1. Bro really doing the Undertaker’s entrance lmao

  2. I feel like Max needs to switch camps. He’s only 30 years old and he still has time to improve as a fighter.

  3. Why should he? That same team has brought him to where he is now. It’s just that Volkanovski is a step ahead of him. And I say that as a MASSIVE Max fan.

  4. I made these collages myself. They did a photoshoot for WIMPIII and if you Google “HAIM WIMPIII” the individual images will be on there.

  5. Dustin: “You’re a fake motherfucker. You’re a fake motherfucker! I’m gonna fuck you up!”

  6. Idk, can't really hear clearly. The arena's so loud lmao

  7. op would you mind telling me what photoshoot this is? I’d love to find the hqs to make some fanart o:

  8. Just type in on Google “Paramore Blue Macaw” and these pics should show up🙂

  9. Max loses 2 in a row at LW, goes back down to FW, finally gets his chin cracked and retires on a 3 fight skid

  10. I did shrooms for the first time in my life this afternoon and I listened to this album as soon as it kicked in. Los Angeles had me bawling out of my mind lmaooo. It was a wonderful experience.

  11. Does Holland look taller than Anthony Smith or is it just me?

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