1. Lekin ye pehle idhar boht baar post ho chuka hai.

  2. People think it's toxic. But I've had good laughs reading this thread. Quality content.

  3. Don't make it toxic, fucking mods are gonna ban me again i just completed my 7 days ban, hey mods listen you can just delete the post of you don't want it i found it quality shitpost so...

  4. just thinking virat kohli ko salary dene ko kis country se bheek mangni padegi

  5. It's not my imagination bro I am a Indian , It's just a shitpost i found

  6. Bahi yaha rr nahi karte Maine Kiya h kuch nahi h problems h to mod mail karde feed kyu chod raha h

  7. Still it's batter then almost every franchise and that logo is mandatory for money I am glad they didn't add any background colour in that logo like others

  8. I don't mind putting anything in kannada but they should also put that in English as I don't understand kannada and it's not like that all the RCB fans are from kannada

  9. All that is till Kohli is in the team. Most non local fans will leave the moment he leaves.

  10. I don't think so I am an non local I can't imagine supporting anyone other then rcb

  11. + Nobody's gonna call him out Or Moral police him . because he is friends with bully so called roaster . + They only gang - up against a by numbers small creator , usually different in beliefs than him .

  12. Also that elvish yadav guy just love to give people life threats if someone is winning with him in arguments and if he/she is a small creator for big creator he asks his dehati people to attack some one like they did with dhruv

  13. I don't know but she can shit on me (maybe this is more out of line ) ignore this is extremely shit comment on a shitpost server

  14. Reddit fucked up the quality noone will comment can't afford pixels


  16. Can you kill me now, i didn't wanna wait till 7 days

  17. I wanna die today, and mods please ban this fucking imbecile child

  18. BCCI Thala ke jheb me hai. Thala ko kuch bolne ka nhi

  19. Imagine calling this to a franchise who qualified 3/4 times in last years, and thinking this lame ass clip is funny even now, bro doing literal shitpost ignoring low effort rules

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