1. Just wrap tight and push it down, like compressing a spring. It'll stay

  2. Any fat handled .050 driver will do just fine. I bought a dynamite brand one for 9.99 on amazon

  3. Ayy someone did my idea! I was thinking about suspended weights to keep the whole frame planted and balanced with some down low weight. How much of an improvement did it make?

  4. Noticed the same on mine. I think both are real (enough).

  5. As long as they don't crap out right away I don't care haha. The mounted one was "epinion" and came with the steering links, metal horn, and a tray for like 25-30 bucks. The loose one was "DKKY" and came with a tray and metal horn for like 16 bucks

  6. Imposter, lol 90% of the hop ups available are the same part with a different name.

  7. No these are factory fresh out the pack minus springs. What's green slime?

  8. Green slime is a grease that people put in the stock shocks to dampen them.

  9. I’ve been looking at those today! How do you like them? How was the finish?

  10. They look and feel great, especially wrapped in bfg's. Install is just the four back screws too

  11. Just some injora green bead locks

  12. Nice, I was looking at those but went with the hobbysoul adjustable offset ones

  13. I love the weight difference with aftermarket wheels, feels so much more planted

  14. I need to weigh my son's combo. He has treal aluminum beadlocks and Patagonia tires.

  15. I really like the treal beadlocks with bfg's and I have some of the Patagonias coming for my hobbysoul adjustable beadlocks. How do the Patagonias do? They seem pretty well liked

  16. Honestly, I never saw the tacoma details in the cliffhanger till you mentioned it. I actually would consider chopping the back of that body off and adding a rear cage over the bed for a build.

  17. Beware of 1/24 scale, these rigs tend to be closer to 1/20. There's a couple 1/20 hilux/Toyota pickup kits floating around that I'm aware of. Also iceberg rc may have a body

  18. Pro tip: Go to any thrift or department store, go to the women's belts/purses/wallets, find cheap garment with chains

  19. Blasphemy! Haha AFOL here. Was thinking of putting a minifig in my rig lol

  20. I have no complaints about any of their stuff so far other than my injora front bumper feels more solid. I actually got the treal wheels and bumper for my cliffhanger c10 but they matched the gladiator better

  21. That's newspaper, to protect the shaft while gripping with pliers

  22. To clarify: that is not sandpaper, that's folded up newspaper. No metal on metal contact was ever made, HOWEVER, you can do the same thing just with your fingers

  23. I like them because they look loosely like my 2nd gen Tacoma even though the details were definitely based on a 1st gen

  24. Tacoma’s are the US versions of the hilux right? I’m based in Europe that’s why I’m asking

  25. More or less yeah. I think they differ slightly but I could be mistaken

  26. Looks good man! Did you watch the cape crawlers cliffhanger body video? He did the same paint scheme haha

  27. Always been a fan of orange but it did end up being a cowinkydink and yeah i watched cape crawlers and 2fm rc paint guide as well

  28. It's a great color. I was thinking about doing a Cherokee like the general Lee

  29. Cheers man i took your steps amd advice and did the cliffhanger today got pics on the forum

  30. Awaiting my lcg chassies soon my pretties getting paint today for the cliffhanger any tips for a 1st time paint job

  31. Trim it first. Then wash the inside with warm water and dish soap, let it get totally dry, mask the windows, then do at least 4 light coats of polycarbonate/lexan specific spray paint (anything else will crack when the body flexes at all)

  32. Where was the little Toyota logo sourced from? I did a cliffhanger body that I wanted to "replicate" my Tacoma with

  33. There used to be a channel called ultimate rc (URC) that had one but that was years ago. Last I knew the guy switched over to Lego stuff. It's easy though

  34. My body setup almost the exact same. Its cool to find people who build their bodies similarly.

  35. Nice! I'm still on a stock chassis. I changed out the links, shocks, servo/tray, wheels/tires, and moved the suspension mount location but I'm going back to stock location. I don't really like the monster truck stance

  36. Thanks. Your rig is pretty sweet. I personally like it to ride lower as well.

  37. Someone else on Facebook said they mounted to a deadbolt hinge. Do you know if the chassis rails are longer at all?

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