devalued for the absence of it, in a way that women are not.

  15. Wendy's has some really good fast food breakfast. Blows McDonald's out of the water.

  16. Everybody thinks the poor people he wants to help is somebody else.

  17. If we can't stop voting in demented old people, we aren't going to be able to pass a law barring them from running either.

  18. Is the company you work for that great? Why would you care if they’re behind?

  19. If poor Randy was a real one he’d be boycotting right along with the rest of you.

  20. Yes! I always wondered how Edward, of all people, became the most favored random dom in all ff this side of Draco Malfoy.

  21. I’ll add a man raising his eyebrow (singular) at what I’ve said.

  22. You seem like one of the men who can’t tell the difference between natural makeup and no makeup.

  23. You’re getting downvoted but both of my brothers have pointed a girl out and commented on how hot she is “without any makeup” only to have me inform them she’s wearing mascara, blush, some concealer and a little bit of powder.

  24. I know people, grown ass people in their late 20s, who will brag about passing out on their lawns because they couldn’t make it from the car to the front door.

  25. This thread has taught me that when I tell people I’m a traumatized alcoholic with insomnia they think I’m trying to brag lol

  26. The player left the school for the remainder of the year. My friend got bullied and harassed but he had a few friends (myself included) sticking up for him and he was ok for the most part.

  27. I was on my city's most wanted list, so I did what everyone in Alberta does when they have warrants and went to Kelowna (also fucked a carny in the greyhound bathroom on the way. Not even kidding. On the run I fucked a carny in a greyhound bathroom, as hookup stories go I think that's pretty unique if nothing else).

  28. I wasn’t that bushy tho lmao

  29. no bushy😂😂 remember she didn’t shave because it makes her feel like a baby haha.

  30. Perhaps a little off topic but I’ve traveled extensively with my family and we are all TERRIBLE about remembering the names of the sites. We see them, we admire them, and we totally forget what they’re called.

  31. I read about two sisters whose father’s family was super proud of their Italian heritage. One of the sisters got tested and had no Italian ancestry. Her parents cracked a few jokes but dismissed it as a test error. A few years later their father passed away. Soon after that the other sister decided to get tested and her test also showed no Italian ancestry.

  32. “We judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions"

  33. Peanut butter will always be Nutella’s lame, less attractive cousin.

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