1. All I can get from this article is that they’re boasting to release ubisoft plus on PlayStation, without actually delivering. All the other information is like the small things hidden in a contract meant to fuck you.

  2. You should really read better... It is perfectly clear in the article what is classics and what is Ubisoft+, the second is more complete, is coming later and not included in extra/premium.

  3. ubisoft+ is an upcoming separate service with new/all ubisoft games. ubisoft classics is like the name hints at.. the classics.

  4. Exactly that. Ubisoft+ is a separate service coming later, not free. But Ubisoft classics include a smaller selection of games (which will get bigger) and is included in extra. I for one am very happy that we get it with extra and I am looking forward for the other games they will include. I have already played 1 south Park game, some AC Valhalla and Steep since I upgraded to extra..

  5. You can only buy the legacy of thieves collection which includes "uncharted 4: a thieve's end" and "uncharted: lost legacy"

  6. A finally I found that the other way to play Lost Legacy is to have ps plus extra. It's the first game I played after I upgraded as it was the last Uncharted game I hadn't played and didn't want to play the bundle... Good game and I liked also that it was quite short, little been tired of games with 100 hours plus of content...

  7. For me the Lancia Delta, the 787 RX7, the Mini and the Beetle. I love these cars and can't wait to drive them in PSVR2...

  8. I had the same feeling even playing with a lower difficulty. It might be that there are saving checkpoints very often, even inside an encounter and that when you die, you don't start from the beginning of the encounter, therefore the mongols that you killed before the autosave are still dead...

  9. Will soon be removed from Extra, I maybe should try it before it's gone but I'm addicted to Ghost of Tsushima right now...

  10. South Park the Stick of Truth, finished it, never would have bought it. I'll probably play the second game after I'm finished with Ghost of Tsushima that I might try to platinum as it is really really good, specially on the PS5 with the instant fast travel and the use of the dualsense. I also play Tetris from time to time, I recommend installing it also. Other than that I sometimes play Steep that feels really good and I finished Uncharted Lost Legacy and Detroit become human since I've had Extra (early because I live in Thailand). I am very happy with Extra, specially because we never had PS Now available in Thailand.

  11. Maybe try to change the active car from your garage. It might be psychological, but for me it seemed to work. I ve got quite good rewards from the 4 stars, 3 times 1 millions, twice 500k, some really good cars 800k, some interesting parts... All in all happy with it, I was hopping I could get more credits with it though and maybe finally buy the last Ferrari I miss, the 20mil one in the legends right now, but I don't think I will, at the most it seems I am getting 2mil per hour (but many other rewards), so it's not worth it.

  12. I honestly never cared that much for Aya as she was hardly in the game I felt (only played non-dlc game though). I do think Ubisoft felt like the AC community would think Rome was too much like Origin. At least that was how I remember the community discussing it because I thought it was crazy. Rome is literally perfect for an AC game. I would have prefered playing as a roman though.

  13. The death of Caesar is actually in the Origins story...

  14. Right now, playing Tetris Connect and Detroit become human. Finished Uncharted the Lost Legacy and South Park the Stick of truth already. Next will probably be Ghost of Tsushima. This service is really worth it for me. This year I will spend a fraction of what I spent last year on games, but I will probably buy some first day releases like God of War, which I usually don't do.

  15. Because the mirrors are part of the car. You can't see the rearview mirror if you're on the hood.

  16. But the bumper view does have a rearview...

  17. Thanks. Work was getting me down (I’m stuck working in retail hell) but it’s better now. It comes and goes.

  18. It comes and goes... that's what depression is and has been for me too for 15 years, but with time you learn to live with it and you know very well that it will 100% pass. You just have to find a way to not feel too bad and never feel guilty for taking time for yourself. Gaming has helped me a lot lately to clear my mind of all negativity.

  19. Price is different for different regions. But the list of games might also be different. At least it is the case for my PSN account, in Thailand, the price is similar it seems to the one for Mexico, about 40usd for essential and 60 USD for extra which makes it really worth it because the price of individual games is still about the same as the US so buying 1 year of extra is about the same price as buying just 1 of the bug games in the catalog like demons soul, returnal or Ghost of T...

  20. Hi, sorry for the late question. I've never seen an episode of South Park before, will I enjoy the game? Any prior knowledge needed?

  21. No worries. I am not a big fan of South Park either, but the game was quite enjoyable, I guess it is the kind of game that either is for you or not and you will know it very quickly, with it being on the Exra catalog you don't take any risk. Be aware it can be quite offensive sometimes

  22. overcooked might look silly at a glance but it is one of the best co op games I have played. I played with my girlfriend, we both loved it. The game isn't that casual though, requires cooperation and is stressful but rewarding.

  23. Yes, good but not relaxing at all, can be difficult because you really need to cooperate and communicate all the time and it can create some tension... There is some shouting involved usually when people play it at my house. But it s a nice game.

  24. Agreed good game but I refuse to play it because I like more relaxed games

  25. I understand your point of view and lately it has been my view about gaming. It needs to be relaxing for me and Overcook definitely is not that. But many people like different kinds of games and I understand that, we are really lucky there are literally games for every taste.

  26. Uncharted 4 is no longer available alone, as well as the Lost Legacy. You have to buy the bundle with the remastered versions I think. I wanted to play the Lost Legacy after finishing Uncharted 4 from the PS plus collection but you can't buy the game. I was happy to see it in the PS+ extra catalog and it was the first game I played.

  27. I meant the bundle yes. I don't think you can buy uncharted 4 alone anymore... I tried to get lost legacy and could only get the bundle or remaster, but it is in the extra catalog.

  28. I would highly advice to use PowerPoint instead of word. Word is a headache in my opinion to position all the text at the exact position and it can make the edits a lot more difficult for the client. Also, when you save the file, in the options make sure you include the fonts inside the PowerPoint file, this way you don't have to worry about the customer having the font installed (which can screw up the design too if they don't have the right font). Your client will probably realise that it is far easier to ask you to do the edits. That has been my experience at least.

  29. My main request rn is for the daily workout to only reward 3 star and higher. Im tired of getting the 1 and 2 stars because the don’t have anything special in them. Meanwhile the 3+ stars have special items and such. I can live with the idea of the special items being locked behind tickets but they should be as rare as they are

  30. I would like it actually if they would reward people if the get the daily every day... First day you can get a 1 to 6 stars ticket, second day in a row 2 to 6, 3rd day on a row 3 to 6... I used to play everyday for the reward, but the low rewards and the fact that there is no incentive to really play daily stopped me a few weeks ago.

  31. The monthly refresh of Extra/Premium plans occurs on the third Tuesday of the month. For June, it's the 21st. Still, we probably won't have any additions this months since the service it's not available globally yet.

  32. I agree. We might have a surprise next week though. They probably kept a few games out of the catalog to introduce them the first month, no reason to not start updating the catalog in June. The service has been up for a few weeks already here in Thailand (with a less rich catalog than in the US, but a lot cheaper too).

  33. You mean to tell me I can reboot George Washington?

  34. If you believe in reincarnation, which is not crazier than believing in heaven/hell, then you could say George Washington got multiple reboots already...

  35. I would really like a remaster of the Ezio trilogy, the Italian settings deserve better graphics and the really good story deserves a better gameplay...

  36. AC rogue because I played it last and either I was a little burnt out or it felt a little dated compared to the recent ones and too close to Black flag in the style. I will go back to it eventually. I haven't finished Valhalla yet too because it seems like it's too long (but I spent 140 hours on Origin and about the same on Odyssey...), and it's a little too dark, I like Egypt and Greece far more than the vikings settings.

  37. I mean stray release date probably ain't got nothing to do with the monthly refresh though its just releasing on that day.

  38. Just like when they gave games on release day with PS+ before (on rare occasion) they synchronized the release date and the monthly game refresh, because you don't want people pissed off because they bought a game they could have had for "free" with PS+. For stray I guess it is the same logic.

  39. There is another indication that the 3rd Tuesday is the right date for games to enter and leave the service : RDR2 leaves on the 3rd Tuesday of September apparently.

  40. It's shitty. If you don't have a collection and just got a console it's probably heaven. But I am not not paying $119.99 for anything in that line up. Trust me. It's slightly better than Xbox game pass. But I feel it's a ripoff. For indies and ps3 titles? And a bunch of old ps exclusives?? It's bad enough they give BS for the monthly games.

  41. At 100/120 USD I would hesitate too... Luckily I live in a place where Sony charges about 65 USD for a year of extra and still charges full price for most games on release so one year of extra is about the price of 1 single full prices game. Worth it for me as there are many interesting games in the collection I don't own.

  42. As I upgraded a few weeks ago, living in Thailand, I already completed Uncharted Lost Legacy, Tetris effect and South Park the Stick of truth (I would never have bought it otherwise, but it was fun to play). Now on Detroit become human (which was on the PS plus collection though, not really a new extra game). After that I LL probably play AC Valhalla which is the only AC game I haven't played and the Ghost of Tsushima. Plenty of choices in the catalog. Really worth it, I will save quite a lot of money on impulse buys and only still spend some on really good games at full price like God of War Ragnarok.

  43. Think of extra and premium like rental services. Certain games just leave. So no you can't play them when they do. But it's not all of them though. I've only found 3 so far while casually looking. Nba2k22, red dead 2, and shadow warrior 3.

  44. WRC10 is the 4th one leaving (in August I think)

  45. No, wait for sale around $5.99-$7.99 then buy it instead of sub for 1-3 months. It is cheaper and you own the game permanently.

  46. Agreed. Some games are still worth buying to really own them I think. Subscription services have their limits... TLOU is probably one of those games that you will want to replay after a while, worth owning.

  47. If you re on a PS4, no. If you are on a PS5, TLOU is part of the PS Plus collection, that's how I got it. I was surprised that they put PS4 remastered games like TLOU or Uncharted collection in the premium/deluxe tier. I guess it's not attractive enough for many in comparison to extra...

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